The Queen's Revenge Bronze Chaeth

Massive, this bronze is, from the incredibly broad expanse of his chest to the broad billowing spread of his wingsails — a deadly dreadnaught of power and strength embodied in the form of a dragon. Incredibly stocky and broad, a hue of a bronze so dark he nearly appears black wraps about his form, smokey-bronze glinting in a few taunting places such as along the curve of his ribs or the angle of his shoulders fore, and haunches aft. In contrast, his wings are pale, a creamy hue of silvery-bronze that unfurls from the contrary angles of his wingspars. Adding to his stocky appearance, a stout thick neck and a rather large short tail contribute to his fearsome appearance. His head is dangerous as well, large and well set on that short neck, there's a ferocious angle of jaws, just right for biting and mauling, or spewing out bursts of flame.

Egg Name and Description

Buried Treasure Egg
Glimmering and shimmering a brilliant golden sheen with skeins of emerald and turquoise overshot along the smooth shell of the egg; dollops of ruby and amethyst intertwine with round blobs of pearl-white. Sapphire can be seen, glinting between patches of diamond. Riches untold seem to flow across the shell, but treasure seekers had best be wary, for while X marks the spot, not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

Hatching Message

Buried Treasure Egg does not lie buried for long. The mound beneath which the egg lies begins to shiver furiously, jerking back and forth, sand grains falling off in a wild disarray. There's a crack, the egg working itself free only to run aground against the shoals of the pale sands of the Hatching Grounds. Another crack, and the egg splits along the bottom portion of the shell, spilling out its precious cargo in a tangle of limbs and darkly gleaming hide.

Impression Message

Snarling furiously, the The Queen's Revenge Bronze Hatchling rights himself abruptly with a mighty shove, his tail lashing about like a bosun's whip. Gaining his feet, he stalks forwards, looming in a threatening manner towards the assembled candidates, studying each one closely. A sniff, a growl, and his lips lift up from the corners of mouth, teeth exposed and glinting wickedly in the light. He's found his prey. It's one of the candidates, Eeaward, who approaches him, drawn to his side, and resting a hand against that muzzle. "Come Chaeth, this is not the way to behave. Let us get you fed, and then you can plot and plan to your hearts desire."


Chaeth is a hunter — a ferocious beast who loves nothing better than the wholesale slaughter of hapless herdbeasts. His favorite habit is to sneak up steadily on the prey, scaring the wits out of them before he pounces, and proceeds to make a very messy kill indeed. Flights are preferred by this bronze, both green and gold, as he enjoys blooding the kill. He makes a formidable member in the search and rescue wing, and often those rescued remarked feeling a rather abject terror seeing him appear on the horizon.


The egg theme for the clutch was "Things from the Ocean or on the Beach" And where else could a pirate bury their treasure, but on a beach?

The hatchling theme for this NPC clutch was Pirates. Yay, pirates. Chaeth comes from Edward Teach, otherwise known as Captain Blackbeard. His hatchling name comes from the name of Blackbeard's ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge, as does his hatchling description.


Name The Queen's Revenge Bronze Chaeth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Impressee E'wrd (Eeaward)
Hatched August 27, 2010
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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