Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Danzleith

Mantis wing green slides across this lithe dragon's form. Slipping over her snout and down her neck before pooling at her stomach and spilling down her dainty legs. She's built similarly to that of a runner, lean, with powerful muscles rippling down her flanks. Teal slips down around the back of her neck in windswept motions, as if she had hair and a gust blew by throwing it into disarray. This same hue skips the entirety of her back and continues once more at the top of her long whipcord tail, stumbling over the top of it as it runs down the rest of the entire length. Her wings are perfectly matched for her size and that same mantis green slips over the tops of them while a dark avocado green coats the underside. A freckling of sea green is splashed across the darker hue, perhaps making one think about stars upon a night sky of green. But her wings aren't the only part of her that take on a darker hue, from her chin to the tip of her tail her underside is consumed with that shadowed avocado skin, slinking along her belly like a sly shadow unable to be frightened away by the light. Her legs seem to mostly escape the shade except at the very bottom, upon each foot is a 'boot' of black that slowly bleeds back into the expanse of green.

Egg Name and Description

Holy Guacomole Egg
Not quite perfectly ovoid, there are areas of this egg which seem almost flattened and misshapen, although the shell is smooth to the touch. The base color is a dark forest green, with variations of shading and highlighting creating a dappled effect across the whole of the egg. Towards the bottom of the egg and usually hidden by sand are uglier shades of brown and puce, which spread upward into more pleasant hues. At the apex, the dappling and variations stop abruptly as if cut by a sharp knife, and instead of browns and dark greens, there is only a solid, pale green, the color only broken up by a swirl of mahogany.

Hatching Message

Holy Guacamole Egg wobbles. Just a tiny bit. Exploratory, really. And then another wobble. And then a tilt. Tiiiiillllt. Oops, too far, too far! The egg's occupant seems to frantically push the /other/ way, and for the moment, the egg re-balances and is still.

The balance could not last forever. Holy Guacamole Egg wobbles again, tilting now the other way. Thin striations begin to appear along the shell, cracking the surface oh-so-carefully as the occupant within begins more vigorous movement.

Time! In a burst of energy, the occupant within the Holy Guacamole Egg bursts forth. The cracks along the green shell break apart all at once as the hatchling seems to be pushing from every possible direction- wings, legs, tail, neck, head all in pursuit of instant freedom. For a moment, the hatchling is frozen, the bits of eggshell and goo clinging to her body. And then she's shaking vigorously, loosening all those bits and letting them fly any which way. And then. There she is. Lithe, graceful, petite, green. She stands there, frozen, for a long, long moment. Limbs are stock still and straight, wings trailing the ground. Brand new eyes stare at the Real World before her, whirling with wonder, wanting, and hunger.

Impression Message

Silence falls over your mind like a blanket. It feels like an eternity wrapped up into one short moment of time. Darkness. The lights, the heat, everything fades into the background. But you are not left to panic in this vacuum. No, never alone. As quickly and as slowly as that moment of nothingness came upon you, your world lights up with color, music, glee. « Zu'to! » A clarion call, a deeply sweet voice. Colors coalesce into a flickering rainbow across a cloudy sky over the ocean, hoary spindrift rising over the waves. « Let's go here first! » Nevermind that 'here' is not a real place. The two of you will find it. Somehow. You know her name; you've known it all your life. Danzleith. She of blithe spirit and trickery. « Well, food first. Then here! » She does have priorities… and all too quickly you will become aware of a yawning hunger, the hunger of a hatchling who has never tasted real food. All too quickly, it is time to face the world again, but now you are new, you are Zu'to, and Danzleith is at your side.


"May fortune smile on you." - My Little Pony

Blithe. Mischievous. Fun.

This is Danzleith, your merry, cheerful, humor-loving lifemate. When she is not seeking out joy, she is seeking out adventure and really, the two are one and the same for her. Danger? She laughs in the face of danger! Danzleith lives for excitement, and you'll be hard-pressed to convince her that something is too risky.

Growing up, Danzleith tends to bypass that gangly, teenage phase of dragonet awkwardness. She is lithe and graceful from birth onward, and will excel particularly well at feats of athleticism. Like you, Zu'to, she finds great satisfaction in physical prowess. She will be impatient to skip on ahead to adventures and flight, and you will have your hands full keeping her from getting the two of you into trouble with the weyrlingmasters.

Of course, trying to do too much too soon and disobeying directions is not the only way Danzleith will make mischief. No indeed, your little green lady has a particular affinity for mimicry, perhaps owing to her obsession with artsy pursuits. She will gain a lot of personal satisfaction from mimicking everyone and anyone- her clutchsiblings, her parents, the weyrlingmasters… as a youngster she'll be especially apt to fool her siblings. She has a talent with everything from the tones and voices to the scents, images, and feelings that other dragons project to each other. Good luck to you convincing her to not play tricks! Irkevalath might be a prankster, but Danzleith takes pride in making her schemes into an art form.

Now, don't get Danzleith wrong. She might be outgoing, graceful, and pleasant, but she's no lady and she's not entirely refined. No indeed, her sense of humor will as often dip into danger as it dips into all things disgusting. Potty humor? Give me more! Espeth might pretend she's not affected, but Danzleith will spend hours and hours making comments /just/ to get a rise out of her oh-so perfect sister. Not that she doesn't adore Espeth. No, there is rarely animosity between the pair. Where Espeth is the social butterfly trying to clean up and perfect everything, Danzleith is the daredevil adventurer, egging on everybody and everything and easily distracted by a pretty sight or scene.

