Huntress of Light Gold Chauth

The gleam of gold and shine of silver mingle to make a glow of white gold that creates the form of this dragon. She holds herself with pride, replete with those secrets unknown to smiths who - though they may create the metallurgical equivalent of her hide - would surely fail to achieve that aura of mystery and wisdom that surrounds her like the wings whose large sweeps are endowed with grace and power. Their hue fades with their extent, the sun's warmth along her body slowly attenuated by the wispy white of gathering clouds. High cheeks and a slender muzzle give a sense of refinement and elegance to her features, a fitting setting for her knowing eyes. Those sparkling facets come with a reminder of darkness, for without it light would not have meaning. Black kohl surrounds them, the markings ragged along their bottom edges as if softened by tears of love and loss that help make her who she is. There is darkness, yet she is a creature of light. The knobs that sweep back from her noble brow are pure white, paler even than the diffuse sunlight of her hide. Her neck sweeps down in a graceful arch that recurves over her back, up from the nadir of her slender shoulders to rise once more along the crouch of hips. The soft brush of a darker shade dapples faded stripes along her upper legs, ripples of coppery patterning whose contours shift with her graceful motion. That same tawny hue adorns the tip of a tail that's shorter than many, for this queen has no desire for her train to trail on the ground in her wake.

Egg Name and Description

Destined to Darkness
A shadow lurks on these sands, a three-dimensional outline in negative space traced around the ovoid form of an egg whose shell holds only darkness. The pointy end is jet daubed with pitch, and as it broadens that shade shifts to charcoal, scattered perhaps with a delicate touch of ebony ink daubed by a raven's feathers before it transitions to nestle the broad base in starless velvet night. Subtle gradations and shifts of that soot-stained sable hue are - if they are even present - invisible to the inspection of a mere human eye. This egg is, in its entirety, an event horizon from which no light reflects, obsidian stained with tar that seals away its fractured edges. The unyielding stygian gloom of its onyx shell is secure from any observation that might reveal something more of this egg than: it's black.

Impression Message

Sunlight reflected on the water surrounds you, as if you are in the midst of an orb of pure light. It warms your bones, this glare of brightness that seems to permeate more than just your eyes. You feel stolen memories slip back into place in your head, settling there with the warmth of presence twining in among your thoughts. The thrum against your mind is happiness, a vibration that soaks through to your bones, and tones rise against that pleased drone to play a bright song on strings and flute as the blaze of whitegold light turns to blobs of color, bright shapes that dance around each other like sunspots before your eyes until at last they resolve into the same sands you left, the same dragon before you. « Found you, Tanit! » Her tones are bright against lingering music, as certain of her welcome as if she's already lived here for a thousand years with minds and lives entwined. « You can't hide from Chauth. » The rumble of a timpani echoes orangey hunger-lights dancing before your eyes as she adds, « Which means you should feed me, because I found you, and that's the reward for hide and seek. » So she declares, and so it shall be!


Tanitbanitbobanitbananafanafofanitmemimomanit — TANIT!

UH OH. You're in trouble. THIS QUEEN HAS COME ALONG JUST TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE. No really, like all of them. You asked for a Ciri dragon, and guess what: you're gonna get one. So, let us see if we can sort through all of this sass and obstinate bullheadedness to give you a clear picture of what your forevermate is going to be like.

Chauth has a dark and light side to her even beyond the contrast of shell and hide. Many of her traits are ones that are good in some ways - and trouble in others. A keen mind that helps her get both into and out of trouble. A curiosity that supplies her with useful knowledge - and gets her into trouble when she sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. A love for her friends that leads her to defend and encourage them, even when they're in the wrong. A determination and strength that helps her hold firm against even the worst of odds… and keeps her from admitting her mistakes. She's here to be your surest friend, your partner in crime for impulsive ideas and your anchor who purrs against your side to remind you - even things go terribly, horribly wrong in entirely preventable ways - that you're the best, because she's the best, and you're hers.

In her youth, you will quickly find that you and her have something very much in common: you're both stubborn. Once Chauth has set her mind on something, neither thread nor high water will keep her from it; such piddling things as a weyrlingmaster's dragon or good sense hasn't even got a chance! She's a queen, after all - or she will be, once she's grown into her body and powers - and that means she doesn't have to listen to anyone if she doesn't want.

Vesemir: That young whippersnapper refuses to do as she's told.

