A Strange Exhilaration Green Dalisyth

Prim, proper, a lady of poise and posture, this flirty little green is a debutante through and through. It's there in the way she moves, an vivacious sashay to her steps carried through by strong, lithe limbs and assured, capable paws. The rest of her follows suit, efficient without sacrificing appeal, attractive without belying competence, ready to face the world and all its challenges head on and with zeal. One would therefore expect her hide to be something shocking, but no, it wraps about sleek, svelte curves in a warm wash of golden green, the color of springtime sunshine as seen through the tender translucence of new leaf. Liberally crystallized along the long lines of her neck, pale chartreuse fractals and veins shatter upon her hide, stretching in a gauzy spread across shoulders and sides before draping towards the base of her tail. Similarly pastelled shades of melon brighten the sails of her wings, a foamy, glistening bubbly effect rather making them look like ruffles when her wings are folded against her back. The only patches of darkness lies at her very edges, eyelids painted with heavy catseye phthalos, a color matched by streaks up the fronts of all four paws, the trailing edges of her wings, and the very tips of her tail. It is strange, unconventional, but somehow charming, and ergo, perfectly her.

Egg Name and Description

Storm to Sunshine Egg
Big, and round, and beautiful, this egg makes a marvelous centerpiece. Billowing silver and white obscure the rounded apex, cotton-fluff soft, limned with brilliant gold around the edges. The vibrant shade shines through in shafts of sunlight, shining down the rotund curve of it. In and among the lively flashes of gold, a huge swath of color explodes, seeming to shift and change with each viewpoint. Red, orange, yellow — there, green, there blue! Indigo and violet, too, diffusing brilliantly around the flashes of light. It doesn't really seem that the colors form a shape until viewed from afar: then, it's easier to see that they encircle the entire egg, a little mottled and jumbled, but still obviously a rainbow. A haze of silver and deep blue wends in and around the riotous color, but never obscures entirely, rather lending a stormy backdrop on which it falls.

Impression Message

Are you drunk? Surely not, because candidates are not allowed to drink, but there's a brilliant explosion of gold in your mind, a fizzy, bubbly, effervescent sensation, a giddy rush that summons bubbles to cloud your vision and drown out the noise of the sands. There's a melodic soprano registering in the highest keys, a hiccup of laughter in complete complement of that moscato d'asti taste on the back of your tongue, and the rustle of taffeta somehow managing to bleed new colors into your world, colors there are no names for, ones that are familiar, and warm, but no less pastel and bright. Bows, ribbons, an onslaught of girlish things that invade and permeate every dark crevice and wrap up every stray thought in an attempt to turn them back towards her. « Kiele, now that you're mine, I've decided to make you my new project! » A beat, an awfully un-draconic screech of excitement that goes on, and on, and on, that fades into the background and comes back around even LOUDER, AS IF SHE JUST RAN IN A CIRCLE AROUND YOUR MIND, AND IS NOW JUMPING ON YOUR BRAIN CELLS. « Come now, my Kiele! We are going to do great thingajings, you and I. I'll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair — all the things that really count. » Another beat, more fizzy, champagne, giddy laughter that bubbles, overflows, twists around your insides. « Not to imply that you are not already perfect, my Kiele, but you must think of those celebrated Weyrleaders and 'specially great communicators. Do you think they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh — please! They are popular. » But all of this is interrupted by a twinge of discomfort, a pang that's not dismissed, but simply regarded with enthusiastic curiosity. « Yes indeed, you will be popular! Don't worry, I'm determined to succeed. But… after we eat, perhaps? Where is the food, my sweet? There is no time to waste! »


Galinda Upland: It's good to see me, isn't it? No need to respond! That was rhetorical.

Kiele, what have you done? Don't worry, WE'RE ON THIS MASS TRAIN OF MUTUAL DISCOMBOBULATIATORIALNESS TOGETHER. CHOO CHOO! While we're here, please be sure to locate your safety exits, make note of the big red cord to pump the breaks on this thing, and be sure to find something to hang on to while we try to make this a little less confusifying as we introduce you to the one, the only, the majestic Dalisyth! So let's start, 'cause you've got an awful long way to go~.

