Figment of the Imagination Blue Channith

Tiny and squat, this hatchling is covered in a rich royal blue pigment that borders nearly into purple. Pale tones of grape wind their way around his long curving headknobs and mix in with the blue of his rather stout muzzle. Periwinkle, touched throughout with accents of lilac, spread over the delicate membranes of his undersized wings. A hint of pale lavender-blue coats the tip of his short tail, as well as every one of his surprisingly sharp talons. Despite his awkward and small proportions, he maintains a spark of delight and mischief in every fiber of his being.

Egg Name and Description

Experimental Prototype Egg
Unremarkable from top to bottom, this egg is a middle shade of gray, bright points and dark points intermingling to create a pattern across the shell. With the even placemnt of spots, the shell seems almost textured. Here and there, a pale hint of color lingers, like a light overlay, as if someone has set lights to the shell to make it more impressive.

Hatching Message

Experimental Prototype Egg gives a tiny twitch that's barely noticeable. A shiver runs through it that sends sand skittering away from its base. It attempts a rock, though just ends up wobbling drunkenly to one side.

Crack! Experimental Prototype Egg suddenly falls over, a thin crack winding its way through the shell. There's a slight movement from within as whatever is inside shifts positions. It shivers fitfully and sends a rain of tiny shards in its wake before going still once more.

There's a sudden POP from the Experimental Prototype Egg as it nearly explodes outwards, the entire thing collapsing in a heap on the sands. Egg goo and shards spill out along with a distinctly purple-hued hatchling. Purple? It could be the light playing tricks, but Figment of the Imagination Blue Hatchling has a distinctly purple cast to his blue hide that can't be denied as he wobbles to his feet.

Impression Message

Figment of the Imagination Blue Hatchling gives a tiny squeaking noise and starts to wobble forward from the wreckage of his former home. It doesn't take him long to get the hang of walking - he's soon bouncing with every other step and rustling his tiny wings with excitement. Rapidly he peruses the line of white-robed candidates, giving each one a brief look before moving on with a whuff. But before long he's reached someone who catches his interest - an older mousy-haired boy from the Computer craft named Nigel known for his bookish and shy behavior. Giving another squeak of excitement, the purpley-tinted hatchling noses happily with that squat muzzle of his. There's a soft 'oof!' from the boy as he lands on his rump. "Channith?" he asks, bewildered, as he struggles to his feet, "Of c-course. I'm your N'gel now! We can do anything!" Smiling through his happy tears, Nigel, now N'gel, leads the bouncy Channith away.


Name Figment of the Imagination Blue Channith
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Egg: L'ton, Dragon: Ae'gus, A'ven & Enka
Impressee N'gel (Nigel)
Hatched November 21, 2010
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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