Child of Nature Gold Celimoth

Buttery gold is brushed over the silky hide of this small gold, forming a solid base color over which lighter and darker hues are layered. Caramel is slathered over her head and spine, giving definition to her headknobs and vertebrae along her neck and back, before it is smoothly blended into the dominate buttery gold hue of her body. Ivory mingles with gold to create a lighter belly, though unsatisfied with being limited to this domain alone it trickles along her legs and lightens her legs. It is at the very tips of her limbs, in her talons, that undiluted ivory shows through. Lighter ripples are visible here and there along the lines of her body, defined by sinewy muscles, and are contrasted by darker shadows of the palest iridescent green. The effect is something akin to the dance of light upon a body of water. Compared to her peers there is no denying that this one is small and dainty. The lines of her body appear to be formed with a minimum of noise; she is all sleek lines with no excess to her frame. Though her build is well-proportioned and light for a queen, her wings are of the proportionate size for a dragon of slightly larger bulk. The thin fabric of her wingsails is a pale golden ivory color tinged with streaks of buttercream.

Egg Name and Description

Sunlit Leaves Egg
Varying hues of green, in a mixture of bright and dull intensities and shading, cover the surface of this egg, overlapping in parts. Not a single speck of the surface is left devoid of veridian coloring. And then here and there are ripples of lightness which dance across the lower layer of green, much as light reflecting off water in some patches. Further towards the base of the egg is less of this illumination, though the trade-off is for a smudging of rich mossiness.

Hatching Message

Sunlit Leaves Egg has remained patient and still for so long. Days on end, really… sevendays, even. But at some time the resolve to remain still and in one place begins to weaken as the occupant within becomes restless. The egg rocks from left to right, from back to forward, violent jerks that indicate the impending release of another dragon upon the sands.

It is nearing time for the dragon within Sunlit Leaves Egg to emerge. Although the egg has been alternating between shaking and resting, a renewed effort at escape is begun and a small degree of sucess is achieved. A small crack appears before small chinks of the egg begin to crumble away, allowing a bit of light into the previously pitch black world.

Sunlit Leaves Egg shivers once more, sending a few more shards of egg crumblin from its surface. Previously created cracks lengthen before pressure from within forces the egg apart. The sudden release causes the straining and struggling hatchling to sprawl out onto the sands. A startled mess, it takes a moment for the hatchling to sort out limbs and shakily stand up to begin the search for the One.

Impression Message

Off in the distance a creature of the avian persuasion trills brightly. But wait, are there such animals in this part of the weyr? It's a ruse, one can be sure, a distraction that enables a weighty presence to slip in. Slowly pressure builds before the sound of a gentle rainfall and coolness washes over you. From behind the sounds there is the impression of twinkling laughter that barely masks the sensation of intense hunger. « Celimoth » is provided for you in a rich melodic voice. « Can't you tell that I'm hungry? Why are you hiding it from me? » No real conviction is contained within that sweet inquiry, merely curiousity, and the weight of hunger.


Celimoth's personality is dynamic, much as the seasons and weather. In fact, you'll often find Celimoth heavily influenced by her weather. When it is a beautiful sunny day, she will encourage you to go out and want to be active and enjoy the weather. When it rains, she will mope around and wax philosophy. Or well, as much philosophy as a dragon can manage - more likely it will be bits and pieces of randomness mashed together - vague sayings she's picked up and half-forgotten. Whether it is her short term memory, or simply a desire to be moving or always experiencing something, Celimoth rapidly looses her focus and becomes easily distracted. This is a trait that will be worst as she is young, though as the two of you learn control some degree of improvement will be attained.

Her attitude towards you will also be changing. While deep down she adores you and wants to see you happy, she is a living creature with her own intelligence and opinions. Conflicts? Oh, they'll come up. She'll be disappointed in you, but it's transient. How could she ever /stay/ mad at you? You get the full Celimoth experience, though her attitudes towards others vary. Some days she's rude, short tempered and snappy even. Other days she is pleasant but distant. Always there is some degree of distance between her and the others. Celimoth has her own "private world" that is privy to only the two of you. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that Celimoth is unfriendly, merely reserved.

When she gets proddy, Celimoth will become inquisitive. She'll ask you all about the bronzeriders, the bronzes, what you think of them, etc. Occasionally her queries will meander and she'll merely ask a million questions about everything she sees under the sun. During this time, too, she may allow a bronze or two, one of her "suitors" to get a glimpse at her personality by sharing her thoughts and queries with another. Due to her smaller size and stature, Celimoth will have slightly more manueverability, and oh, will she use it, attempting acrobatics and making those bronzes work for it.


Peppery Staccato
Celimoth's mind voice is a smooth and silky mezzo-soprano. Accompanying her voice are remnants of that up-beat staccato that dominated while she was in the shell, though the tempo and fierceness with which it soudns depends largely on her moods. She is very expressive in her communications with you and others, broadcasting emotions, images, colors, and various tones. The trick lies in interpreting what this sensory experience means.


Sunlit Leaves Egg was inspired by Celtic music, which has a heavy emphasis on nature. Likewise, her mind voice is inspired by string instruments, such as the harp and fiddle, which produce a particular sound that seems characteristic in many songs. Just as these instruments can have many different sounds and effects, so too do her moods change. The name Celimoth was suggested by Elara and is derived from 'Celtic,' plus it just seems to roll off the tongue nicely and suit her personality and concept. The dragon concept is that of a fae-like nature spirit - delicate, dainty, regal, and ever-changing. Egg and dragon were created by Asiree.


Name Child of Nature Gold Celimoth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Izelth
Created By Asiree
Impressee Kadesh
Hatched 18 March 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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