A Light in the Dark Bronze Elenth

Shrouded in shadows, the bronze hide on this dragon has a faint subtle pattern nearly hidden underneath the dark color. He has a sharply pointed muzzle that widens slowly before it is anchored on a sturdy, somewhat blocky neck and shoulders. Verdigris tarnishing shows up on points on his body, marking the surface of bones where they rest under the skin and it outlines the sharp edges along his 'ridges and delineates the fine bones in his arms. His hide remains dark as it slides smoothly down his body, deeper in hue along his belly then then finely lightening in color as it moves along his haunches and the sturdy length of his tail. His talons are finished in that same verdigris hue, grey green against the dark bronze and curved into sharp half circles. But brightest and most lavishly colored are his wings, the thin membrane seeming lit from within with dancing sparks that spread in phosphorescent fire and flicker brighter as it moves from his leading edges to the trailing as a living sheet of flame.

Egg Name and Description

Lacy in Lavender Egg

Gilded by sunlight and glowing faintly golden, the top of this egg shows a round curve that is repeated along its length from apex to its wider bottom. Panicles of lacy lavender flower along toward the top, each tiny bloom in the process of opening from bud, flourishing into life in pastel purple hues. Green leaves brush up against the lavender columns, touched by sunlight until the glow faintly yellow and shadowing thin branches of dark brown. Those branches bunch thickly, staining the bottom of the egg dark and allowing it to almost hide in the sands.

Hatching Message

Wobble: A wobble here, a roll there and the Lacy in Lavender Egg is starting to move. Just little tiny movements, but signs of life none the less as it wriggles and spins slightly before all suddenly goes still once more. Only markings on the sands betray that it did move, once.

Crack: Slowly, oh so slowly the Lacy in Lavender Egg starts to move again and as it does so, lines begin to mar the surface, hinting at the fractures that are damaging the shell. The fractures appear over more and more of the shell until it seems it is already in pieces and just held together through inertia.

Hatch: It happens suddenly after all the slow and deliberate movements but a dark bronze hatchling suddenly escapes the Lacy in Lavender Egg. Taking barely a moment to shake himself off, he stands erect then checks his balance, before he is off and searching through the random grouping of candidates available.

Impression Message

It starts slowly, a faint pitter patter on your mind that is both seemingly there and not. Only as the seconds build does the feeling get stronger, the drops more felt on your brain. Eventually there is a crashing boom and a blinding flash of light as the height of the storm builds, nearly drowning out the quiet question « L'kan? I have been looking for you. » A sudden lull in the storm, the quiet nearly deafening as he announces. « I am Elenth. » A sudden return of the storm, although tempered now as if it has found what it was searching for. « L'kan? I am very hungry. »


Elenth is at his core a leader. You may not notice this at first when he young, but it will come out more and more as the days, weeks and turns go by. He will start by questioning what you tell him to do, wanting confirmation of everything that is going on, and then he will start to question others in charge of him. He's liable to butt heads more than once, with you and the weyrlingmasters. He has a certain stubbornness to his psyche, a belief in the way that he does things, and in what he holds to be true. While he may not always be able to formulate why he feels a certain way, he will expect you to follow his instincts with as much faith as he does.

As he ages, he does not get any more diplomatic with his fellows, or indeed even with you. He prefers to tell you things how he sees them, with no need for what others regard as tact, and he thinks is just sugarcoating the truth. This may result in a talking to for you, in attempts to balance out his blunt manner of speaking, or sometimes blatant unkindness given to others.

He will not be either the best, or the worst of his class at any of your lessons, but he will consistently strive to do better each time than the last, wanting always to improve. If you are the part of the team equation that isn ’t doing quite as well, well Elenth will also be out there pushing you to improve how you are doing. « Even Lychenth's rider is better at this exercise than you are. You have to go out and practice until you can beat him.» The rider you are compared with will change, but won't will be the message that the both of you always need to improve.

If you thought you could slack off in training after the pair of you graduate, well Elenth will disabuse you of that notion, and you may find that you work harder than many other pairs in the weyr. His reaction to that is, that you are meant to be the best, and isn't it a pity that the others care so little for how their efforts reflect on the weyr. He won't be so picky about which wing you pick after graduation, but that quite simply whatever it is, that you rise to the top of the hierarchy there.

He has rather bad luck in picking which dragons to chase, either ones that you don't care for, or for females that don't care for him. Just let him get a glimpse of pretty wingsails, or a flashy tail and you might just be out of luck, even as you complain about so and so. Or maybe it's that gold that rises while they are visiting, even if you want nothing to do with the goings on at High Reaches or Xanadu. Should you take a weyrmate, he is likely to be jealous at first, unwilling to share you with someone else.

Should he ever sire a clutch, he is a protective papa, although not quite so fierce as some of the golds are toward guarding their clutches. But he is also very concerned with his hatchlings as they grow older, following their progress and hoping that they do well as they grow.

He has his own quirks your Elenth, wanting things in the weyr exactly how they always are, so redecorating may not be in your future. He also has quirks when it comes to eating, wanting perhaps only wherries in the wintertime, before shifting and eating only ovines during the summer months. One thing that will not change though is he despises any sort of fish product, so woe be tide you if you try to offer that to him.


A Hint of Ozone

Fractious and often irritable, Elenth's mind is coiled strength, vivid colors and sudden explosions of temper. He has a tendency to push and shove, both to get his own way and to push you to become better. Oftentimes he will push hard, then back off and lie in wait to catch you unaware again. He tends to explode in temper and then quiet down, both recharging for himself and allowing you a chance to also catch your breath. Even when he isn't in the midst of a temper, there is a sense of energy and leashed anger just waiting for the chance to come out. When he speaks to you, it is in a deep bass rumble, that can be everything from a soothing comfort if you are stressed or worried to a deep, boneshaking noise when he is in a temper.


The themes for this clutch were 'Life and Love' for the eggs, and 'Joy and Happiness' for the hatchlings. For Elenth's egg I picked my favorite flower, that of lilacs. For the hatchling inside, he started out as a spring thunderstorm, something that can be something somewhat fierce that can lead into a storm that is quite terrifying and also something that I adore watching, as long as I am safe and dry to watch it. This was married, I hope to one of the things you suggested on your candidate questionnaire, that of NCIS, and more specifically, the lead persona of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I hope I have captured that for you, in his mannerisms, and temper. Keeping with these themes, lead me onto boats, or ships and ships during a storm, so that is his description along with flashes of St Elmo's fire that highlight him along his wings. Even his name is part of the keeping with St Elmo's Fire, being from the greek, 'helene' which was the name given to singular instances of the fire, and it carries a meaning of torch.

Still, Elenth is your dragon now, and I wish for you to play him as you wish. C'vryn.


Name Elenth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By C’vryn
Impressee L’kan (Lukhanyo)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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