Earnest Obscenities Bronze Ceth

Dragon Description

Not a small dragon to begin with, this bronze's girth is enough to be not precisely proportional to the rest of him. The rounded head lacks definition around the cheeks and jaw, the mottling of emerald and verdigris there swirling upwards into curls of color around the head knobs. The wing sails are a disorganized clash of pigments-the left is striated with malachite over the translucent hide, the right dotted with muddy splotches. The color darkens downwards so that the shoulders are the color of well-oiled saddle leather with a greenish cast, the gleam of light betraying there only a hint of the muscle beneath. By the time it reaches his swollen belly, the vastness is masked by black like wrought iron, only a vague suggestion of metallic luster left on the stout legs and plump tail.

Egg Name and Description

Viridian Suds Egg
Like the head on a good brew, a pale froth has risen to crown the ample shell of this egg, but the surface below is neither amber ale nor dark lager - nothing of hops and barley born has ever been so very turquoise. Bubbles of light rise up from the bottom, clinging to the sides before joining the crest of foam above. Those flecks of white seem to almost sparkle against the depths of swirling blue and green beneath, verdigris shifting and unstable as it mixes with coils of cerulean. The colors are corrosive, unnatural, and yet somehow appetizing - an aquamarine bock with a clean finish.

Hatching Message

After taking a little time to collect itself, the Viridian Suds Egg moves again, this time a small rock to one side followed by a single hard twitch the other way. The force sends it end-over-end, and when it stills again there's a fine lacework of cracks forming on what is now the upper curve.

An instability bubbles up from within the Viridian Suds Egg, and it quivers in the place it has long occupied upon the hatching sands. The movement is just enough to dislodge it, but not far—it rolls only a few fingertips before coming to a stop once more.

The cracks along the surface of the Viridian Suds Egg stretch, widening to show the pale membrane beneath. It bulges, flexing under pressure from the occupant within, and then at last a dark claw slashes through. A damp bronze body wriggles out from the remains of the egg, and he lays panting for a moment on the sand.

Impression Message

After a hard day of heat and toil, there's nothing like a cold drink. If one is truly lucky, roundabout the third or fourth of those drinks a certain warm fuzziness sets in, a precarious glow that occupies an elusive place between sober and three sheets to the wind. The first glance of the Earnest Obscenities Bronze Hatchling into your eyes brings with it that sort of feeling, a warmth that enlarges as he approaches you, verges on giggly euphoria. « Hey. Yo. » The sensation tips over the edge, and directions go meaningless: up is down and your stomach is in your throat momentarily in a nauseous moment before the sheer… the sheer… the sheer love and acceptance, that's what it is, hitting you full on. But there's shyness with it, a forced coolness in the liquid voice in your head. « You're R'dy, right? I'm Ceth. You wanna grab a bite to eat? » The tone is almost belligerent, but the starving emptiness of his stomach bleeds through it. A little more softly he adds, « Please? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Drunken Disorder
Ceth's mental voice is aggressively casual, rarely intimate no matter how often you might reassure him that he can share with you. Lacking any innate knowledge of actual cursing, his speech will be peppered with invectives of his own invention: « Like I'm going to listen to the advice of that piece of month-old rotten meat! » Although he has no love for authority, he's not the type to mouth off directly to the one who's trying to order him around - instead, you'll get a private monologue about his exact opinions of the individual in question while they get exactly as much politeness as will keep him out of trouble.

Ordinarily, mental contact with Ceth will be very straightforward without much in the way of additional sensory experience. This will tend to shift when he's excited, angry, or just tired - strong feelings will bring an intimacy to talking with even complete strangers. Along with that comes the same spectrum of tipsy sensations that you will forever remember from that Impression, though never so strong again—an unsteady, staggering lilt to his sentences and waves of disconcerting dizziness.



This cycle's theme was 2007 Summer Blockbusters. In the film Superbad, the character Seth (played by Jonah Hill) gets the brilliant idea to sneak a lot of beer out of a party disguised in laundry detergent containers. The result is the green beer for which your dragon's Viridian Suds Egg was named.

Seth is the inspiration for your dragon, and he came ready-made with a name just as short and snappy as you requested—'Ceth' is pronounced the same way. He's a high school senior with only one thing on his mind, and life with the bronze who bears his likeness is never going to be boring. Guaranteed.

Both dragon and egg were written for you by Hassaleah—he's yours now, so enjoy him. We're happy to have you both at High Reaches, and we look forward to seeing what R'dy and Ceth get into next!

Personality (RP Tips)

"I just wanna go to the rooftops and scream, 'I love my best friend, Evan!'"

You ever have that kind of friend? The one who's just the best thing that ever happened to you, who you could talk about anything to, but who you aren't about to admit you feel that way about unless you were completely smashed first?

That's how Ceth is. You're the center of his world, his constant companion, but Faranth forbid he actually admit that, even to you, most of the time. You're buddies. You hang together. That's it. Right?

From the very first days of his life, that's obviously not the case. Ceth will have more separation anxiety than most dragons, that's for sure. « You want to go sharding *where*? Without me? » Never mind that it's just the living cavern for a meal. Where you go, he goes, until he gets too big for it to work. Getting away with that will be the hard part, but if there's one thing Ceth does exceedingly well, it's madcap plans. « You tell Khi we're going down to the lake. And then we'll just walk over by the entrance… and we're in! It can't fail. » What's going to happen once you're actually inside? « We'll figure that out then. We're smart guys, y'know. » These plans can't possibly all work… expect to end up in trouble at least once in awhile.

It's not that Ceth doesn't respect the people who're in charge, it's just that… well, he thinks they're usually wrong. He's always respectful, although he has a funny way of showing it, since there's a certain vulgarity that he can never quite shed. « Gemketh. Gemketh. No offense, really, but any excrement-eating moron drudge could see we're too tired to do any more drilling today. Sorry, I know I shouldn't say that, but it's true. And look, there's no Thread anymore, so what's the point anyway? All I'm saying is that we're sharding tired and we want a sharding break. » The difference is that he really doesn't mean to be rude. It's just that he always talks like that, and he always will, and to do otherwise would seem dishonest, to him. And Weyrlinghood may inspire many such tirades, because physical activity is not his strong suit.

As he gets older, he's not going to get any more socially adept. You know and understand where he's coming from. Others… probably won't. Females, especially, will remain a mysterious alien species to him. His ineptitude will be almost charming in and of itself, but it may take awhile to convince them of that. « You know, you shouldn't eat so much, it's going to give you a thick tail. I know, I had a bit of a problem with that myself as a Weyrling… » Somehow he'll always devolve into relatively crude subject matter when faced with a green or gold he really fancies. And since he's never going to shine in either speed or endurance, and there's no way to get a dragon drunk, he may have to rely on sheer luck to win flights. Thankfully, with the number of greens in a Weyr, luck should win out at least once in awhile.

But you have no such limitations, so expect him to suggest that sort of thing. « She's cute. I bet after a couple skins of wine… » And they said romance was dead! Ceth's standards for you are not going to be nearly as high as your own, so expect to fight off a lot of suggestions. Settling down, though, will concern him no matter how long you've been together at the time. He's always going to want to be the center of your attention, and although logically he will understand that you will have other friends and other loves… expect jealousy.

Ceth is many things - crude, obnoxious, sometimes lazy - but he adores you more than anything, and he will consider it his mission to keep your life from ever being dull.


Name Earnest Obscenities Bronze Ceth
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Hassaleah
Impress To Gerundy
Hatched October 13, 2007
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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