Got A Little Captain In You? Green Baliceauth

Luxury is evident in the healthy curves on this boxy hatchling. Rich forest green and emerald drape over the mass of her form, like a velvet cape. Darkness, near black, collects in the shadows of her well fed figure. This primarily reaches along the underside of her neck belly and tail, but also up her legs in subtle spirals. Here and there a few smudges of lighter coloration and darker, giving a 'crushed' feel to the velvety texture. In striking contrast, pale key lime ridges run a low profile down her back. The color crackles down in dapples, like wispy spider-webs lacing down into the richness of her hide. They creep over eye ridges in ringlet-like patterns, and over head knobs. Tendrils don't intrude far across the width of her neck but continue their form down, spreading out a bit more, like lace, along her shoulders. Over her back the resume a sense of the conservative once more before spreading out a bit farther over her full haunches and down her tail where they vanish into the key lime tail spade. Her wing spars are dark as her legs with similar subtle shadows but exhibit no lacing of lime. Her sails, however, taught near-translucent velvet remains a rich spread of emerald until the wide edges which are again laced with the fine circular filigrees of key lime.

Egg Name and Description

And A Bottle Of Rum Egg
A kaleidoscope of tropical blues make the initial glimpse of this egg. It's round as a globe, the intensity of cerulean reaches up into paler turquoise, broken in soft dapples of paler cyan and sky as if the color had been poured over an otherwise white shell. The surface seems to move as if this azure color is a liquid, rolling about as one moves around the egg. Here and there the play of shadows drift in among the darker cerulean, taking peculiar shapes before flickering out again into the tranquil dapples. Some might swear that from the right angle and at the proper distance, the shadows make the ominous shape of a human skull, but it seems no one can ever glimpse

Impression Message

The sands are suddenly blotted out, soaked heavily with the scents of spiced rum and canvas. Your mind absorbs this liquid like a piece of fabric as the rush of waves and sounds of the tropical paradise outside are suddenly inside your head with intensity of color and contrast. « Josi! » Comes the cry, pausing to let you return to reality and the little green's whirling eyes. « Josi! My love, your Baliceauth is here! » Spices and liquor return in a delighted frenzy of sudden greed and covetousness. « You are mine! All mine, Josi! And I am yours, forever! Together we will have it -all!- » Lust and passion are suddenly laced with the smoky scents of tar and gunpowder, causing discomfort. « Josi, we need food. We need food -now-. I want something rich and delicious! Something… something like… » The craving for raw meat flickers through with rum soaked gluttony. « That. Find me some, love? Would you please? »


"Girls just wanna have fun"
…And that's all Baliceauth wants. Oh yes, and a life of luxury.
Right from the start Baliceauth is not your typical green on either spectrum. She's neither the slinky dark goddesses of destruction nor one of the bubble gum barbies… yet she seems to combine the two quite well. Baliceauth is set on adventure and conquest from the start, but she doesn't exactly know what she wants to conquer, save that this conquest sounds like a good idea. At best she's a forward fun-loving optimist and fine appraiser of items. At worst, she's a clumsy loud mouth with a penchant for saying the wrong things at the wrong time—or right time, depending on how you look at it.

Growing up with Baliceauth will be a challenge for you, Josi. She'll be all over the place with little regard for anyone's personal space or privacy. This does of course mean yours. She's fit to gossip, but without really understanding what she's talking about. If it seems important to you it must be important to the rest of Pern, right? This can be tempered, but it might take a while and will never really go away. Mostly she just loves to have fun. She's a merry soul at first approach—especially while young. Her mind seems to always a bit tipsy or drunk on some sort of beverage. She's prone to random song and an advocate of any and all social events.

While not a mistress of destruction, when angry she can have a nasty temper and a foul mouth. She has that dark side and will use fear to get what she wants. But when aiming to please she's all class and dignity. If anything she can be a bit slimy in this regard, sweet talking Weyrlingmasters for both of your benefits while turning right around and trash talking them behind their back. She might come off as a drunken prom date half the time, but she knows how to play her cards. As she grows older it will become something more sophisticated, but a vice that will have to be tempered.

She love to collect things, like many dragons do. But shiny just isn't good enough. And it's not just for her. She's a connoisseur of design and style. Her weyr is likely to be one of the most fashionable on the island, preferring rich fabrics of velvet, silk, taffeta and the lighter pretties of lace, beading, and embroidery. Much like her own hide, she'll love a play of light on dark. A sort of island flair to the sleek and sensuous luxury of her ways. The tropics are definitely for her… and for you, because after all this is where she found you. As such you will at least find yourself in one of a dozen bathing suits she'll see fit for you to wear, along with an assortment of tastefully revealing island clothes. After all, she likes to be the center of attention, but she loves it even more when -you- are. And since it seems the less you wear the more you're looked at you'll be beating off her request for nudity with a stick. « Josi, my love, you should be free like me! » Pause. « But you're right, that silk skirt is gorgeous… I guess you might as well show that off too. Acht! Hike it up more! You legs look -gorgeous-, my love, why do you hide them so? » Not that a dragon would know, but any of those body insecurities? Baliceauth just doesn't understand them. You're hers and you're perfect, thusly should be paraded around for everyone to see.

