All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Cvilidreth

There is a subtle beauty in this gaunt beast's umber frame, from the long lean limbs which offer a seemingly meager strength to a dismal and frail form, to the sinewy mass of muscle that conceals what would otherwise be an emaciated grace. The talons this dragonet bares are long and slender, sharpened from within the shell and pallid in the light. Oxidized copper sweep over the malevolent downward curvature of eye ridges, sharply pointed nose and across a slender lower jaw, complimenting an ominous gaze of large eyes set deep in shadowed sockets of rusty hue. These metallic markings trickle down the creature's slender neck, settling upon high ridges in small flecks that seem to fade into fallow hued flesh the as they reach across his bony shoulders to the beginning of the only resemblance of power: his wings. When at ease and folded they appear to be nothing more than ornate remnants of something old and weathered with the decay of time. Unfurled, they are a force to be reckoned with beyond the realm of fantasy as the sails seem to devour any light that dares to touch upon them. These wings bear thick, strong spars that extend like the segmented legs of spider claws emerging from the deep, reaching out towards the sky in search of the weak and helpless. Each tipped with red ochre as though they've stolen the very hues from any life they touch. Those same rich hues mottle this dragonets bony rump, concealing more and more truthful fallow until the length of his long whip tail is engulfed by the darkness.

Egg Name and Description

The Game Is Afoot Egg
Tall for an egg, and on the skinnier side of its clutch, it is smooth to the touch. The color is comprised mostly of blue and light brown patches of color, with odd shadows here and there within each patch. These patches are broken up by a web of fiery orange, while a haze of smoke keeps any particular hue from becoming too vivid. An excessively close inspection reveals that perhaps these colors are arranged in an intricately designed pattern and the shadows are shapes- but who has time or energy for /that/ much speculation and observation? At the very least it is a pretty shell of pleasant colors, if a little foreboding.

Hatching Message

The Game Is Afoot Egg bides its time, waiting for just the right moment to make its move.

The Game Is Afoot Egg trembles thoughtfully then stills again - the time is not quite right for it to act. A careful eye, however, will notice a tiny round fracture, much like a keyhole, slowly getting larger with infinite stealth. Is that a claw, carving an opening?

The Game Is Afoot Egg quivers; a keen and watchful eye will notice that the keyhole fracture has stopped growing. But no need to worry, for quite suddenly, the shell breaks neatly in half from that fracture as if a door had been opened. Blue and brown shards fall to the ground around the crouching, watchful form of All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling.

Impression Message

Gentle strains of an orchestra flutter lightly into your mind, accompanied by melodic keyboard and chimes. Richly blended strings herald forth a strong presence as the moment of connection is made. The deceptively shimmering brown stands before you, one clawed limb grasping your shoulder gently. Protectively. A cloying scent of dirt and decaying plants fills your nostrils, both muggy and clammy at the same time. Gentle strains of violin mingle with the chimes, rising into a vibrant crescendo in that moment of absolute clarity and joy as two spirits join together. No words necessary. Physically, the dragonet pushes into your, wrapping his wings around your body in an embrace. the music softens around the edges as one connection falls back into two separate selves. « You don't know me… » is mumbled wistfully. « But you will, Xander. You will. » The dragonet backs away then, glancing about, just as you sense the vast and terribly distracting hunger impinging on you as reality settles back in. « Xander is such a mouthful, you can't possibly expect me to manage that all the time. I will call you X'ar, and that's the end of that. » His own name? Not important, but you know it, in the back of your mind. It comes unbidden, just as Cvilidreth came to you. « It's time to eat, and I fear the best choices have already been eaten by my far-too eager clutchmates. Let's go, please. »


"All magic comes with a price…"

But try telling Cvilidreth that while he's still young. He won't believe you. So many things require learning, everything seems magical and amazing and he will struggle to understand everything RIGHT NOW. As a youngster, he takes after the most impetuous, barely bridled brilliant version of Sherlock Holmes, much as he felt while in the shell, he is full of glee and excitement, chasing after every new mystery. Hyper aware of his own intelligence, he will be acutely disappointed that the rest of the world isn't as quick-witted and sharp- and you, X'ar, had better learn to keep up with him, fast. Or at the least trail after him like Sherlock's ever loyal companion Dr. Watson.

When Cvilidreth realizes he is not necessarily physically capable of doing all the feats he'd like to do… well, he will find ways to cover up those inadequacies, despite your efforts to let him know it's okay. He will never appreciate any sort of 'lack' in himself, and as he ages, his impetuosity will mellow into calculated moves as he takes up the yoke of his true genius. Western Weyr would be hard pressed to come up with another dragon as calculating and smart as your brown. As a consequence, he'll have a hard time making friends and forming attachments- too often, the other dragons will be off put by his alternating cold and patronizing attitude. Who, after all, wants to be comforted with a « Better luck next time, dearie. » when they've just strained their wing in a drill? Woebe to any wingmates if he becomes the wingleader - it certainly won't be because of a popular vote.

Like his two main inspirations, Cvilidreth is constantly a dozen mental steps ahead of his adversaries. He is aware of potential actions, likely actions, and all the outcomes that could happen. Surprising him will be extremely difficult to do, and should somebody succeed, he will be shocked to his bones and may just seek to hide for hours, days, or weeks sulking in his humiliation.

