Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Azimuth

Such a pretty little thing; like a sleek little sailing cutter — so trim and neat, he seems meant to tack about on the winds and sail the sea of clouds. Lithe and graceful, cerulean blue washes his hide in gentle eddies of turquoise and ripples of seafoam. A shallow keel — narrow chest and slim shoulders lend credence to his trim, racer build; no great hulk of a blue, he. His wings — billowed sails of a pale blue — are broad and strong, perfectly designed to catch the breeze and carry him along, skimming the ocean of the air.

Egg Name and Description

Jewel of the Sea Egg
As if highly polished to a rather iridescent sheen, a lustrous coating of shimmery pale hue clings to the rounded curve of the small egg. Curious in shape, rather more round than oblong, and perhaps one of the smallest eggs in the entire clutch; an air of ethereal innocence enshrouds it. Pale and small, a faint sheen of oily rainbow coating overlays the pearly seashell and snow coloration of the eggshell allowing it to glisten and shimmer in the warmth generated within the Hatching Ground. There is an aura of unearthliness about the egg, as if such treasure might be found not upon the sands in which it lies, but rather in the mysterious depths of a tropical sea.

Pomp and Circumstance enters your thoughts, stage-left, marching forth with a mental trill that would sound suspiciously like a trumpet as the presence within reaches out, enfolding you in a clasp like the welcoming handshake of the harper tutor — were you so lucky to have one — that finally declared you free of his or her lessoning. The unborn dragonet's mind greets you, friendly — oh so friendly as a wave of emotions surface, a child's glee at seeking and learning. Probing at your thoughts, images flicker — a wave of shapes and color rolling past you with a few glimpses of potential that lies within. They flash past, too quick to really make out individual pictures. And then, the mind quiets, lulling into a silent limbo, biding and waiting to see what you make of it.

Pomp and Circumstance booms back into your mind — a rolling thunderous drumroll that builds and builds into a climatic finish as once more the dragon-child reaches out, mentally probing and investigating like some sharp-minded little harper apprentice. Again, the visions flicker, only this time, after your acceptance, they are brighter and more visible — time slowed to a crawl for your perusal. It almost seems that this youngling is asking you: What will I be when I grow up? The images are clear enough, drawn perhaps from your own experiences and observations of the world — or perhaps from others as well. A stylish holder, wearing all the the latest fashions, a harper, entertaining the crowd with jokes and laughter, or that same harper, surrounded by adoring admirers in some big stage performance. There are other visions — your thoughts savored briefly and then tucked away into a gleaming shimmer of endless white. Memories are tasted, studied and understood. Brightness flares, the mind within withdrawing for a moment to brood.

Pomp and Circumstance lingers reluctantly in a muted glow of white — you sense a desire to be free, of spreading wings and soaring on the breeze — but entrapped within darkness and silence, there is but little escape. Only time, that steadied progressive march of day and night brings the moment closer. And what moment could this be? A silence stretches on, the young mind within the egg sending feelers out through your thoughts, living the world beyond through you. From you, it has learned — of the choices that lie ahead. For the third time, the visions come — only changed now, new feelings and emotions. Kindness and generosity — of loyalty and love. Of the debate and argument, and the thrill found therein. Slowly, the radiant glow about you begins to brighten again, drawing away into brilliance. A final feeling remains to you — the enjoyment of the finer things that life has to offer. Consider it, feel it. And perhaps in time, know it. With that, you are alone, free to go and experience life beyond the shell.

Hatching Message

Nestled snugly into a bed of sand, the Jewel of the Sea Egg gives a sudden tremble, jolting back and forth as the hatchling inside stirs and quivers. Let me out!

Jewel of the Sea Egg tumbles out of the mound of sand, but being so round it rolls over like a ball several times before coming to a stop, spiderweb cracks appearing all over the shell — fine dark lines that stand out very well against the pale whiteness of the shell.

Jewel of the Sea Egg simply dissolves — the way a pearl might disintergrate in a cup of vinegar — the shell splintering and cracking in so many places it simply falls apart into a fine powder that rains down upon the body of the little blue dragon left in the eggs place.

Impression Message

Quick to gain his feet, and precocious for one so young, the blue dragonet lunges upwards, his movement like a surfer riding up over the crest of a wave and his taloned paws set firmly into the sand. There, he pauses, looking over the assembled candidates with careful deliberation. The Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Hatchling needs but a crew of one — a captain — to man the helm and steer and guide him in his navigation of the world. But he won't take just anyone, nay. And then he spots her, full of movement, hazel eyes bright with mirth and excitement. There's a rush then, wings tucked close to his side before the blue races towards a skinny blonde. She's the one for him! "Azimuth!" Weyrbred Kashie gives a squeal of glee, rushing to meet him in turn as they twirl around each other. "We'll have so much fun, you'll see." With that, she leads him forwards, headed for the weyrlingmasters and the waiting food.


The theme of the clutch was "Months of the Year" and the eggs were based off birthstones for each month. Jewel of the Sea Egg was based off a pearl, which is the birthstone for the month of June. The mind touches for the eggs were loosely based off zodiac personalities, in this case, Gemini, and also influenced by a rather big event for a lot of people in the month of June — graduation.

The hatchlings all have something loosely to do with the month they are based off of, with particularly designed personalities for the PC dragons. For the Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Hatchling, he's based off a little sailboat, which is something a lot of people like to do in June when the weather is nice and the water is warmer. His name comes from the Azimuth compass, which is a nautical term and device used by sailors on the ocean (it's also got a couple of other meanings, but usually have to do with navigation in general.)


Name Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Azimuth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Enka
Impressee Kashie
Hatched July 31, 20011
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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