At times, her refusal to obey her seniors may seem almost a game; like she's having fun with not doing what she told, or using her clever wit to bend the rules and talk back with just barely enough sass to not get in real trouble. You'll find in her an ability to make implications as cleverly charged as they are brimming with laughter, a charismatic sort of savoir faire that lets her talk back without causing catastrophic levels of offense… though she may not always be able to escape a grounding, no matter how quick and flexible her mind and sharp her wits.

As she comes to understand the consequences of rebellion, she'll become a master of the ability to exude her rightness while indulging the foolishness of others. Sure, they're wrong. She knows they're wrong. Anyone with sense knows they're wrong! But, if they just can't see the right way, well… she'll play along with the exercises they think she needs - though with both eyes open for a chance to prove how she didn't actually need their help in the first place.

While she may share her wisdom with her fellow clutchmates - or, indeed, the other dragons of Half Moon Weyr - she's rarely insistent that they follow her advice. They can listen to her, oooor they can go and trip over their own paws! Once they run into that wall a few times, they'll see for themselves that she was right. It's not like she'll be upset with them for sneaking around and not doing what she says, because… it's not like she would do what someone else says, either! If anything, a little spark of rebellion pleases her. « Think for yourself! » isn't just an aphorism for Chauth, it's a fundamental part of her nature.

She is definitely going to be a handful for you in those early stages (and who are we kidding: well after). She questions the rules blithely, ignores them outright when she thinks she can get away with it, and does things in a way that makes sense for her despite those clearly defined guidelines and stipulations meant to ensure you both succeed.

There's nobody who knows what's good for her better than she does - not even you! - and that means you may sometimes find yourself at odds with your queen. You'll have to be her good sense and propriety, the one to explain that it's not actually a good idea to mix glitter into the barrels of oil and make everyone sparkle… no matter how fabulous it would be. Enjoy being the one to figure out the reasons why not to do those things, and learning that mental finesse to get a grip on her agile mind - as well as the strength to hold firm against her sweetest charms and most passionate demands to keep your authority over her. After all, the weyrlingmasters will be expecting that you are the one who keeps her acting mature and responsible in those early days… never mind how tempted you yourself may be by the bits of chaotic fun she dreams up.

There is certainly no lack of mischief with your queen, a quality that will come into focus when she is around Zychaelth. She will not discourage his out-of-the-shell desire to chew on every unfortunate object that finds itself in his way (pillows, your sheets, Zeltan's harness, everybody's left shoe), but rather exacerbate it. She will find the humor in his blatant disregard, she will enjoy the impulsive, newborn need to destroy, and there just might be times in her beginnings when you find yourself guilty for the ruination of Suyi's copy of, 'Once Upon His Abs' by association.

Chauth will eventually come to understand the reasons behind a Weyr's structure, gaining a deeper awareness of the potential consequences of her actions… and the fact that somebody will have to clean up all those fragile things that shatter so nicely when she knocks them off high places. Her mischief will remain, but she'll learn to direct it to more harmless pranks - or against those who deserve some trouble in their lives.

She'll never lose that playfulness of hers, nor that almost-brash confidence in herself and you, but she will grow in understanding and competence through your weyrling years. She learns eagerly, even if it's not always what her teachers intended - but the people around her are a fascinating set of individuals, full of quirks, perks, and secrets… and she's curious to know them all. Chauth loves finding secrets and answering mysteries - though she's not a gossip. The secrets she learns are kept close to her chest, shared only with you. Why should she tell anyone about that affair the headwoman's assistant is having with that smith? She'd much rather be smug in her secret knowledge… or have it there as a tool if she needs it, something to be revealed in subtle implications to great effect. Sharing her secrets would only weaken them!

Geralt: So you did the reading. Why not admit it right off?
Ciri: "Never pounce on an advantage as soon as it appears, wait ‘til it stands to have maximum effect." Uncle Vesemir's words.
Vesemir: Well, you're a quick study. Quick, but mischievous.

Here is the thing about your dragon, Tanit: she's smart. She's highly intelligent, with a lightning-quick wit. She may not properly respect her elders, but she will give them her utmost attention when it comes time to learn those important lessons… which, for her, mostly means the ones involving physical exertion and precision. Hunting? Flying through the skies? Carrying you as her rider? She learns them with alacrity, devours those demonstrations granted her by watching more experienced dragons work so that she can remember the proper way to move her tail, her feet, her wings by cataloging them safely in your brain (because let us not forget that she is a dragon), and drawing upon them when necessary. She might not be the first dragon among your class to conquer the finer nuances of just where to bite as she brings down a 'beast, but she will certainly be one of the ones investing the most time into getting it right. When she finally gets it down? Well, she'll be one of the more graceful predators walking among Pern's dragons, because - when it comes to physical training, at least - she does know what's good for her… at least most of the time.