That's not to say Cvilidreth isn't a very capable dragon- being brown, he is naturally strong despite his funny looks. And if you think you have a dream, be careful what you wish for. It is Cvilidreth's goal - when he's not thwarting you - to realize every dream you have. You are his Baelfire, he would do literally anything for you if it came right down to it. He will, of course, encourage you STRONGLY towards his goals. He doesn't care about rules and regulations; he is driven by a powerful, overwhelming urge to be on top, whether that's just among his clutchmates, among wingmates, among fellow flight challengers, or the Weyr in general. And if he can't get there physically, he will find another way. Most likely, his brand of manipulation will be laced with proper politeness, a well placed « Please. » earning him far more than you or he would ever expect it to earn.

"Everyone has a choice, dearie. Just make sure it's the right one."

He has high expectations of his companions, but none higher than of you. You will be under as intense a scrutiny as he holds himself, and woe be the day if either of you fail at a lesson or show a hint of cowardice. His inner critic will let loose with a vengeance. He may be very sorry later for having lashed out- and as a dragon he may forget what he was even upset over. But his tactlessness is not the only thing he inherited from his dam- she has an unusually long memory which he shares.

"I saved it for a rainy day."

From his sire, Cvilidreth inherited a desire to collect. But while Teimyrth collects cats, Cvilidreth may be considered by some to be a certifiable hoarder of 'stuff', and you may be surprised by the strange various and sundry items you'll discover hiding in corners and under your bed in the weyrling barracks and, later in life, in your weyr. Once you have your own space, you'd best be prepared to not have much of your own space- what space you have will be shared with whatever treasure Cvilidreth is admiring today. He won't necessarily keep a tight guard on his treasures, but he will be fiercely protective when he believes something has been taken without his permission (although with his mind a dozen steps ahead of everyone else, he may have granted permission well before anyone even considered taking it!)

Unfortunately, all of his habits will lead to his clutchmates and eventually the weyr as a whole to consider him ridiculous, rude, and a miserly manipulator. Few will trust his intentions however pure they may actually be, but that is life for a genius such as Cvilidreth. He will not be completely without friends and admirers, though, and his loyalty will be nearly unbreakable for those he counts as important. He will not, however, give them the benefit of /knowing/ they have his admiration. It is much better tactically, after all, to keep his own counsel (and, occasionally, yours). But he is already embarrassed enough that you saw him in a moment of unadulterated joy aka Impression. Good luck getting any more free signals from Cvilidreth! He has a reputation to uphold, after all.

"Does he even have a heart?"

Mark my words, if any brown is destined to win a major gold flight… Cvilidreth is it. It is in his nature, after all, to chase things shiny and gold. He is not likely to participate regularly in flights, but will probably choose one dragon whom he admires, and chase her every time she rises. He'll have fine, pretty words for these times, calling his lady love his "Brief flicker of light amidst the ocean of darkness." No patronizing "Dearie" for her, but the loveliest phrases he can find. Should you decide to take a weyrmate, he will intersperse doting phrases with the same criticism he always has for you, and if she or he is in his way, well, collateral damage just comes with the territory.


Cvilidreth's mind is deceptive, for beneath a veneer of calm it is constantly in motion: calculating, pondering, considering. What's next? What's after that? How can he ensure that the result is favorable for his purposes? Delicate strands of blue and brown color his mindscape, accompanied by bursts of fiery inspiration and the cloying scent of decaying plant life. It is a damp touch, his mind, clammy when calm, muggy when excited, always mixed with the smell of an active swamp. Frustrated violins come along when he struggles to think things through; he'll claim it calms him, and perhaps the fact that it annoys others does, in fact, make it true.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood, X'ar! Let me be first to say WELCOME!! I was absolutely tickled pink that you liked The Game is Afoot Egg, and thrilled that we share a love for Once Upon a Time. I hope that you enjoy Cvilidreth as much as I do; I am looking forward to seeing his growth and development.

The theme of the clutch was Music and Movies (the music of movies, after all, is something near and dear to my heart). The egg itself is based in Sherlock Holmes (both the recent movies starring Robert Downey Jr and the BBC miniseries starring Benedict Cumberbatch). The touchings, of course, gave an idea of Sherlock's brilliance and sense of adventure and were based on different scenes and bits of the soundtrack from the movies.

Put together Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold with a dose of Sherlock and what do you get? Cvilidreth! I loved the word you gave so much that there was never any question of another name for your brown. I have a thing for names with a 'v' in them, I like to think that Shadhavarth has a special place in her heart for Cvilidreth.

Being the first dragon I've made in several years, I had help! S'rorn made an amazing desc for your hatchling, pulling together the appearance of Rumpelstiltskin onto the frame of a brown hatchling. Kayse helped with editing throughout his creation, and of course you are the source of his name which I'll mention comes from the Croatian name for Rumpelstiltskin, Cvilidreta, meaning whine-screamer. Well, Cvilidreth is not necessarily a screamer but he certainly is a genius, and I hope you have a lot of fun with him!


Name All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Cvilidreth
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Iris, S'rorn & Kayse
Impressee X'ar (Xander)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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