First: It's going to be okay. No, really. You've got this, she's got this, everybody has totally got this. Don't let those hiccups in her development (or her sometimes ill-timed and somewhat scathing sarcasm) discourage you. She might come off like she knows the ins and outs of everything she's doing, but she is young, and by and large doesn't know better - about what she's commenting on, about people's tetchy little feelings, about whether words are mean or not based purely upon the tone of voice in which you say them… you get the picture. She will eventually cultivate words, to twist them into humor most people can understand (and appreciate) as she grows, and she will certainly make sure that you (and others) are in no short supply of laughter or jokes when she's around. Until then, well… stock up on ways to say 'I'm sorry.'

Dory: When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming~.

Second: Despite her sarcasm and quick wit, she is a very kind dragon — a very, very kind one. Kind to the point that you had better pay close attention to those around you both, because she's easy prey for the wicked, and given her perceived 'talents' in the art of verbal repartee, she doesn't always realize that. There's a lot of advantage to be taken there, and she'll need to have her best girl at her back to make sure nobody's coming at it with a knife.

There's no denying that she'll do the very same for you. For her Kiele, she is unfailingly loyal, willing to not only stick up for you, but raise you up so you can stand on mountains. Not just any old mountains, though, no — the best mountains. The biggest mountains. The tallest mountains, that she might screech your name from them if given half the chance. Her investment is in you, after all: in your development, in your well-being, in your happiness, in your popularity and helping you to be the very best you that you can be… without sacrificing any of the (very important and absolutely necessary) fun and shenanigans along the way.

She is here to be your sidekick, your partner in crime, the Robin to your Batman, the Bob to your Deadpool, the orange chicken in your Panda Express, the one you collude with, and dream with, and share every single good, bad, ugly, beautiful moment with. She wants to see you rise, she wants to be your wings, she wants to be the air pushing you up, and she wants you to have a whole hell of a lot of fun as you two traipse down along the path to greatness — because she knows, and you would do well to never doubt, that you are both going to do great things together.

Galinda Upland: [Talking about Fiyero] He's distant and moodified… and he's been thinking, which really worries me!

One of the things that will become quickly (and painfully) obvious to you is Dalisyth's relentless pursuit of slaughtering the English language. Pernese language? Listen, it doesn't matter; she's relentless. She makes up her own words, she mucks up existing words, and when you try to correct her on those tongue-slips and whatdoesthatevenmean words, she'll simply dismiss it with a casual, « Yes, my Kiele, that's what I said. » Confusing will become confusifying, popular will be pop-u-LAR, disgusting will become disgustified, positive will become positiv-it-ally — you get the point. Faranth help the weyr if you pick up on her propensity for bad vocabulistics, because it's one of those anodyne and fun ways to be incorrect, and Dalisyth is all about those things that catch on without getting you into too much trouble. After all, you're gonna be popular!

"Dalisyth, exactly how dead is that Herdbeast?"
« That's a good question! Many that one find confusifying. My Kiele, there has been much rumor and speculation… innuendo, outuendo… but allow me to set the record straight: according to the Time Dragon Clock, the mauling occurred at the 13th hour; a direct result of Zychaelth getting hungry. Yes, this herdbeast is dead! De-eeee-yed, dead-y, dead, dead! »

When she's young and first out of that shell, she will be the one of the ones among her clutchmates who mingles the best with everybody — even if some of them aren't as receptive to her 'altruistic' attitude or personality dialysis. Dalisyth won't be daunted and she certainly will not be deterred; she will persevere, she will find the humor in every callous disregard and impolite rejection of her her-ness, or she will find a way to make it funny — even if it's just to herself — with some kind of impending sarcastic remark (that's not nearly as scathing as one might expect it to be) or by feigning complete ignorance to their meaning. She is uninhibitedly good natured, and that means that she can find the best in all dragons and people, in any situation — which will certainly come in handy for those days when you're having a hard time remembering just why it is you still speak to Tanit and Suyi despite finding another edition of, "Aroused by Two Bronzeriders" under your pillow right alongside, "Three Weeks with the Weyrleader's Abs".

Dalisyth may not always be the best at reading social cues (or the smartest she-dragon to be clutched), but bear in mind that she is young. She will overstep boundaries and be the cause of upset on more than a few occasions (with the purest of hearts and the best intentions, of course); she will make mistakes, she will fall down, stumble along the way, and embarrass you both simply because she's learning. She's coming to understand those deep-seated lessons that transcend a dragon's limited ability to remember, that only age can reinforce with the clarity and distinction of experience. So be patient! Sometimes it's not appropriate to make light of a situation, and sometimes you have to learn how to follow instead of lead, but don't worry, Kiele. She'll get there!

