I Don't Always Hatch From My Egg But When I Do I Am Brown Dosquith

An air of suave sophisticatedness oozes from the pores of this debonair of browns. Sleekly squared off neck ridges run back from a broad, intelligent brow, his muzzle rather jutting like the noble prow of a ship. Across his chest, his dark brown hide pales slightly, a brief splash of softer hue against the sienna-streaked mocha of his base coloring, an interesting flash of pigmentation that does little to mar his hide, but rather enhance it.

Egg Name and Description

Taste the Snot Quite Rainbow Egg
Rainbows, oh my Faranth! Are there ever so many colors on this egg! Blue and green and red and pink and purple and yellow and black and brown and snot and puce and cream and blood and cerulean and magenta and cyan and skin and nails and knives and wood and everything inbetween! Little ovoid shapes cover the entire shell in a confusing, discombobulating display of polkadots, pinstipes, solids and transparent shades, overlapping and pushing against each other in virtually unmemorizable nonpatterns.

Hatching Message

Taste the Snot Quite Rainbow Egg gives a few violent shakes, stirred into motion by the frenzy of the eggs around it. There's a pause, the hatchling within either drawing breath and strength for a renewed assault on the shell of the egg … or … maybe it really doesn't want to hatch at all. The moment passes, and the egg begins it's furious gyrations once more. A pop,a snap, and like the cap of a bottle, the uppermost curve of the shell flies off, the hatchling within oozing out in a sinuous glide to sprawl athwart the hatching sands.

Impression Message

I Don't Always Hatch From My Egg But When I Do I Am Brown Hatchling breathes heavily for a moment or two, drawing in air like a thirsty man would gulp a draught of water or stronger spirits. This hatching stuff is hard work! But slowly, but surely, he clambers to his feet, head cocked about to stare towards the knot of candidates. And there, he spots exactly the young man for him. You! It's an interesting fellow he picks, young Gulxxar of Honshu WeyrHold. "Why, Dosquith," G'xxar exclaims, "I think there will be many interesting things to see and do, but first, let's get you fed."



Name I Don't Always Hatch From My Egg But When I Do I Am Brown Dosquith
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Iris (Egg) & Enka (Hatchling)
Impressee G'xxar (Gulxxar)
Hatched April 1st, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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