One Does Not Simply.... /Pick/ a Lifemate Bronze Bormith

The very epitome of bronze! A perfect blend of greeny-gold that seems cast into a warrior's frame. Strong broad shoulders, a wide chest, and powerful wings define him, mold him and shape him into the brazen form complete with arrogantly uptilted muzzle. His neck is arched, a curving sweep like the huntsman's horn, and his tail, straight and true, is like the swordsman's blade.

Egg Name and Description

So Fresh and Creamy Egg
Green! Minty, fresh, delicious, creamy, light green! All over! Not, however, smooth as a baby's bottom. No no no, this egg's color is broken up by little flecks of warm brown. Mmhmmm good! Oh wait! That's not all! Dark chocolatey brown drizzles from apex downward, rivulents squiggling and melting into a puddle of brown at the base.

Hatching Message

So Fresh and Creamy Egg quivers and shakes, a real vibration of movement from within as the hatchling inside struggles to free itself from the confines of the egg surrounding it. Out! It cannot get out! Oh wait, maybe it can. The sides of the egg seem to melt away in a gooey puddle, the hatchling springing free, chest puffed out in heroic poise.

Impression Message

One Does Not Simply…. /Pick/ a Lifemate Bronze Hatchling remains poised in his hero's stance for a moment or two, drawing the eyes — or at least trying to — of as many male candidates as he can. And ladies, feel free to look with your eyes, because you can't HAVE him. And then a rumble from deep within his starving belly prompts the bronze to lurch forwards towards the candidates. And yet, he takes his time to choose —this lifemate finding is serious business after all, and he has to get it juuuuuust right. Peering first here, then there, he finally spots a likely lad. With a rumble of sound, the bronze moves forwards tow-headed gangly young Lajos, a Weyrbred Western lad. Him, he's the one. Nudging at the boy, the bronze makes his choice known, and the newly named L'jos exclaims happily. "I'll do my best Bormith. I won't let you down!"




Name One Does Not Simply…. /Pick/ a Lifemate Bronze Bormith
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Iris (Egg) Enka (Hatchling)
Impressee L'jos (Lajos)
Hatched April 1st, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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