Geralt: [Upon finding Ciri practicing footing with her wooden sword while Vesemir sleeps] Guess she prefers practice to theory.

She's far less studiously attentive when it comes to those hours you will spend with your head in a book. You'll have to learn to remember the faces and names of every Weyrleader, Weywoman, and Holder of import, but Chauth holds little interest in helping you. It can't be that important - if it were, it wouldn't be written in a book for everyone to read! She'd much rather learn about someone by actually meeting them - or having you meet them, while she sits behind your eyes to watch - than by just reading about them in some dull manual.

That's the downside to her brilliance, to the quickness with which she can grasp a subject once it's offered - she can become bored just as quickly. It's an affliction common among the highly intelligent; the amount of stimulation it takes to maintain her interest on any given topic is proportionately greater… often lacking as lessons tuned to make sure everyone understands the material drone on far too long to keep Chauth engaged.

Geralt: I'd fear Vesemir more than any stryga. Disobeying his instructions? Unwise.
Ciri: Well, yes… but… that book was horribly dull.

Once she thinks she's got something down - or more accurately, once she's got those steps momentarily memorized and knows what to do next - she will want to try them. Your Chauth is more about the practice than the theory. The moment poor R'sner looks away and turns his attention onto another weyrling - or dragon - she is going to sneak away and see just how sturdy those soon-to-be-massive wingsails really are. If there's more actual information to be had in the textbook-filler of lessons or the snail-slow trickle of lectures? Well, she's got you for that, using her connection to you to rifle through it and skip the boring parts.

She can get moving to what's important - the action - so… why would she wait for the Weyrlingmaster or his assistants to give the okay before attempting that first grand leap into the skies? She won't, she won't, she won't! This tendency to leap before she looks just may land you in hot water a time or five, whether it's simply for playing truant or because there actually was something important that she missed in her rush to get moving and doing. Still, triumph or troubles, her determination holds true, and nobody will be able to fault her willingness to keep trying until she does succeed in refining that bright chaos of energy inside of her into a mastery of all the finer nuances of being a dragon.

Geralt: You've got work to do, your reflexes are still slow.
Ciri: Maybe for a witcher.

Chauth is not the sort to back away from a challenge, nor stand down when she could stand tall. If someone says they're better than her, or can beat her at something… well, she'll rise to meet her challengers head on! Competition is given that same nearly single-minded focus that she brings to her physical training, a passion that will ensure she sees the task through to completion no matter how far behind she falls - or how many times she's already lost. There's no prize too small or penalty too large to discourage her from competition, nothing inadvisable or dangerous enough to stifle that surge of excitement that overcomes her whenever she's faced with an opportunity to test herself.

Make no mistake, Tanit; that is what drives her into motion. The siren call in her blood that lures her towards the starting line of a race against Zychaelth when the odds are ever in their favor isn't there because she wants to know what they can do. She wants to know what she can do, to understand her own limits - and to study how she can improve, to obtain the skills that will stretch those limits and the knowledge to guide her in improving her mind and body on her terms.

And, hey… sometimes, it just feels damn good to prove those naysayers wrong and live in the adrenaline-fueled race to triumph or defeat. So, she will never turn down a chance to race, never scoff at the question of who can fly the highest or bring down the biggest herdbeast. She will be a willing participant, affable and amicable whether her opponents are playful or serious in their rivalry. Whether she wins or loses, she'll likely win others over with the congenial way she participates; regardless of the outcome, she'll take it happily in a spirit of friendship. She won't brag about her victories, and she certainly won't rage about her defeats - if anything, she's likely to compliment the winner wholeheartedly, honestly curious to see just what they did right so she can learn how to do it next time. It's all fun and games to her, just another way to show herself how far she's come - and prove to others how very capable she can be.

Of course, not all interpersonal reactions are as simple as a race across the field. Chauth may shrug at the offense of others, but she doesn't actually want to hurt them. If she realizes she has injured someone, in body or spirit… she'll likely try to mend her behavior and do things differently in the future. If you're waiting for an apology? You'd better bring a good book, because Chauth doesn't do apologies. She doesn't seem to really get the idea; in her eternal draconic present, why does it matter what happened then? That was aaaages ago. (Okay, five minutes. Point stands!) Error or no, Chauth will just sweep on to the future.