"Whoever dreamed how far we'd rome? Crickets are calling, evening is falling over the meadow and glen. When will I see you again?"

Once the pair of you are cleared to fly, she will be forever hounding you for adventure, eager to explore everything and everywhere Pern has to offer. Better do your best not to get stuck in a job that keeps you grounded, because Danzleith wants to travel, travel, travel. Not that she doesn't love home, because your weyr will be a cozy, comfortable place… but there are So Many Things To See. And she must SEE THEM ALL! Waterfalls, cliffs, oceans, islands, rivers, mountains, rainbows, valleys, flowers, trees, rocks… everything. EVERYTHING. She's an eternal explorer and tourist in life, and if there's not an adventure waiting, she will make one, even if it's just an adventure to See Something Nifty. How about that hurricane developing? You better bet that Danzleith wants to fly up and overhead and tumble around inside of its winds. After all, what could be more of a rush than a hurricane? It's like the ultimate test of her abilities to fly!

Of quirks and interests… Danzleith has a keen interest in and obsession with the sky. She's a stargazer and a cloudwatcher. If there is beauty in nature, she wants to see it, to feel it, to touch it, hear it… she has strong opinions about what is beautiful and what is not, what is artistic and what is not. She wants to see everything purported to be lovely, and if she can't fit, she will insist on your attendance at events such as musicals, dances, art exhibits. Even if it's just a cursory flit about the place so she can see what's what, Danzleith wants to know what's going on. You might actually consider her quite nosy- but she doesn't necessarily turn around and gossip about what she's seen and decided- save for telling you, her beloved chosen lifemate.

You may discover that Danzleith has a hidden depth of wisdom underneath all that glee and joking. Now and then out will pop thoughts and words befitting someone much more serious than she tends to be. She'll forget, of course, what she said, but when you most need to hear something comforting or wise, that's when she will know exactly what to say. Because she knows you. Intimately. She has explored every crevasse of your consciousness and found you to be the most perfect creation. Whatever interests you, she will encouage. Whenever you fumble, she will be there to lift you up and drag you off for some exploration and distraction. She's confident in her abilities to mend your sorrows and woes, so far be it from you to push her away, ever. She may just sulk. It's not that she's needy, because she's far from it; she would happily meander off on independent adventures, but it's that she never wants to be shut out deliberately. At least, not from you.

"Where'd I put that little piece of rainbow? I ran across it just last week. That piece of rainbow's playing hide and seek- I'm sorry but it seems we're up the creek!" - The Moochick

Unfortunately, with all her interests, Danzleith may find it particularly difficult to keep track of everything. You'll have to develop your own sense of memory, because like most dragons, Danzleith's memory is nothing special. Oh, she might have random moments of genius in remembering where she put this or that… but perhaps this is why she is more interesting sights and scenes than she is in objects. Lucky for you that she's no hoarder, because whatever she /does/ bring home is apt to get lost in a flower pot or some random nook or cranny of the weyr.

"They'll be dancing on air when they meet you, dancing on air with glee!" - Firefly

Speaking of flights… proddiness may surprise Danzleith and you the first time. After all, she's already such a daredevil, it may not seem unusual for her to be particularly insistent on trying to manage that double inside out loop or whatever mad escapade she's come up with to do in the air. But certainly she'll glow, and it will happen and unlike Espeth, she won't be ashamed. In fact, she might just see this as a new and brilliant way to play tricks on All The Boys. After all, they are chasing her, and she will grow to be masterful and athletic in flight.


As befitting her blithe spirit, Danzleith's mind is colorful and fanciful. She has an active- sometimes overactive you might say- imagination. Her favorite place is that perfect partly cloudy day on the beach, a rainbow shining in the sky and frothy spindrift topping the waves. It is a safe place, one she may visit time and again within the mindscape and one she may offer to others when speaking. When she is upset or angry, that place may become turbulent, not unlike a beach attacked by a hurricane with all its punishing winds and sharp biting rain. Her voice is deep and sweet, a honeyed alto like many of the singers she enjoys. With her talent for mimicry, however, you must be wary that she can and will try to trick you and others by pretending to be her parents, the weyrlingmaster, friends, or clutchsiblings… she may even pretend to be your own human family just to get a laugh!


The theme for this year's clutch at Western was fruit for the eggs and cartoon characters for the dragons. The Holy Guacamole Egg was, as you might guess, based on the avocado (one of my favorites!), and its accompanying cartoon character was a blend of Firefly and Applejack from the the original My Little Pony series- in particular, from the Rescue at Midnight Castle, also known as Firefly's Adventure. Danzleith is, similarly, based on Firefly and Applejack and really on the original My Little Pony series as a whole, with it's merriment and adventures, the dashes into danger and escapades.

Danzleith's name comes from the Norse word for 'dancing' - a pretty word, not too long or too short, which rolls easily off the tongue. The idea of dance embodies all that Danzleith is and does, for to her, all her air tricks and escapes are an art form, a dance, a beautiful thing. Into her inspiration I folded some Norse mythology, namely Loki the trickster. Like Loki, Danzleith sometimes helps and sometimes hinders her friends, family, and you.

All in all, these are suggestions. Danzleith is now yours, to mold and make into something special. She may be a handful, but Zu'to won't be alone since several of this clutch are!


Name Tiny Dancer Of The Skies Green Danzleith
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Iris and Ir'e (Dragon description)
Impressee Zu'to (Kazuto)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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