Watered Silk and Steel Green Damasth

Brilliantly green, the hide of this dragon is captured in swirling patterns that seem to dance across her body, fading from view as the light changes. Ribbons of bright green slide across her muzzle only to slowly slip away into nothingness as the vivid hue approaches her swanlike neck and settles into her narrow shoulders. A watermarked delight are her wings, with their dizzying array of damasked designs across her thin translucent wingsails and separated into sections by the darker ribbons of her wingspars. The rest of her body is lithe and very slender, from her barely rounded chest and then back to her slim flanks, each watermarked with the palest of greened rainbows across the smooth hide. Her forearms and haunches are extremely slender, marked with wiry muscle and strong bone hidden beneath the delicate structure and seeming fragileness of her feet and arching half moon talons. Her last finishing touch is the graceful seeming length of her tail, enhanced by the damascene pattern across her ridges and then appearing folded back and forth in a ripplish veneer across her tail finial.

Egg Name and Description


Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg
A brilliant collection of vivid hues and bright primary tones are splashed across this egg, streaks of crimson red marred with trails of electric blue. Even amidst the clashing colors, subtle gradations occur that allow one to lead to the next in a variegated display that seemingly looses itself in the never ending spirals of color across the ovoid's white canvas. Finally the clash of colors comes to a near climax of blinding bright purple and stark pure yellow, as if the painter was unable to finish, leaving the very apex marked only by the white of natural shell.

Hatching Message

Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg sways back and forth like it was listening to the quiet peaceful beat of some unheard music. It's actually quite mesmerizing to watch. As time goes on, it just continues with its pendulum sway.

Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg has never stopped swaying back and forth since it started. The rhythmic pulse has begun to wear thin cracks in the shell, straining the structure as the sand continues to grind against the bottom. The obvious pressure from the hatchling within is causing a steady amount of spider-web cracks to show, almost as if the artist who painted on this canvas was starting to get fed up, threatening to destroy the entire project in lue of a better one.

Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg continues to sway in a steady beat, until the colours on the shell are in fact flaking off, leaving the thin layers remaining to become a pale echo of what the shell once looked like. Perhaps the artist has finally decided to do away with this project, for a tail of the creature within stabs through the top like a knife, causing the shell to form giant cracks which loosen major sections of the egg and ensure the entire structure is rickety. Not a moment later, caused by the motions of the one within, the form completely breaks, leaving a green dragon face first in the sand with her rump and tail up in the air.

Impression Message

Abruptly, the sands become darker. You're standing there, but are you really? The din from the noise around you fades like an annoying echo in the background. You seem to separate from the world itself. Drawn into a void of yourself, your emotions are tested, bringing forward your worst thoughts and nightmares. « Those? » A whispered voice sprinkles rainbow shards into your mind, was it truly there? Again, the whisper, covered by a childish giggle « Don't worry about those. » A thrill flutters through your stomach, a rush of rainbow converges on your mind, rapidly swaying and swirling vivid colours that might even make you feel dizzy. « As time goes on, we can replace those! » The excitement from the whimsical voice trails with a spicy cinnamon sweetness. Her presence makes you feel alive, makes your worries disappear! A flood of happiness seeps down to your very toes, « Now, now that I'm near, I promise my love. » You can feel something connecting with every fiber of your being, « How I've waited to share it! I've dreamed of our moments together, Lissi. You must know that I will colour your world with my hope and love for you. It'll be wonderful! » As your senses return to the present time, there's a sense of being completed, paired, linked in a unison of unyielding love. But who? « Lissi, my girl. You don't have to ask. You already know my name. Damasth, silly.» There, a green dragon appears before your eyes as the cavern returns to your vision - brighter than it ever has before, « I feel the need to remind you of my hunger though. Shall we deal with that? » Like a stone hit your stomach, a craving so bad makes your stomach growl and your body feel as if it hasn't eaten in days.


Your Damasth, from the moment she hatches is a cheerful little darling. Even as she was making her way across the sands to you, she took her time to enjoy the feeling of the sand beneath her toes and the way she could wiggle it around. Still, that only distracted her for a moment or two on her way to you. She was captured in pure delight when she found you, and you accepted her as your partner in life. As such, she’s bound and determined to do everything with you. Including when she’s small, to even trying to follow you into the privy areas. It’s only as she gets just a bit older, she’ll be a little less clingy. Although she’s never going to be the sort of dragon that is comfortable with you just taking off and leaving her behind.

Even with all the trouble that she is as a weyrling, she’s also fun. She has an infectious love of learning and playing with her fellow weyrlings. She’s not a trouble maker in that she doesn’t intend to get into trouble. It’s just that it seems to follow her, as she tests out her theories. « Well, Lissi. I just wanted to know what would happen if, the oil barrel got tipped over. I didn’t know it would make such a mess or that you would have to clean it up. How can I help? ». She’s always repentant, sincerely sorry to you. Until she’s gone off and done something again, at which point she’ll plead with you understand just why she had to do it. « Look, Lissi. Bureloruth is beating us in the wing exercises again. We’re going to have to sneak out and practice in the dark to beat him and Z’ath. It’s the only way. » She has a slightly competitive streak, in that she enjoys doing something well, for its own sake. But she doesn’t wish to win at all costs.

