Legacy of Fire and Light Bronze Ciragath

Truly, some emperor's finest craftsman must have spent their lives on this singular piece of living artwork - each massive hand or foot, the scale of a giant's head, and the fluid power of some muscular cat all captured with the perfection of a master. As though carved from a singular, monumental piece of carnelian stone, this dragon is a deep, smooth blending of grapefruit, tangerine, and cherry with just the occasional marbling of a creamy vein. An inner luminescence alights his glossy hide with warm tones and golden washes, adding a transparency to his outermost layer that lends itself to an ethereal atmosphere, as though he were some precious idol brought to life through faith and hope, who's form was caressed so lovingly by those who worshipped him that the stone of his hide has been made glass-smooth and bright by the touch of generations of praying hands. Yet more colors decorate his hide like the residue of offerings left: a scattering of saffron strands; flecks of rusty hues like precious metals left to weather; brilliant glows of greens like emeralds placed into his body; darker, burnished ochre where the touch of ceremonial fires have colored the carnelian hide; and even a few long-faded smudges on forelimbs where ruby-red poinsettias were once draped, enwrapped in purple cloth. Even fine russet-gold silk has been laid between the fingers of his wings, decorated with precious silver beads that add a cool touch to the heat of his form. Lastly are his eyes where, in bowls of copper do fires still burn, bright and unwavering in their deep, smoky beds.

Egg Name and Description


Lights In the Night Egg
This egg is petite in size, far from remarkable in size, assuming nothing at all in appearance unlike some more brightly colored, even garish siblings. A deep, blue-green like a lagoon by night laps up with some tendrils of pale, moonlit foam against a shore of black. Within the shadows of a thick forest, faint points of light beacon, tiny flickering pinpoints of candle light setting terra cotta lamps to glow. The light reflects off scattered, pointed petals, shimmers of ruby-scarlet in the darkness.

Hatching Message

Over the long weeks, the Lights in the Night Egg has grown heavy and very round, the shell stretched to what seems like but a thin membrane by a inner force too large to be accommodated comfortably. Finally, frustration at the enclosed space reaches its limit, and the egg begins a quick series of jerks and rocks.

The frenzy of the Lights in the Night Egg to hatch continues as the thin shell refuses to relent easily, like dough rolled out too much and now tough and unyielding. At long last, though, cracks begin to spread along the shell in rapid waves, crackling and snapping like old autumn leaves as the dark shell begins to give way.

With the hardest part of this task done, the Lights in the Night Egg looses its control on the life inside, and with a decisive shove of strong, young muscles and curved, bright talons does the hatchling inside break free and rise from the shards of his egg, spreading his wings like the rays of a noonday sun and bellows out his triumph for all to witness.

Impression Message

An unawakened mind doesn't comprehend the holes that exist within it, but like the sun lighting a dark, tangled jungle does golden light begin to fill up the voids of space as something new takes ahold of you. Its as if your very being was expanding, emotions filling and threatening to topple over in an unashamed rush, and your heart beats so fast it might burst as the air burns in your lungs, making the heat of the sands underfoot all but forgotten. A voice then calls, so like your own, but filled with the sounds of a living forest and the deep, musical undulations of someone in prayer-song. « T'lin, do not be afraid. You know me, as I know you. I am Ciragath and, at last, we are one. Whole. There is so much for us to do, so much to learn, but we have each other now and nothing can stand in our way. except my empty stomach. Come on, let's go eat. »


Shub Naya Baras! Merry Christmas, in Hindi. Congratulations on your impression of Ciragath. I feel he's one of my finest creations, and I hope you enjoy having him as much as I did making him. Welcome to the creature that is Ciragath; dragon, friend, confidant, defender, leader. Ciraga is the Hindi word for Light, and that is what Ciragath will always strive to be in the world. Never has it been his doubt that you belong together and never shall it waiver, even at the worst of times or in those early days where you might accidentally be gone when he wakes to find you not there. He will rely on you as much as you will him and never will he feel, or let you, that it is a burden of any kind but the ultimate gift any can receive. Afterall, everyone is only given one life, but how glorious to share both the wings of a dragon and the cleverness of a human in that one lifetime?

Ciragath, true to his color, is a natural born leader, choosing to guide and advice and support rather than just stand right up and expect all to follow him - you have to earn your place and prove to others you're the right man (or dragon) for the job. A leader he is though and he'll be the first to make sure things are going smoothly, everyone is on the right page, and to aid any who are falling behind. Like his sire, Ciragath is a sociable sort, with the unusual quirk of not hesitating to speak to others besides his rider, and in fact he'll be downright annoyed if people don't speak directly to him instead of you if they wish to know something - he does have a brain and a voice of his own, thankyoumuch. His is bright and caring, witty yet wise, respecting to those above and beneath him, with a charisma to inspire and hey, looks that can kill!

For a behemoth. For all his strengths, though, there will be one challenge you must face with him and one that will, likely, be carried through his life. You'll notice it the very first night when you go to sleep, when he'll ask for a basket of glows or a light to keep beside him. It's probably nothing, just a hesitation to feel like he was back in his too-small, cramped egg. The thing is, the first night is just that, the first. He'll want a light every night, and on gloomy days he'd rather stay indoors where it was bright, and he'll not be one to stargaze with the other Weyrlings, only able to be convinced out after dark by the absolute brightest of moons - and then reluctantly.

He'll deny any problem, even to you. The time will come, though, when the truth is let out. He'll refuse to learn to go Between, and only then in the face of his clutch siblings and Weyrlingmaster will he admit, with great shame and reluctance, that he fears the dark. Eventually, you can probably convince him to go between, but he'll always be seeking out the long route if possible, and he will require a lot of soothing when he re-appears from Between. It will be a frightening, dangerous time, but know he would never purposefully put you in danger. Maturity will bring a hardening of the nerves, but he'll always feel that twinge of fear right up until his last days.

And thus, I've given you a guide to the mind of Ciragath. Make of it what you will, add, change and expand as you see fit. He's part of you now, my legacy to you. Let his wings carry you and wisdom guide you, and with hard work and willpower, a great future can be on the horizon for both of you.


Youthful Hunter
The voice of Ciragath is a boisterous one. Vivid colors like the wavings of a multitude of flags are the norm, often punctuated by the various sounds and sights one might closely attribute with a jungle - visions of jewel-toned parrots, the roar of tigers in the mountains, the chatter of monkeys as they leap through lost ruins. The chiming of symbols, the deep ringing of bells, and the lilting haunting tones of primal-voiced songs all linger at the edge of conciousness.

Mind Touches
Youthful Hunter rushes forward from the dark like a tiger leaping from the night. It roars and pounces, but instead of aggression, there's the pleased rumble of a predator pleased with its hunting game, like a cub who'd caught its mother's tail for the first time.

Youthful Hunter assesses your reaction with amusement, pacing back and forth with long, lazy strides as it judges you, as though preparing for a second assault upon your mind. In its wake is a trail of flags in all the colors of the rainbow, and the distant sounds of celebration in a rich, old language that is hard to make out, but musical and filled with the ethereal promise of a people deep in their faith.

Youthful Hunter playfully makes another rush at your mind but pulls up short with a wave of luminous greens and reds that shatter like flowers made of glass. When the cacophony clears, the mind has retreated back into darkness, leaving only a brief glittering of fire-bright eyes before it disappears back into the night from whence it came.


Name Legacy of Fire and Light Bronze Ciragath
Dam Gold Leibeth
Sire Bronze Honrith
Created By Y'tan
Impressee Thalin
Hatched December 18, 2006
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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