Galinda: So… Elphie… now that we're friends, I've decided to make you my new project!
Elphaba: You really don't have to do that.
Galinda: I know, that's what makes me so nice!

Dalisyth will not discriminate in who she considers a friend — all of them are her friends, even that moody, broody, meaner than a Mama Wherry Teimyrth over there, the one that doesn't ever seem to have the time for her despite how much time she seems to find for him. She's dedicated to those who come into her purview almost as strongly as she is dedicated to that intricate and special bond that she shares with you, but circumstances will never arise where Dalisyth will put another before you — not unless one such as Ilyscaeth intercedes with a command that she must obey, and even then, she will find the light in the darkness to make sure that you both find a way to be okay.

As she grows, her little quirks will become perhaps a bit more pronounced. She is fearless in so much as she is gentle; she is the kind of dragon prone to nurture despite the fact that she will never lay her own eggs; she is funny, and witty, and a diamond amid a sea of glittering jewels, cut to demand a higher value. She might not be the most eager to sit through those Weyrling Lessons that don't garner her interest (indeed, she came to learn how to fly, and the rest is hogwash), her inability to retain information might be astoundingly frustrating at first, but give your Dalisyth time to blossom. She will take root, she will fly, and she will be one of the more stable and reliable dragons — the kind you can count on for a kind word, the kind whose shoulder will always be open to others, the kind who is always receptive to learning new schools of thought, the kind whose draconic laughter is ready to fill your mind and turn the darkest pits of human failings into something almost resplendent. She loves you. She loves everybody, and everything, and she will do her best to assist everybody — especially you — even if it seems like she is tackling an impossible task.

Dory: I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy. Come here little Squishy!

While your Dalisyth will have no issue hunting (and she's pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves — and we do), you're gonna wanna make sure that you have a pretty big weyr once graduation finds you. Why's that, you ask? Well, that's because your Dalisyth has an affinity for all things helpless and small. She's a collector of strays, a keeper of innocent things, a protectoress of those less fortunate than she (and let's face it: who isn't less fortunate than she?). She looks into those little puppy-kitten-mamawherry doe eyes and her tender heart tends to start to bleed. That means you'll become a sanctuary for the oppressed, rapidly growing in size until your capacity of fostered orphans rivals that of Half Moon's Weyrleader and Senior Weyrwoman (and hey, wouldn't that be a great thing to consult with them on?). Dalisyth doesn't discriminate either: that kitten looks sad and depressed, let's keep it! That baby herdbeast lost its mama, and it's got an injured leg, and Citayla will probably say yes if you make cute enough eyes at her and bring her a jar full of whatever equivalates to Peanut Butter on Pern. Surely that abandoned runner can fit, just move the couch and make a little more room! Kiele, that tunnel snake can't help the way it looks — shame on you! There's definitely a habitat-aquarium she can burrow in until that ugly gash heals, right?

Yep. Welcome to your life. Have a drink with Ila'den about it someday in the future. He gets you.

Dory: Maybe he only speaks whale! [Makes obscenely enthusiastic whale noises]

Speaking of all those (ugly, beautiful, sweet, mean) creatures that she collects with gusto: your Dalisyth fancies herself a linguistic genius. She can speak to all of them, in their own languages, and she can do it fluently. There's no limit to her (often hilarious) determination to communicate and understand, and you (and, unfortunately others when she broadcasts) will find yourself on the receiving end of a dragon's yowling equivalent. She will mentally neigh, and scree, and translate what those arched backs, hackle-raised, bared teeth in return mean - often with ridiculous and humorous results.

"Careful, Dali, it looks angry."
« But my Kiele, no, it is merely confused because we are not speaking its tongue! Get it, tongue? Because it's a tunnelsnake and it's got a forkified— nevermind. Here. Watch. Ssss. Sss-sss-sss! Aww, look, it's giving me love-bites! »

It's not that she's dumb, she's just all-inclusive, not at all unlike a resort vacation: each any every person, place, and thing will be given a mint of her love on their pillow, with turned-down sheets of instantaneous respect and a complimentary bottle of champagne-bubble thoughts ready to sparkle them full of golden light right up to the very brim.

Galinda Upland: Madame, have you ever considered how you'd fare in captivity? Cap-tiv-i-ty. Pri-son. Personally I don't think you'll not hold up very well. You see, my personal opinion is that you do not have 'what it takes.' I hope you prove me wrong… I doubt you will.