Lissi, you will get first hand experience with Damasth's genetic fascination, for you will see the way Damasth's eyes light up when you bring out the jewellery in which you make. Like her sire, Nasrinth, Damasth harbours a want for gems and jewels, and in this want she may revert to her overbearing and oppressive uses of her colourful mind to get what she wants. She might make it all but impossible for you to actually sell the jewellery in which you make, impeding your business with her physical presence or her mental presence: « Lissi, that's too beautiful! It'd sparkle well with my hide! That girl doesn't need it anyways. I do. Here, let me take it and put it away. » In fact, unless you some how sneak it by her, she'll likely try to snatch the item out of your hand, with use of a muzzle, wing, tail, or any other limb she can use to ensure the trinket becomes hers and not the prize of some ungrateful human. And if you leave her strapped with a saddle bag full of your hand-made jewellery, it'll likely get ripped off by an obvious source, with her excuse as plausible as pigs flying: « That bronze, the one with the short little man for a rider? Halinith? Well, you'll never guess what he just did! He came and snatched your saddle bag and played keep away! I couldn't get it. I really tried. » Meanwhile, she'll have stashed the saddle bag where she can sneak to it later, playing dumb until you give up your efforts of finding it or until you say she can have it.

Each trinket and charm she happens to swindle from you is possessively kept near her as much as possible, likely in a nest of a display where she can hoard all the items to herself. If she cannot stay with her beautiful mound of treasure, she will ensure to stash all the bits and pieces all over the place so no one can steal them from her - though, comically, her hiding spots aren't really great hiding spots. More often than not, you'll have jewelry strung all over the place or poking out from underneath your bed, your blankets, or under your carpet or in your trunk. Further, if she cannot have a gem she wants, she'll throw a childish fit, overwhelming you with reasons on why she should be able to have it until she either annoys you enough to surrender it or until you get angry enough at her - at which point she'll pout silently for a while and not speak to you. Lastly, if you give her a trinket before she asks for it, you'll be embraced with a wave of happiness so near to the day she found you on the sands that you'll want to give her gifts simply to relive that feeling - a feeling that makes you truly alive.

After the pair of you graduate, she’ll be agreeable to most any job you would want to take in the weyr. As long as she’s with you, she has all she needs and she could find the positive in nearly any job assigned. «But I like Transport, Lissi. We get to go places, and see people. And we here stories. So many stories. But rescue would be fun as well. We would be heros then, wouldn’t we? And every one would have to look up to us. I’d like that too. » She’s a wee bit flighty, your darling, but she has a good heart and she puts her all into whatever the pair of you decide to do. The same as she’s not picky over what jobs you have, she’s not picky where you choose to live in the weyr. High or low, it’s all the same to her, because her home is where you are.

She’s a bit of a daring girl when she becomes proddy. She remains sweet, of course but she also becomes a bit brazen, flirting with anything male that comes into her range. She’ll be fairly direct as well when she actually takes to the skies, preferring a straight line flight to the loops and curves that many other greens choose to use. She’ll prefer males that are also straightforward in their flattery, not really enjoying the puffery that many of them offer and instead looking for something of substance underneath their claims.

She has a sweet high soprano voice, your Damasth and very rarely is it ever raised in anything other than happiness. Although you may hear it in delighted shrieks, she usually tries to keep herself modulated, all consideration for your mind of course.


Mind Name: Color My World

This mind is one that pushes happiness up front, first and foremost. It has a simple delight with the world, that it is alive, that you are alive, that both of you are alive and together. Everything after that is a complete bonus and only serves to make it happier. It sends its thoughts in shocking rainbows, complete with overwhelming spicy scents that can be somewhat oppressive, although at least it’s not fond of flowery smells. It can be something smothering, in its eagerness to know all about you and perhaps a bit over joyful as well, although it certainly is easier to dwell on the positives than on the negatives of life.

Colour My World is a sudden cacophony of colors that seem to surround and flash all around your mind, a brilliance that can’t be quite comprehended as it presses so close and nearly overwhelms with its intensity. A purity of rainbow hues that fade from one to the next along with a strong spicy smell that is not quite cinnamon and not quite clove but something that is both and neither.

Colour My World tones down the clashing rainbow of colors, even as they still swirl and wrap around your mind as it teases and moves forward and back in a never ending display. Childlike, but hardly passive, this mind rushes forward, seeking all that there is to know before it suddenly darts away again, distracted easily from its former path by the thought of something else exciting or just different.

Colour My World wanders back once again, to tease or not as it rifles curiously through your mental cupboards and haphazardly flings things about as it rummages. It is not attempting to harm you however, so much as find out everything that it can, in as fast a manner as possible, even as it hides under the cloaking device of rainbow hues and cinnamon sweet spices to tickle your nose before it just departs.


The theme for this clutch at Western, was popular songs and so your Damasth was based on the song “Colour my World” by Chicago. This song was picked by Jolie and her egg and egg desc, her mind and her mind desc and touches were written by Jolie. Her hatchling name and hatchling desc was written by Jolie and editing help was received from Leslyn and Niva. Her wobble, crack, hatch and impression messages were written by N’kor. Her rptips were written by Jolie and N’kor. Her name is based on the word damascene, which is related to rainbows and patterns. This name also lent itself to her hatchling description which borrows from both damascene steel and damask cloth.

We had a lot of fun writing this dragon for you Nalissi, and we hope that you find her fun to play and what you were looking for. As always though, she is now your dragon and you are to play her as you see fit.


Watered Silk and Steel Green Damasth
Dam Gold Bennueth
Sire Bronze Nasrinth
Created by Jolie and with help of N'kor
Impressee Lissi (Nalissi)
Artwork by Dracona-fin
Feb. 13th, 2009
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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