Molten caramel-tan marches along the bulky frame of this smallish Brown, pale and sunfiltered but strong all the same — not so strong as chocolate or Klah, but certainly not as weak as khaki, beautiful and buttery all in the same moment. Darker smudges of bubbling, cooked sweetner coat his neck and back, crisping in little splotches while pouring down over the leading edges of his limbs. Stripes of the same rich golden-brown tick the end of his tail, while his two hind feet darken slightly. Faint speckles of almost-gold dance along his entire body, creating the lllusion of scratches, tiny golden pockmarks. His wings are broad, ready for the twisting and turning that a dragon of his size might enjoy — the sails are a contrasting klah-and-milk, handsome and creamy.

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