As she grows and sheds her youthful naivety, don't be surprised if a bit of a temper rises up in its wake. Though she'll be far from spiteful, Dalisyth can puff up that little chest, raise those delicate sails, bare teeth and snarl with the best of them. She's not one to succumb to bullies; she's not one to cower away from dissent; she's the kind of dragon who certainly won't go looking for a fight, but definitely knows how (and when) to stand her ground. That's not to say that she's the best fighter in the world (there are better things to spend one's time upon than the finer points of sinking teeth and talons into hide, after all), but she won't back down simply because she knows she's about to get her tail handed to her.

Don't get us wrong; certainly, she attempts to ward off all ill-natured doomsaying with humor and camaraderie first in an attempt to reach mutual satisfaction without need for a fight. She's eager to please, and will someday learn to keep her toe-claws in line and respect those boundaries she stomped all over before, but, well… As momma used to say, you don't throw the first punch, but if they come after you, you'd better fight like hell!

Galinda Upland: Let the little girl go, and that poor little dog, Dodo.

Luckily, this will blow over fast. It might be because of her short term remembery loss, but she's quick to forgive and forget transgressions, relying solely upon you and your mental longevity to keep all her thinky-thoughts in line. The unfortunate side effect of this pronounced seive-brain is that Dalisyth messes up everybody's names. A lot. All of the time. She's almost as relentless in this solecism as she is in her own take on words, meaning even a well intentioned correction will be dismissed, discarded, dispent and unheeded. It's not because she's trying to be cruel, and it's certainly not because she doesn't care; it's more because she's got a limited amount of space in which to compact important details and names just aren't one of those things she will ever be good at holding on to.

The things upon which she does focus will undeniably help you in your future plans: she's got an eagle-eye for detail, able to spot large objects incoming at a distance, or miniscule facets from very far away. She will be the first of her clutch to ah-ha! over a clue, willing to point out pon-tific-tastically what it means and how it applies to her deductions. She's also a font of useless knowledge that only becomes useful when she's out and about in the world. Did you know that you should apply vinegar to jellyfish sting wounds? How about this: avalanches can surge down mountains at a speed of 80 miles per hour, while lava flows right around 6 to 8? Well, you do now! She learned them just for you, that you and she might one day live out your dreams.

Dory: When I look at you, I can feel it. I look at you and I'm home.

Kiele, the most important thing to remember about your Dalisyth is that she is strong in a way that others try to be and don't always find success in accomplishing: she is sunbright and effervescent, vivacious and ebullient. She's innocent without being childish, she's capable of letting go of slights even before her memory kicks in to aide with softening blows, and she's there to light the way and mark the path for you. She's a handful of adventure, a wealth of support, a proverbial stampede of encouragement and strength, and she's all yours. She's yours to fail or succeed with, she's yours to laugh, and cry, and grow with. Dalisyth's most important ally, most trusted friend, most important companion is you. It has always been you; it will always be you. She will reinforce your sense of humor, she will teach you where to find the sparks of light in the darkest nights, she will invigorate you with her energy and inspire you with her tenacity. We hope, anyway. She hopes. You are her home, she looks at you and she knows it. Hopefully you'll look at her and feel the same way too.

Galinda Upland: In solidarity and to express my… outrage, I will no longer be known as GA-linda, but simply… Glinda.

Because in the end, she'll not only live for you, but she'll change for you, too. If there's something in her that needs correctification, the wind might blow and the skies might darken, but this mountain bows to noone but Kiele. It speaks volumes that she will change her ways for you, in the things you request or the attitude you inspire. Treat it well, nurture it, bid it happen when truly necessary, and you will never find yourself a better companion, champion, or friend.


Welcome, milady Kiele, to one of the more intensely feminine minds of this age. It's bright. It's bombastic. It's perfect, or at least, she thinks so!

Champagne-bubble thoughts fill her casually-projected voice, sweet, tangy, pungent in a way that can almost be tasted as well as scented, hitting upon some of those lesser-used senses with a coy sense of charm. Her thoughts come on a golden rush, filling the minds of others to the brim without quite bubbling over, content to fill and fizz in ticklish, tantalizing little trails around the outer edges of their minds.

