Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Dumarath

While the rich deep gleam of emerald-green decorates her flawless hide in even hue, the sharp angles and planes of her frame add polish to the facet of her being. No soft subtle curves here, not she — even her muzzle has an angled quality to it, trimmed and ridged as it slopes upwards to an angular head. Her cheeks, not curved in feminine softness are rather squared, while the neck ridges that trail down the long chiseled line of her neck are pointy and sharp-looking. Glittery deposits of malachite dust the rough edges of her cheeks, trailing up along towards her eyes, while tendrils of jade and aquamarine can be glimpsed gleaming along her shoulders and again on her flanks. Alluring veins of gold tempt and glimmer; interspersed in various locations across her body — such as the crested ridge of her neckridges or the steep angle of her tail. Her wings — narrow and as angled as the rest of her are polished to a gleaming emerald, scare as dark as the rest of her.

Egg Name and Description

Ghost Miner's Misery Egg
Gunmetal gray coats the shell of this rather large egg with a metallic sheen, shimmery in the heat rising from the sands beneath it. The outside edge of the shell looks as if it has been polished to a brilliant shine, stretching inwards for about three fingers-width to form a circular rim from which the gray color deepens into a darker shade — giving the illusion of a concave bottom as if the egg itself were a rather large flat pan. At the very center of the egg, blotches of white bubbles can be seen, a brief undulating line that intermingles with patches of sandy-tan and rocky brown, larger blobs of grit interspaced between grainier spots. And tantalizingly, teasingly — barely seen, are rather shiny pieces of glimmered gold, hidden away amidst the rest.

Hatching Message

Ghost Miner's Misery Egg stirs, a faint sound like ancient creaking heard accompanied by a hollow moan as the eggshell grates against the sand beneath it. And then, the egg falls still, silent and waiting.

Another long creak echos through the hatching cavern, Ghost Miner's Misery Egg scraping against the sand as the young dragon within seems intent to battle its way free of the confining shell. It's moving rapidly now, shuddering and jerking around before at last, a loud crack can be heard, a bit of gunmetal gray shell breaking off.

Ghost Miner's Misery Egg continues the frenzied dance on the sands, jerking and tumbling about as the hatchling inside increases its efforts. Let it out! And then suddenly explodes with all the force of a mountain top getting blown off, the upper half of the shell suddenly spiraling upwards as the green within all but bounces free onto the sands, a little bit of shell stuck to her tail.

Impression Message

« L'ri!! » the call comes abruptly, a sudden clash of bright colors intruding upon your mental vision, a sunburst of radiant yellow that leaves you dazzled for a moment. And when the dazzling vision clears, the emerald green is there, before you, her eyes uplifted to meet yours and a warm bubbly sensation seems to fizz up into your senses. « I've found you, L'ri. I was looking so hard, and there you are, so sparkly and perfect. I'm Dumarath. We're going to do great things together, so many fun and exciting things. » She pauses and tilts her head. « I don't suppose you might feed me though? »


Exuberance is the key element of Dumarath's life. From the moment she broke shell with the force of a mine blast to bounce into the world, Fun has been her middle name. In essence, she is the free-spirit, the gleeful innocent who's oft embroiled in the daring pranks of her sister, Maraeth and to her, if something is going to be fun, then that's her game. She is, by and large the carefree child, innocent in the ways of the world, and entirely enraptured by one great thing … sparklies.

Yes, in touching her mind, and the glimpse of the wealth she can only dream of, you can easily realize the true inner depths of what makes Dumarath who she is. « Look, L'ri! » she might call, having found some of the precious jewels you work with. « It sparkles so. It's so pretty. Can I keep it? »

Petty theft is beyond her. She's definitely enthralled by shiny objects, but it would never do in her mind to take them from someone else. That doesn't mean you won't catch her scratching around in the sand by the lagoon someday, insisting that there's something shiny there. « I just know it's here, L'ri. I saw something sparkle. » And the ocean! She insists that it's filled with sparklies after her first sight of it the way the sunlight glints off the water. « We must take some of this home with us, L'ri. Dump out your mug of klah, and bring some of this sparkly water to me. »

Dumarath is a social butterfly. She's bubbly, cheerful and lives entirely in the moment. When she is grown, flights to her will be a game. The thrill, the excitement, she'll likely get so caught up in having fun flying around, she'll forget she's being chased, and be caught by only the trickiest dragons who can withstand her playful exuberance. Flight over and done, she'll like to cuddle with her paramour of the moment, only to forget him at the next sight of something shiny.

In you, L'ri, Dumarath found a partner. And in you, she found a fellow lover of jewelry. In fact, one might even wonder if she didn't choose you because of your talents in making wonderful sparkly things to adorn her person — err, dragon. She doesn't demand anything pretentious or gaudy, but you can bet that once she realizes what you can do with jewels, she might want a necklace or two of her own. And she's going to want a fancy harness too.

In short, Dumarath loves you, and adores you, together you make a great pairing. Her life is a joy, and she wants to share it all with you.


Forget the cackling teasing laughter. All it was was the echo within the shell, a mere facade of the true joyfulness and amusement that colors Dumarath's mind. Indeed, she is like a ray of bright sunshine, her mind voice bright and merry with a silly sensation of bubbles rising from a carbonated beverage to tickle your nose. She is definitely full of childish glee, and happy-go-lucky attitude. Her mind voice is rather bright, usually awash in pleasant cheerful colors like yellow and a bright green.


Felicitations, L'ri!! We're so glad to have you as a weyrling here at Western Weyr, and so glad to be spreading the green love. I look forward to the fun and enticing times ahead, with Dumarath as your best friend forever.

The theme of the eggs was Amusement Parks, and for the Ghost Miner's Misery Egg, I chose Panning for Gold at Knotts Berry Farm which was the highlight of my day there. I knew they planted the gold, but it was always a thrill to find some, and get the little vial to put it in. The hatchling theme was a ride, or character, etc. associated with the theme park, and I chose the Calico Mountain Railroad Train which is a ride at Knotts Berry Farm where you ride inside a man-made mountain and watch mining dioramas — which fit in nicely with your request of an emerald green like a cut gem. She is the treasures delved from the mine beneath the earth.

Dumarath's name comes from Smaragdus which is Latin for "Emerald" and is probably best pronounced as Du-MAR-ath although you may of course pronounce it any way you'd like. As she is yours to play in which ever fashion you choose, I hope you enjoy her!



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