This only increases as she gets older. Being proddy is probably the time to be most feared. She doesn't get pissy like many of her color. She can be a bit of a floozy, think the drunk girl at parties who hangs on all the guys without regard for anyone's relationships. She flirts indiscriminately and often. (« Gusith… They say bronzes are built for endurance, hm? I bet none of them golds will put that to the test like I will. » *wink wink* « But just how -long- can you go? ») You'll have to temper anything vulgar early if you want to keep sane because she's not opposed, as a pirate wench, to such talk. During flights she's all about freedom from her pursuers. The tease of the adventure and the love of the flight keep her going and going, with playful, sometimes raunchy banter (« C'mon lads! You'll have to give it to me better than that! », « Awe, can't keep it up Babayeth? ») to be caught by the male strategic and swift enough to over take her— she'll be quick but not record breaking.

Which jumps us back to flight. Freedom we haven't really spoken about, but it is her one true desire… epitomized in Bali's love of flight. She'll not be very apt about many things, and even learning to fly isn't exactly on the level with her lack of coordination, but she will try and practice day in and day out, it all paying off when she becomes a masteror mistressof the skies. She'll be a regular acrobat, enjoying the thrill of a free fall or the dizzy nausea of a barrel roll, but if Josi requests it, shall keep most of the more elaborate moves to mating flights or sheer fun rather than riding.

Why did she choose Josi? Josi is a part of that freedom she desires. It's awfully lonely to sail the sea or skies alone and Josi is exactly that level head that Bali needs to cool her heels and settle. That restraint when all that energy wants to explode. Josi is her darling love, the practical member of a pair of girlfriends and thusly loyally obeyed and followed by the more zany Baliceauth. It's to Josi that Baliceauth comes when hurt or angry, her mind's most sensual, excited, angry, depressed or obsessive feelings expressed to you and only you. It's to Josi that her insecurities are given, though few they are. Her fears of lack of friends, respect, and just generally not fitting in because of her rather loud mouth and uncouth nature. As such she listens to Josi's fears and insecurities, supporting her thoughts with confidence and love… and the occasional "bump" in the right direction.

Frustrating thing is Bali is epitomized by so many songs of varying styles and content. But I have a couple of the more bawdy faire songs for her flights, and a couple merrier ones to show her brighter side. Biggest issue is she's not any one song between her darker side and her merry side. Best one I can think of is:
On Returning From Ireland - Poxy Boggards
The lyrics aren't readily available but anything by these guys is probably applicable (though their bawdier stuff isn't in line with Bali.)
As for a taste of her flight/flirt talk: and are probably best.

Over all she's a pirate wench with a taste for the exotic.


Capricious Tropical Waves
Rum soaked is probably the biggest trait of this mind. The washing like waves back and forth but with a tropical aroma. When trigger the thoughts of lust, greed, passion, sometimes aggression are intense and intoxicating, but otherwise a over exaggerated sway of drunken seas, calls of exotic birds and washing of the waves. Anger usually triggers gunpowder, cannon fire, sometimes a feeling of intense nausea and the sweet spiced become sickeningly so. Joy is reflected with a wash of cool turquoise waves and a splash of liquor around with the glint of gold and jewels. Colors are always contrasting bright and dark, never pastel or pale save for the possibility of white sands acting as an irritant


Our egg theme was heroes and villains, cops and robbers, good guys and bad… and your little Baliceauth comes from the infamous pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, the figure head of one of the most popular spiced rums. As such, her personality follows the sort of buxom pirate wench. Her name comes from Baliceaux, one of the Grenadine islands in the Caribbean Sea that lies between St. Vincent and Grenada, chosen to reflect the sort of ex-patriot feel but also a sense of 'party girl' which your lass inevitably is. Her color inspiration comes from crushed velvet and key limes, the mix of the pirate love of luxury and their place of residence and freedom. She was designed by your neighborhood bronze-riding sailor: T'eo!


Name Got A Little Captain In You? Green Baliceauth
Dam Gold Onauth
Sire Bronze Raenth
Created By T'eo
Impressee Jose (Josilyn)
Hatched May 18, 2008
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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