Taffeta, so much taffeta, invades when she's feeling particularly excitable. It's hard to tell which is more predominate: that or the tulle. Both wrap her thoughts up in bows, crush in from the sides, twirl through in ribbons of bright, vivacious color that's never quite of the same hue. Red! Pink! Blue! Tangerine! Colors you don't even have a name for! But fret not, sweet Kiele; never will they clash. No, she knows just what goes with what, has studied endlessly what it means to be complementary in order to receive compliment-aries.

Thoughts flow thither and yon on larger, brighter, more iridescent bubbles, drifting along with purposeful lackadaisy before slowly shimmering away and exposing some grand plan. What, did you expect it to *pop*? Puhlease, she's more refined than that. Just take a look at her inner thoughts: prim, precise perfection. It's a little girl's dream dollhouse, all white marble and gold filigree, grand chandeliers draping from painted ceilings, rooms coordinated by color and purpose: green for thoughts of her favorite people, blue for thoughts of her wing and duties, gold for only her dearest and darlingest fondest thoughts of you, and so on and so forth, with nary a single door in sight to contain said thoughts or prevent them from running helter-skelter into the darker, unseen wings she can't quite seem to remember.

She's not worried about all of that, though; the only things she's concerned with projecting are bibbly-bubbly moscato d'asti thoughts delivered on dulcet soprano tones, eternally melodious, as though, even as she butchers words with surprising lethality, she were always right on the edge of breaking into song. And maybe she is. She'll totally do it, in the name of making you both pop-u-ler… lar?


Physicality & Flights

Dory: Give it up old man, you can't fight evolution, I was built for speed!

Kiele, your Dalisyth is built beautifully, made strong, neither too petite nor too big. She's got the body of a dancer, if dragons could dance, made of muscle and grace and a perpetual slenderness that bespeaks to a naturally fast metabolism. She's made for speed, constructed of the kind of lack-in-mass, make-up-in-strength Wingleaders hope for when scouting dragons for Search and Rescue. She can fit into small places, she's got the power to get herself (and others) back out again, and she's a physically powerful asset to any team — a sight to behold, a rose among the thorns, a champion among the greens.

But don't let that fool you.

Dalisyth is a little bit on the ditzy side. She doesn't always watch where she's planting those dainty feet, she doesn't always heed her surroundings when she counterbalances her more boisterous movements with that tail, and she certainly is prone to spaztic bouts of excitement that mean those two very important shortcomings equate to broken things. A lot. All the time. Everywhere.

Dalisyth will grow into her body; she will come to find her footing and learn the finer nuances of just how that tail (and those wings) are supposed to be used, the result of which will be a decrease in those hit-you-in-the-marks occurrences and a little bit more confidence for you both. She might still trip her way across a bowl or two from time to time, or go snoot over boot from some spectacular fail, but she will always look good doing it, and she will always find the humor in her missteps.

Dory: So we're cheating death now. That's what we're doing, and we're having fun at the same time.

Once you take to the skies, however, Dalisyth will be a force to reckon with, Kiele. She was made for the air, the skies embrace her as much as she embraces them; it gives her the out she needs to prove what that aerodynamic body is capable of, why she hatched with the kind of muscle and under-the-surface grace that felines envy. She's flawless, a star among the heavens, one of those once-in-a-blue-moon dragons who takes to air with alacrity and makes flying seem so effortless.

This will translate into how she hunts as much as her clumsiness will. In her youth, those first miscalculating, clumsy errors that left a herdbeast screaming, lost to terror, writhing in agony, caught in the throes of panic-stricken death, will drive her to learn to be a great huntress. She does not enjoy the suffering of others (though she knows she must eat), and she will do everything in her power to see that she becomes one of the better, one of the finest, one of the best. She will learn to harness her agility, to mould it into silence as she stalks, calculating (that's not a word you'll hear too often regarding her) just where to dig in claws and teeth to sunder and rend and make the quickest, most humane kill.

Galinda: Your very first party ever?! Your very first party! Oh I know! Let's tell each other something we've never told anyone… I'll go first: Fiyero and I are going to be married. [Squeals]
Elphaba: Really? He's asked you already?
Galinda: No, he doesn't know yet…

Ahhh, flights. Most greens lose their tempers, withdraw, become creatures so antithesis to their core natures that sometimes it seems as if the sun has been eclipsed and you're staring at the dark side of the moon. But not your Dalisyth, Kiele. Dalisyth is one of those lucky (and surprisingly rare) dragons whose personality alters little in the face of being proddy; if anything, she gets even more excitable: giddy and euphoric, practically vibrating out of her skin every time she moves, every time that brilliant, inner voice speaks. She's not a cruel, demanding mistress, but rather a genial constant, a spark, a point of light. She. Will. Be. A. Flirt.