Those who try to call her out on her mistakes or failures are likely to hear, « I meant to do that. » Sure, it looks like she fell flat on her face, but what do they know? Maybe she was just practicing, in case she does fall, sometimes in the future. Even if she won't actually admit it to anyone else, she does acknowledge those errors to herself as things where she could do better, and she'll pay close attention to whatever advice she's given for improvement. It's a rare occasion when she'll actually admit she was doing something wrong instead of not-right-enough, and rarer still for her to be penitent about it… no matter if it was her own fault or not.

She's not nearly so hesitant to call out the mistakes of others, mind you. It's meant well, based on the assumption that they too wish to practice and improve themselves. She's helping, and while she hardly expects gratitude - or, indeed, even acknowledgment - she'll be confused by negative reactions to her nitpicking and unsolicited advice.

Her anger, should she be roused to it, is swift and fierce. She'll claw and bite - whether metaphorically or otherwise - to make her point known, and once she has… well, she'll find an outlet for that temper and energy, whether it's wrecking the barracks or mauling some unfortunate herdbeast.

For all her ferocity, she's not one to hold grudges. Once she's dealt with the issue and worked out her anger? It's over and done with! Indeed, she may be confused by those who do linger on past disagreements; the problem, whatever it was, is dead and gone now. There's no point worrying over what can't be changed; it's far more important to look toward the future and see what's to be done next. Chauth is very much not one to dwell on mistakes, whether her own or those of others; problems happen, they're dealt with, and then we move on to the future!

There's a fire in your dragon, a flame that burns bright. It's brilliant, and beautiful; it will keep you warm, yet is also destructive. This blaze of passion will never leave her, Tanit, not even once she's grown into her wings. She is white-hot, yet she will temper that tempest into something more contained, something no less wild yet more capable. Like a smith's forge, her fire will become something that benefits the both of you. It will manifest as perseverance, embody her determination of will; it will showcase her strength and leave you breathless in her light.

Chauth may be fierce, but she's not merely a force for destruction and chaos. She has a passion for life, for creation and natural growth… but to her, it's completely natural to have a young dragon chew things up, or let a herd of wherries out to run through the bowl. Look at them go! Aren't they magnificent? She'll be so very satisfied with what's she's done, and her smug amusement will last right through whatever punishment she deigns to do in order to satisfy those stuffy authority figures and restore harmony to her world.

While she'll grow to be more capable of moderating her own terrible impulses, there's still times when she'll cause trouble. It's just that it'll be more likely to be on purpose! There's no good in letting people's lives become boring… and that desire to keep things interesting and fun applies to you most of all, Tanit. Whether it's resting her head on the book you're supposed to be studying to demand pettings and attention, or informing you - « It's getting dark. Positively stygian! » - she'll make sure that you know she cares, because if she didn't, she wouldn't put nearly so much attention into getting a rise out of you.

Of course, she doesn't just show her affection by way of teasing and troublemaking. She's fond of touch, whether it's getting her baths and oilings juuust right for the ten minutes before that pale hide gets dirty again, or trying to nudge herself up onto your cot long after the other dragonlings are sleeping apart from their riders. She just enjoys touch from the people she cares about, whether that means you scritching behind her headknobs, or rubbing her body to another dragon's… or simply being curled up in a pile of warmth and rumbles on a lazy day together.

When she can't sleep on your weyrling cot, she may try to get all her siblings together in a cuddlepile as the next best thing… and even as an adult, she'll love when she can lie curled with a friend or three. At times, the positions she assumes in this quest to maximize touch seems like they can't possibly be comfortable, whether she's hanging half off a ledge or squished into a space that seems like it should be too small for a reasonably sized brown, let alone her gold butt. Nevertheless, she seems to enjoy these contortions; she's as flexible in body as she can be in mood, and if she fits, she sits.

Speaking of the places your dragon will end up… Chauth loves high places and good vantage points. I hope you don't have a fear of heights! Even before she can fly, she's going to want to climb up on things and see how close to the sky she can get - maybe the roof of the barracks? The rim of the bowl? She'll find a way to get there… and demand you come up with her! She likes the view, looking down on those below and seeing how they come and go… and just maybe taking the chance to pounce, if she sees someone or something that interests her!

When it's time for you to pick a weyr, she'll likely disdain the ground-level ones usually used by queens. « Boring! I can't see anything. » She wants someplace high up and interesting, and never mind the challenges that choice of home will cause you when it comes time for her eggs to be on the sands.

