I'm A Soldier Now Bronze Cimarroth

Brilliant copper and rich bronze, polished to a vibrant, almost golden hue, drape over the gracefully compact form of this dragonet. Very much taking after his dam on her own hatching, this bronze shares the dainty muzzle, delicately dished head, wide-set eyes and arched neck, though he is far more masculine in the fine points of his features. Again he shows his lineage where dark-amber dapples his shining hide, but while this highlights his dam's elegant form, on him it appears as shadowy smudges: sepia and russet markings that spread across his neck, wings and limbs to emphasize his muscular build. Short as he might be, he is proud, and his muscles take tone from every exercise his young body gets, reinforcing his rugged masculinity.

Egg Name and Description

Ancient Homeland Egg
Particularly rotund and well-sized, this egg is colored with wide stripes of bright green, gold, blue and white, blending horizontally into one another. Up close, those wide stripes merge and melt into one another, creating an illusion of a beautiful landscape. A wide open, untouched prairie of green and gold flutters across the bottom half of the egg, giving way to pale, lilac-blue mountains etched against a bright blue sky. Fluffy cumulous clouds of white wind their way around the top of the shell, giving way to a sunburst at the tip. This sunburst spills a transparent golden sheen across the entire shell, bathing it with the warmth of a hot summer's day.

Hatching Message

Ancient Homeland Egg wibbles and wobbles and all but falls down, rocking wildly for several moments before it just has to take a break.

Ancient Homeland Egg tries again, shimmying around in its hole as cracks scatter across the shell.

Ancient Homeland Egg finally figures it out! A couple more twitches lead into a great big *crack* as the egg breaks open, releasing the very gooey I'm a Soldier Bronze Now Hatchling from its clutches.

Impression Message

I'm a Soldier Now Bronze Hatchling takes a moment to orient after hatching. He stands, muscles glistening under their coat of egg goo, and simply looks around for several moments. Finally he starts forward, clearing the clutches boundaries and joining the wider world for the first time. It doesn't take more than a few brief snuffles at the waiting candidates before he stops, perfectly still, in front of one of the more energetic boys. "Of course I will be your O'hit, Cimarroth. I think you will find there is far more to this world than just food, though."


The theme for this clutch was Music and Movies, and this egg and hatchling are based on Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Egg and hatchling by Iris, with help on the latter from Kayse.


Name I'm A Soldier Now Bronze Cimarroth
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Iris & Kayse
Impressee O'hit (Ohitika)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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