Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Desuzakith

Molten dark chocolate has been slowly dribbled and dripped down this young dragon's form. Ripples of near black can be spotted across his hide, waving in an assortment of different patterns across each of his sides. Sadly he is not perfect, the patterns differ very visibly and for anyone else this might have been fine, but don't ever point this fact out to him. Across his brow on the left side is three perfectly linear bands of milky brown that wrap their way half-way around his head before coming to an abrupt stop. His wings are the optimal size for his body, not overly large and not underwhelming and small. They're the same dark hue as the rest of his body but when he spreads them out six surprisingly rectangular blotches of near white can be found in a straight line. These same peculiar rectangles can also be found across his belly if you're lucky enough to get that close to him.

Egg Name and Description

If Smells Could Kill Egg
At one period of this egg's life, perhaps it was green. A little minty even, cool, refreshing and then maybe it was left out in the sun just a little too long and the crispy toasted marshmallow color crept in. From a distance this egg looks particularly thorny with jutting points thrusting up from the surface like a continuous mini mountain range. Up close it's obviously just an illusion but the smell at that distance will definitely make people wish they had just admired it from afar. This egg has a very distinct stomach-churning odor that once someone gets a whiff of, it lingers, for hours. While the rather drab green and brown egg isn't particularly attractive, it's the smell that will definitely leave lasting nightmares.

Hatching Message

If Smells Could Kill Egg doesn't move at all, but the smell from that corner of the hatching ground just got worse (if that is even possible at this point). Several candidates gag and point in its direction but it appears still and unmoving. But that smell, shards, it just really might kill someone soon.

If Smells Could Kill Egg ruptures, shards of shell slip down like a mini avalanche of sorts but that smells kicks up another degree or so. That same group that pointed earlier is now moving distinctly /away/ from the horrid stench, nudging and bumping into their fellow candidates to get as far away as possible.

If Smells Could Kill Egg is finally at its most rotten. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, oh, you were most definitely wrong! But at its strongest stench level, it lasts only a moment more before it seems like a great wind has blown through the hatching cavern and the smell is mysteriously gone. Candidates and onlookers are probably so relieved by the sudden retreat on the war on their nose that they don't notice the egg has fallen into two distinct piles and Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Hatchling is standing in the debris, proud and well, perfect of course.

Impression Message

Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Hatchling saunters across the hatching sands like he owns them. He has a strange way of moving, as if he's trying to be perfectly upright as he walks—which really doesn't work well when you're barely moments old! He stumbles, trips and with a nostril flare he's up again, retracing his steps back several feet to where before he fell and then he starts his walk again. He walks along the different groups of candidates, everyone has their partner, someone they're grasping hands with or just lingering that much closer to. He sees them all, quickly disregarding groups of three or the lone straggler before he's coming up to a pair of blonde girls, sisters in fact. He stops, falling back onto his rump and peeeeers at the pair for several moments. One can tell he's quite torn, his sturdy little head bouncing back and forth as he sizes them up. But finally he makes his choice, stepping towards the taller of them. Erizabesu cries out in happiness, falling to her knees before wrapping her arms around him, "His name is Desuzakith and I'm his Liz." An assistant weyrlingmaster is hurrying to their side and quickly showing them off the sands.



Name Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Desuzakith
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By I're
Impressee Liz (Erizabesu)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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