So what if that's how things are done? Chauth is quite resistant to doing things simply because she's supposed to… and doubly so if the only reason for it is the color of her hide. It's as if her own skepticism about authority extends to herself as well, making her question just why it is that she's got the role she does in the world… though if the nature of Pernese society might be just a little too much for her to actually change.

Ciri: He doesn't do it for me, it's about my power. As if it could ever be about anything else.

That resistance comes because Chauth is only too aware that she's a gold, of what status being born a queen grants her. She's humble enough - about that, at least - to never let it go to her head, but she's not nearly so naive as to think that there are not those who would use your beginnings or her blood rights to their advantage. The fact that she doesn't have any real desire to rule is irrelevant; there's still an advantage to be had in her favor no matter if she would prefer adventure and the unknown over the stuffy back and forth of politics with those faces you learned from textbooks while she was out stretching her wings. Not every kind smile and gesture of goodwill comes without a price, and while she is not so consumed with pride that she would refuse, deny, and turn away another person or their help… she certainly is wary of the intent behind every offering, and what might be asked of her for the sake of a "free" gift.

When she must, she is quite capable of assuming the mantle of her queenhood. That dignity and grace of posture is - to her - yet another skill to be learned and improved. Chauth is a queen, and sometimes that means impressing her authority on her Weyr and lands and making a good impression on visitors. She can be serious, if the situation calls for it - and even hold her sharp tongue (mostly) in check - but she needs to understand why it's actually important and believe that it is the right thing to do. And sometimes, as as Chauth is concerned, being a queen also means building bonds with those around her and strengthening the community of Half Moon, the humans and dragons and dolphins that make it what it is. She'll never grow too old to play, even if - as she grows and matures into her role - she'll understand it's not always a good idea to follow that impulse.

Your dragon has a sense of right and wrong, Tanit; a morality that - while in some ways uniquely her own - is nevertheless a strong guide upon her actions. It's innate, instinctive; the gift that can only speak in whispers about the dark marks on others' souls, the stains that shadow them… but also the places where they might shine, if only they were given the chance. When your instincts whisper in one ear, she complements it by her own reiteration in the other. You're probably not wrong when your gut takes a nosedive, Tanit, and now you have Chauth to back you in those moments when others doubt your intuition and would sooner dismiss your concerns than listen and believe.

Ciri: I realized that I had to stop fleeing. Realized that if I wish to change anything, I cannot do so hunting monsters 'round forgotten villages. I must do so from here. From Nilfgaard.

Your dragon may not want to lead, but she will rise to the occasion if she must. If the way to make Half Moon better means a larger knot for you? Chauth knows that she is a queen, born to be a leader. If this is her destiny? So be it; she won't turn down this challenge, either. It may mean that her hunting must be for the quickest-killed of the beasts instead of the biggest, her aerobatic race across the sky replaced by a formal visit to a stuffy Hold. Chauth will not submit to the mediocrity of sitting behind a desk - she will challenge it. As you fill out paperwork, and arguing with Lord Holders and crafters all day, her agile mind will be running mental Olympics behind yours, ready to back you up and support you with her insights and observations, her sharp words and keen sense of what is right.

She can be capable and fair, just instead of simply kind and willing to hear out opinions that differ from her own with an open mind. Her ideas aren't wrong, but… theirs might also be right. They might even be better. She's not prone to fits of temper or rage, though she has the ability to be fierce when the occasion requires more force than mere mental agility, and her own bright confidence in herself (and you) makes her capable of cool silence in the face of needling or insults from others.

Admittedly, after a particularly challenging day - or a single meeting, if it's with that Lord Holder - she may take the both of you go out to some secluded space so that you can let out steam - whether that's running, flying… crushing inanimate objects beneath massive talons as you fling fragile dishware against the wall to watch it shatter… together, you will wreck it like you want to wreck that jerk's face and break out of the foul mood left behind by the travails of duty.

For all she is a queen, and will serve her Weyr as one, Chauth will not exert her abilities as a queen if she can help it. She's no tyrannical leader; her sole interest lies in making things better, improving the lives and skills of those you both oversee. That sort of dedicated improvement is what made her who she is, even more than the accident of her birth, and she wants to share it in a way that benefits everybody around her… even if that sometimes means she will sometimes be the one on the boring side of telling someone they can't do the fun thing with terrible consequences. Or at least… not like that, anyhow. Responsible or no, Chauth will still have plenty of mischievous ideas. Letting all those pranks go un-pulled? That's just be wrong!


