Crystals in the Dark Bronze Czaiath

Large and powerful, this bronze is a study in contrasts, his hide a pool of light and dark, hues mingling together upon his form. Bright, rich copper flows along the long lines of his back, emphasizing his impressive size, the vibrant hues colors slipping down his sides and fading to a dusky, dark iron as it reaches his belly. Antique bronze manages to escape from the pool of shadows, creeping up his long neck, coloring his throat, his muzzle, his eyeridges, before it clashes with the cap of copper that is settled along his headknobs. The shadows of dark bronze cling to his strong, sturdy limbs, engulf his long, lean tail, the darkness dragging the bright copper into submission. Shadowy spars cross bronze sails, while flecks of gold linger, shining like crystals in the light.

Egg Name and Description

Whale on the Moon Egg

Swirls of yellow, purple, and deep blue cross the surface of this mottled little egg. The coloration varies wildly in brightness, with radiantly light bits scattered amongst great dark swaths. The surface is oddly rough and irregular when touched, marked with pocks and divots that almost look like little craters. A few little patches look as if they were marked with almost crystalline patterns, a web of regular lines hidden amongst the otherwise rough, irregular surface.

Hatching Message

&WOBBLE_MESS Czaiath=Whale on the Moon Egg begins to shift now, almost spinning slightly in its little wallow by the edge of the sands.
&CRACK_MESS Czaiath=Whale on the Moon egg jolts suddenly to one side, a loud cracking sound ringing out through the air as it jumps. The impact nearly sends it toppling over as fissures begin to spiderweb over the shell's surface.
&HATCH_MESS Czaiath=The splintery cracks across the shell of the Whale on the Moon Egg grow bigger and bigger until the entire egg seems to burst, little shards of shell flying out in all directions. Left standing there is a bronze hatchling trying to stretch out his little wings, as if trying to dramatically announce his arrival to the world.

Impression Message

A sudden burst of warm golden light washes over your mind, your vision going swimmy for a moment as you hear a sound not unlike the blare of a trumpet. A bold voice booms inside your head. « D'nyl! It is I! Czaiath! » The booming trumpet sound rings out again. « Together, we shall do great things! See strange places, right great wrongs! First… food! Lead onwards! »


A body in motion stays in motion - and the larger the body, the more momentum it has. And Czaiath will have a lot of momentum. Big and bold, that momentum could be beneficial, if properly steered. Of course, that will take some work, and make the beginning weeks interesting.

Czaiath will start testing the waters early on, determining exactly where that line is, given that he has enough of an ego to know that he is bronze, and what it suppose to mean in the great scheme of things. At first, it may be minor things - pushing for extra food, a bigger barrel for water, the couch closest to the back of the cavern.. Depending on how D'nyl responds, the tendancy to expect the best could be quickly squashed - though if he senses a hint of weakness, Czaiath will attempt to exploit it - and use that as a basis for what he can get away with in the future.

That same ego may lead you into some interesting situations, as he will use it as a justification that he should be allowed to be involved in whatever he wants, inserting himself into situations that have nothing to do with him, offering up his (often undesired opinions), and perhaps pushing others to try and agree with them. As he ages, he will attempt to use his experiences to justify his opinion - he knows that Ista has the best beaches, because he has been there - it isn't simply blind belief in "fact". While with some of his clutchmates he may have more success than others, he will find a true challenge in Azminath's stubbornness, and it will be higly unlikely that he will ever have success in swaying the blue to his way of thinking - no matter the evidence that is stacked in his favor.

That being said, Czaiath isn't a bully - He truly means well, and is highly concerned with the idea of 'fairness', and that people should get what they deserve. He will be quick to jump in if he senses there is a great injustice, even in situations where perhaps he does not understand fully. « Now Marweroeth, you seem to always catch the greens, why do you not let one of the blues have a chance? » Of course, asking another male to sit out of a flight is as good as asking the sun not to shine, but when attempting to make sure all is fair, it is worth a shot, at least to Czaiath.

