Spooky Shy Green Booth

For a little one, this dragonet is rather plump down to her little baby arms to the tip of her really short and stubby tail. Olive tones engulf her hide, covering her rotund self where it blends to a softer sage on her belly. Under each eye is blushed in the same soft sage, giving her rather tiny eyes a slightly bigger appearance. The only thing seemingly normal on this ghastly creature is the size of her wide flowing wings in the same uniform olive.

Egg Name and Description

What a Boo-tiful Egg
Lurking ominously amongst the clutch off brilliantly hued eggs, this one rests in pallor on the sands. A faint grey covers the entirety of this perfectly round shell, a drab and unsightly thing, seemingly out of place. Two black spots adorn the front, dark as coal as they seem to peer into the gaze of the observer with unblinking eyes. Shadows on the belly of the egg are tinted a faint rosy hue - the gaping maw waiting for anyone foolish enough to get too close.

Hatching Message

What a Boo-tiful Egg wiggles a little wiggle, wobbles a little wobble, then settles down on the sands once more.

What a Boo-tiful Egg erupts in a single dark crack around the circumference of this egg, threatening to separate only it vibrates and quiets once again.

What a Boo-tiful Egg splits into two clean pieces, revealing the round rump of an egg wet hatchling. After some rolling from side to side, the dragonet is down on all fours, shedding it's egg top before making it's way waddling across the sands.

Impression Message

Spooky Shy Green Hatchling takes her time as she waddles all rollie-pollie like out on the sands. She approaches the first candidate, pausing to cover her face with her wings for a moment when the young man turns to peer at her. Something takes his attention away and she folds her wings, waddling down the line until the next set of eyes falls upon her olive hide. She covers her face once more with baby wings, waiting til the coast is clear before she nosebutts the poor Smith turned candidate Madrio. "It'sa M-mm-me?! M'rio? Booth?" The poor rotund land stutters for a moment before hugging his green Booth. "I'm hungry, too! Let's go!" Both newfound weyrlings make their way off the sands.


Figment of Imagination obscures the scene around you, the world is dark and hazed with flickering lights of crimson and gold. Those flickering lights slowly, but surely, become clearer like a torch in the night, until the static haze looming in the shadows finally comes into view. A mass, churning and shifting in cloudy white but no defined shape lingers in the corner. You. You're here! You fool. The haze slowly continues to change shape before your eyes. Your mind filled with doubt, fear, anxiety and the force that summons those emotions within your depths stops at nothing to bright about those nightmares of past. Trapping you in the dungeon of your own mind.

Figment of Imagination has left you alone, surrounded in this dark tunnel lined with stone. The faint torches of light flicker a little bit, then burn out. The whispers have begun, barely audible over the beating of your own heart, the questions are hissed from all directions. Are you ready? Can you feel it? The end of your world as you know it? Over and over the questions repeat themselves, getting faster and faster until suddenly the cease as the torches light once more and the mass that wasn't there is there, closer to you than it was before.

Figment of Imagination leaves you in the dark once more, not a sound but the beating of your own heart growing louder and louder. The torches begin to flicker with the painful chill that erupts into the dungeons of your mind. Off. Raw and unadulterated elation and fear creep into your veins. On. The spectre of your mind creeps closer. Off. Your skin crawls, a rabid need for life threatens to rip through your chest. On. So close you could almost touch it, buzzing as it floats motionless before your mind's eye. Off. Adrenaline so pure you can taste the metallic tang of blood in your mouth for what's to come. On… Two soul-less depths of coal black erupt upon the staticy sphere, it's empty eyes catching your gaze above a toothy gaping maw. Devour! Run or the end is upon you!


Name Booth
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Unknown
Impressee M'rio
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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