Her mind is a place of music and light, varied hues shifting and fading into each other as if in synesthetic visualization of her thoughts. Their primary palette alters according to the same pattern as draconic eyes, from the reds and yellows of anger to the blues and greens of comfort, but there's almost always a mixture of shades; rare is the emotion or thought that entirely overwhelms all the others there somewhere in the back of her mind. The music of her mind accompanies the shift of lights, matching its beat to their shifting pulse and following patterns just as graceful through flute and strings, piano and orchestra that rise and fall in the endless variation of their harmonies. When she speaks to others, she'll often appear as a colorful orb casting varied light on their own landscape - and we do mean appear; where some dragons approach another mentally, she tends to simply arrive, with a lack of warning that may be disconcerting to others until they get used to the fact that she teleports in mind as well as body.

Physicality & Flights

Your dragon is beautiful, Tanit. She's aesthetically pleasing to an alarming degree, a creature made of elegance and poise of the sort that makes dancers jealous. Her body is limber and agile, stunning in her construction. Every movement contains a hint of honed muscle, every step is light, every motion marked by a confidence that's hard to feign and all the more coveted because of it. There is strength and grace in the way she presents herself, dignity in the way she walks. Her steps are soft, her hips swaying like a prowling feline despite the fact that those gold dragon paws seem like they should be too big for such stealth.

The beauty of form and movement is a part of her nature, and it doesn't abandon her in any outlet: not when she takes to the air in nimble flight, not on the hunt when those hips wiggle to calibrate her pounce, not in those heart-stopping moments when teeth and claws become communication between dragons as their clash reaches beyond the realm of whimsical minds. She has the nimble ease of a dancer, the steady confidence of a seasoned fighter, and the quiet self-assurance of royalty.

When the time comes for her hide to glow even brighter, it may seem as though all of Chauth has been turned up to eleven along with her hue. Proddiness will have her flirty and fierce in turns, inclined to rub right up against a bronze who pleases her - only to turn and swat at him if he says something she doesn't like… before chasing him across the bowl to tumble together with kittenish enthusiasm. Her mood seems to change on a sixteenth-mark, and so does her interest. It's rare that she'll favor the same male for all of her glow, instead finding new dragons to intrigue her - and new things she's looking for - around every corner of the Weyr.

When the time finally comes that she's ready to lead those males in flight, she tend to pick times around dawn or dusk for her rising. Chauth will linger on the feeding grounds, blooding fully - and giving males a chance to gather - before she takes to the air. She'll lead a long chase, if she can, fueled by that blood as she flies away from the males. If she's not yet ready, she'll even fending them off with claws and teeth - this is her flight, her turn to make the challenge, and they had better keep up or give up. Eventually, after she's winnowed down the pack to only the most determined, she'll pick who's proven himself good enough to catch her and father her clutch.

Once those eggs have been laid, she's a fierce protector and near-constant guardian. If she leaves the sands… someone will steal an egg, or break one. Why? She doesn't have an answer for that, but her instincts are strong here, and they tell her she must defend this clutch against all comers. She'll be skeptical of other dragons, even the clutch's sire; the most trusted of dragons might be permitted to enter long enough to bring her a meal, but she's unlikely to leave the eggs alone with anyone else. She's nearly as dubious about humans, eyeing the stands with suspicion and prone to growl if anyone but you sets boot to the sands. Those candidates may need to come meet her offspring - or those dragonhealers come to check their health - but she'll keep her eyes on them the whole time, and not hesitate to give a warning growl to any that don't meet her standards of proper and respectful behavior.

Inspiration & Credits

Destined to Darkness Egg was inspired by a black cat, because our clutch theme was Lucky Things and R'et figured bad luck definitely counted. Besides, the two of you are still lucky to have each other… right? ;) Chauth herself was written by mostly R'et with just enough Ila'den to cause trouble, and she draws influence from Ciri in the Witcher series and Ori and the Blind Forest to round out that feline nature. Her name is taken from the jungle cat, Felis Chaus - a small wild feline of Asia who also partially inspired of her looks. Of course, we look forward to seeing how she grows and changes with you, because Chauth is yours… in light and in darkness, in mischief and dignity, for as long as you both shall live! We're glad to have you.

Name Chauth Pronunciation
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By R'et (and a little Ila'den)
Impressee Tanit
Hatched April 21, 2018
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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