Shining in the Shadows Blue Azminath

While not one of his metallic siblings, this long blue still has a particular sheen to his hide, near navy blue shifting towards dark, polished gunmetal, and yet lacking the saturation that many others may display. Long of body and lean of build, there is little of anything extra on his frame - little more than muscle visible in what should be the curves of his haunches or the lines of his shoulders. Night's darkness gathers upon his face, a dark mask that brushes over his nose, his eyeridges, his headknobs, casting the finer details into permanent shadow, the same deep hues slipping down his back, engulfing ridges as they go. It is only in his wings that details become clear, as a hint of brightness catches in the sails, cast aglow by some unseen light as they stretch between darkened spars - and it is in these details that something becomes obvious - his right wing sits slightly higher, slightly straighter than his left, and the sail seems larger, though perhaps it is merely an illusion of the light.

Egg Name and Description

Here Thar Be Pirates Egg

Orange, amber, copper, and gold - rich, warm hues of each blend together upon the shell of this large egg, seamlessly dancing upon the surface, forming an impenetrable shield, protecting the precious contents within. And yet, there is a splash, a hint of something different, though hardly a weakness. A patch of bright green is gathered upon one side.. distinct, rich lime, seeming to become brighter and more defined with each moment.

Hatching Message

The briefiest sign of movement, a little wiggle, and it seems that the sand is drifting away from the base of the Here Thar Be Pirates Egg, before the motion ceases, and all is still once more.

Perhaps there is life to be found, as cracks begin to spread across the surface of Here Thar Be Pirates Egg, spreading outwards and showing the weakness in this rounded shell.

And there is life! As Here Thar be Pirates Egg falls to shards, there is no sign of movement for a long moment. But then, there it is, a dark gleam, a twitch, and after a moment of hesitation the former occupant has begun to see what lays beyond the wreckage of its shell.

Impression Message

Suddenly, you are engulfed by flames, bright tongues of flame spiraling around you, tickling your thoughts, and testing your endurance. And then, the flames die down to a more reasonable height, casting flickering shadows. « Erzayl.. » A pause and the mind seems to reconsider it. « No, now, now you are mine, and you will be Aerza. Aerza and Azminath. And we shall see what this world has to offer. » And then the flames suddenly dart higher once again. « But first, can we see if it has some food to offer? »


From the very beginning, Aerza, you will have a struggle on your hands. Azminath is a fighter, and nothing will stand in his way when he puts his mind to it.

Over the first few days it will become evident that his wings are not quite the same - while in the long run, it will not overly impede him, there will certainly be challenged that arise as a result. When he first begins to swim, he will find himself always veering towards the right, but in time he will learn to compensate, and so once he becomes airborne it will be much the same - learning to compensate. However, his headstrong tendencies will serve him well, and while others may have given up or fallen into mopey silence, Azminath will just continue on, and figure out what he needs to fix.

Headstrong is also a word for stubborn, just in situations where the outcome is, perhaps, less than positive. Az will be stubborn in cases where you don't understand the point - when you tell him that he has eaten enough, he will protest and claim he is still hungry - even going so far as to try and steal food from his clutchmates when you are not paying attention. And then, Faranth forbid, the complaining that happens when he realizes that perhaps you were right, and he is suffering from a massive stomachache. « I will not say you were right, Aerza. » He will comment defensively, bristling a little bit. Perhaps the lesson will stick for a few days, but it may take a couple of occurrences before he actually grasps the consequences of his actions.

As he ages, he will often buck against authority, acting first and thinking later. You will find yourself having to try and talk him out of bad ideas - Like deciding to fly on his own before Nae approves it, or trying to pry details out of the older dragons in the weyr about how to *between*. « Golth.. What does Fort look like from overhead? » He will ask, attempting to get little details out of various dragons, to piece together the full image. You will find yourself having to be the voice of reason, and attempting to keep him out of (serious) trouble.

Truly, his interest in flying and betweening is rooted in his desire to explore, to see what it out there. He will sit in the bowl and ask visiting dragons about their homes, getting all the details that he can get, filing them away - and repeating them to you so that you can remember them long term. At night, he will ask you to tell you about the places you've seen, the places you have heard about, and the places the others have told him about. « Aerza, tell me about the mountains? » He will soak up all the details, enjoying every moment of it.

Azminath is loyal, and loyal to a fault. You are his best friend, his family, but so are his clutchmates - Czaiath in particular, given your own family connection. He will leap to your defense if someone should threaten or challenge you, and he will do the same for his clutchmates, no matter who it is that is issuing the challenge. « Teimyrth!! Don't you bother Czaiath! He did not do anything wrong! » When Azminath is leaping to the defense of others, he will often have blinders on - completely ignoring the fact that perhaps the person or dragon he is defending is indeed at fault - Have fun talking him down when he is stubbornly sticking to his defense.

Finally, when it comes to flights, Azminath will chase, but it will often be with a detached disinterest. Perhaps he feels obligated - after all, that is what the other blue and browns do, isn't it? Perhaps he simply is not that interested. Either way, he will chase, settling in the middle of the pack, making a move if it presents itself. However, when it is all over, he will have no lasting disappointment should he lose or lasting attachment should he happen to win.


Azminath's mind is full of fire and light, loud sounds and dramatics. He definitely prefers blazing hues of orange and red, the vibrance and intensity varying with his moods, the flames dying down to mere flickers when sad or depressed, while building up to an endless bonfire when he is excited. The normal cracks and pops associated with a well-burning fire echo through his thoughts, and provide depth to his tones.

He has a strong, echoing baritone voice which cuts through the noise of his mental fire, and leaving a sense of 'no arguments'. He can be quite persuasive - both a plus and a minus as sometimes it may not be the right things he is arguing for - while all the while flames lick away the defensives in the way of his argument.

Action and Adventure arrives with a sudden burst of fiery hues, oranges, reds, yellows, a rocket's tail bursting into your mind without preamble. The color slowly dies down, and there is a sense of someone - or something - lingering on the edge of your mind, staying just out of view, just out of contact, watching. Only watching.

Action and Adventure lingers on the edge of your mind, the afterglow of its arrival fading, leaving you both in darkness, the presence beginning to creep closer, infringing on your thoughts, hints of loneliness seeping in. Where are you from? The thought seems to enter your mind suddenly, effortlessly, followed in short order, who is your family? And so it lingers, curious, but not yet exposing itself.

Action and Adventure remains there, contemplating, seemingly caught up in your thoughts and its own, before there is a loud noise, a flash of metallic orange, and you are alone. Completely alone.


The theme this cycle was Nintendo games, and Here Thar Be Pirates Egg was based off of the Metroid series - the main character of Samus Aran in particular. Samus was orphaned as a young girl after an attack on her colony left her the sole survivor. In time, after years of training and various enhancements, Samus has turned to serving as a Bounty Hunter, hunting down Ridley and the Space Pirates who destroyed her life. She is known to be fiery, awesome badass, afraid of nothing, and not hesitant to buck against those orders she may not agree with.

The name, Azminath, comes from Azmina, the Spanish name meaing "God Protector". I though it was appropriate in this case, as Azminath will be a protector to Aerza, in more than just the large object anyone suddenly has to get through to get to her.

I hope you enjoy him, and as always, everything here is merely suggestions - feel free to tweak him as you want.



Name Azminath
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Raev
Impressee Ezrayl
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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