Particularly in the beginning, because hopefully it is something he will learn to control and outgrow as he matures, his temper will have a tendency to flare up, forcing you to diffuse the situation, particularly if his anger is directed at someone other than himself. However, the source of his disappointment is just as likely to be himself, as he will have a tendency to become obsessive over a particular objective, developing tunnel-vision and becoming upset when things do not go his way, or he is unsuccessful in reaching his current goal. It will likely be a struggle for you both, and you may be left to clean up any messes he makes in his youthful fits of anger - broken oil barrels, uprighted cots in the barracks, and anything else that may get in his way.

When it comes to flights, Czaiath will certainly chase both greens and golds - out of a sense of duty if nothing else. There may be that one that catches his interest, who he will always chase and put forth an insane effort to catch (whatever the odds), but it is just as likely that there may not be. He will certainly do his best, never surrendering, and if he loses he may have a day or two of sulking, as he attempts to figure out what happened. Should he manage to catch a gold, it will set him in motion on a path of responsibility - glued to the sands with the clutch mother, and particularly critical that each egg is moved and rotated *just so*, to ensure they all develop exactly perfect.

Czaiath will be an interesting lifemate for D'nyl, and hopefully he can keep the bronze in check, and following the path of light rather than the path of darkness, though it will certainly force D'nyl to find his own strength, and to grow into his potential.


&MIND-DESC Czaiath=While his physical coloration is a study in contrasts, so is Czaiath's mind, as it varies widely with his moods. Bright white, accompanied by flashes of yellow or gold fill his mind when he is happy, while more solid hues of gold and amber indicate his focus and determination, every inch of his mind seeing welcoming. However, when anger consumes him, shadows fill his mind, plunging the welcoming hues of his mind into an abyss of darkness, ribbons of black and purple set over a sea of navy. Beware those times where he falls into darkness, but try to coax the dawn from him once more. Embodied in his mind is the conflict that consumes him, each side appearing in equal measure, as he struggles to find his path.

&MIND-NAME Czaiath=Dark Paladin
&MT-1 Czaiath=greets you with an immediate challenge! Face your darkest fears. No, not about the outside world. Your fears about yourself! What shadows lurk inside the deepest core of your being? What hidden shames, what memories of regret, what insidious flaws? Answer it! Answers are demanded. If you won't answer it, it'll tear through the recesses of your memory until it has an asnwer!
&MT-2 Czaiath=seems cautiously satisfied. You have faced your dark side. But what now? Having gone through this ordeal, are you prepared to face the trials that lie ahead? Can you emerge from the shadows as the hero this world needs, as one ready to take up a holy sword and smite the forces of darkness? It is uncertain. You must prepare for the journey, in trials through the darkest depths and greatest dangers.
&MT-3 Czaiath=seems pleased that you have stuck around so long. But do not think you have passed the tests just yet! More fiends await, lurking in the shadows. Knights in dark armor, terrible rempaging giants, adventures to distant worlds! Can you handle such things? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The mind voice withdraws abruptly, perhaps to ponder your worthiness.


This cycle's theme was classic Nintendo games. Czaiath's egg was based on Final Fantasy 4, with the name referencing the whale-shaped ship the heroes fly to the moon.

Czaiath himself is inspired bt the game's protagonist, Cecil Harvey. Cecil begins his story as a dark knight, a merciless enforcer of a brutal king who follows commands to the letter, attacking the weak and defenseless. Cecil eventually decides to listen to his conscience, seeking redemption and forgiveness from those he has hurt. Cecil becomes a paladin, a warrior seeking to bring justice and peace to the world, though he remains haunted by his dark past. Given your interest in an 'inner struggle' theme, this seemed like a good fit. Much like his inspiration, Czaiath wants to be heroic, brave, and good, but struggles against his own dark side.

He is a mix of the ideas Nae had, and the things you created, so perhaps he has strayed a little from the source material.

We very much hope you enjoy him! Feel free to use as much or as little of the inspiration and tips as you like. The important thing is you have fun! I hope you enjoy weyrlinghood. :)

-Raev and Nae


Name Czaiath
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Nae & Raev
Impressee D'nyl
Hatched 23 November 2014
Final Size 38.96
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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