Dalisyth will not dwell in the realms of shallow opposition, where she demands that males flirt with her, bask in her glory, but she most certainly will make sure that she's noticed. She will employ that quick wit, that oft-hilarious banter, that deep-seated need to weave greatness into every soul that she touches to win blue, brown, and bronze over. She will find that grace she's so often lacking, giving in to clumsy miscalculations only when perfidious instability means it will land her right against that handsome hide and give her a seemingly innocuous reason to be there. She will woo, and charm, and lose herself in the affections of others.

Your Dalisyth is the poor, sweet, (mostly) innocent soul that will find those dragons more predisposed to disinterest than flattery and fixate on them. Who doesn't love a challenge, right? Rejection will not deter her, cruel words, barbed rebuttals, refusals to allow access to brilliant minds will not be what makes this tiny little ball of energy forfeit. Nothing will. For the duration of her proddiness, she will be as attached to that one unfortunate suitor that doesn't want to be a suitor at all.

Dalisyth's unconventional ways don't stop there, however. She will choose which males win, and while that's certainly not so unique among her green and gold sisters, the excitement she broadcasts about it is. Lucky for you both, Dalisyth's memory is spectacularly short-term (because she's a dragon!), and so she will lose that unerring affection nearly the moment she's caught in that heated dance between dragons, and in those glorious moments of freefall back towards the ground she left behind.

Inspiration & Credits

Kiele! Welcome to weyrlinghood here at Half Moon Bay Weyr! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the little family we've built here, and are absolutely thrilled that you picked us to be your home. We had an absolute blast writing your Dalisyth, and we hope that you enjoy her as much as we enjoyed fleshing her out!


Galinda Upland: It's GA-linda. With a 'Ga'.

In keeping with the theme, we decided your dragon's name absolutely had to start with an 'a' sound. Dalisyth comes from the Tagalog word dalisay, meaning 'pure, undiluted.' That is because she is purely, undilutedly HERSELF. There's never quite been anyone like Dali and there never ever will be again!


Our egg theme this cycle was 'luck'! Seven eggs, clutched on St. Patrick's day, on this, the seventh turn of Xermiltoth's existence?? We just couldn't resist. Most fitting of all, your egg was based upon rainbows! Lucky in and of themselves, they're also renowned for having a pot of gold - or in this case, a handful of green - at the end of their arch. She might not be riches, but hopefully Dalisyth will bring you enough lucky luck to make up for the lack. ;) Your egg was written by Citayla!


You mentioned that you wanted a personality that was happy, bubbly, and youthful, so we tried to find some characters who encompassed that and would give you a pretty wide range of variety with her personality.

The heaviest influence in her personality is Galinda Upperland (or Glinda the Good) as she is portrayed in Wicked; you know, upbeat, sarcastic, absolutely hilarious. We figured she could give you some giddy excitement and lightning sharp wit to play with — the ability to throw a verbal punch without really being cruel. One of the most defining things about Galinda in Wicked his how she changes for the better, how her relationship with Elphaba makes her more thoughtful, more determined, more strong. She's never bad (though she has hiccups of moments that aren't exactly kind), but she overcomes her own pressures to befriend the one person nobody else in the world has a kind thought about.

The second influence in her personality was Dory from Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory) of course. She's excitable, she loves everybody, she's hilarious in a way that's hard to put into words and define, and we just thought that she would be a perfect fit for the criteria you asked for: happy, bubbly, youthful. She's strong in her own way, in ways that people might not suspect, and there's just something about that unconditional acceptance that comes so naturally from her that we just thought it'd be perfect.

So who is this 'we' that you keep hearing about? That would be us: R'hyn and Ila'den! MR. ABLICIOUS WEYRLEADER and his not so highly esteemed weyrmate (EYYYY).

At the end of the day, Dalisyth is yours. We made her for you, Kiele, and everything outlined above is little more than suggestions and fodder for you to take or leave. We are excited to see what you do with her, and again, we really hope you love her! Thank you for letting us make your dragon, and thank you for just being you! <3 <3 <3

— R'hyn and Ila'den. <333333

Name Dalisyth
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Ila'den & R'hyn
Impressee Kiele
Hatched April 21, 2018
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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