Transformed by Love Gold Elinath



The golden hues of sunflower petals have been settled like an elegant cloak upon this tiny gold's body, each rich yellow piece joining together to flow seamlessly along her perfectly proportioned back. A slight dip before her lean haunches, the gorgeous flowery hues settle into the shadows of her wispy tail, though they never lose the glory of their color. Fields of golden poppies bloom freely upon her smooth stomach, darker than her back, as they spread along her neck, settling lightly on her delicate muzzle and head knobs, as if a light breeze could blow away the color at a moment's notice. Ridges of goldenrod are settled upon her back, beginning atop her head like a carefully placed tiara, before they finish their fall, never out of line, down her back like a thick plait. Wings are like limbs - long and limber, each field of golden poppies dusted with saffron pollen, translucent sails the palest part of her body - the soothing rays of the sun caught upon their stretched surfaces.


Your Elinath is outwardly every bit the princess - or queen if you'd rather - and its evident in her lithe form. After all, she's one to be adored and respected - her will is law. She knows that she's gold, and she knows both the privileges and the responsibilities that come with it.

Despite her delicate appearance, Elinath is anything but a tender flower that needs to be protected and nurtured. She'll be just as willing to sit on the rim and trumpet to the Weyr's newcomers as any blue or green - just as willing to roughhouse in the Weyr lake - just as willing to try to see just how far that barrel will roll. She'll constantly keep you chasing after her, trying to keep up with her latest attempt at excitement. She will start things, and even if she doesn't, by goodness she /will/ finish them, no matter what she has to do to ensure just that.

Elinath is certainly not a lady - in fact, she doesn't even come close. She's loud and obnoxious, often breaking into the conversations of others without a moment's hesitation, deftly inserting her own opinion when it was never asked for. She'll encourage you to do the same - after all, sometimes things need to be said, in order for everything to be set right. She sees no reason to mince her words, no matter /who/ she's dealing with.

Your lifemate knows what she wants, and will expect to get it instantly. Over time, she'll slowly outgrow this, as she understands the how and why's, though be prepared for many a battle, and the stormy clouds that invade her mind along with it. Yet, just as quickly, she'll turn back into her genial, playful self, as if the eruption never occurred.

However, Elinath understands that with glory comes responsibility. And thus, she'll be one of those that protect the little guy, stands up for those who are falsely accused, and tries to ensure that everyone has a fair shot. She'll try and offer a fair judgment, once she puts aside her own opinion, even if she's not always quite able to ensure that it is totally so.

No matter how pushy, bossy, or demanding Elinath is, however, she loves you, and will always protect you. If anyone should dare threaten you, she'll be there, threatening with her looming bulk until they back down. And not many people would dare cross a gold more than once.

When it comes to Flights, your Elinath will have great expectations when she first launches herself into the sky - a dreamy bronze dragon will come swooping in, saving the day, and carrying her off to the horizon. While this is rarely going to be the case, she's certainly going to be putting them through their paces with steep climbs and sudden drops, before she'll likely flee for the horizon herself, hoping that Dragon Charming will come save the day. Even when it's not her Charming, she'll come to her senses quickly enough, realizing that there's something else good there.

Elinath will be a sneaky clutcher - likely she'll be on the Sands laying her eggs for hours before bothering to tell you, even though you're likely to get subtle clues before hand. Once the eggs are settled though, Elinath is nothing if not a protective caring mother, though she'll expect the same of whatever male sired them. They'll always be turned just so, and she'll keep and eye out, even if she never stops the candidates from touching them. But, come the hatching day, she'll gladly urge them on to find their own lifemates.


Sadly Beautiful Egg


Timeless crystalline glitter, gold in the fading light, the multicolored fire of reflection in clear glass as it stands in repose, not one shape but many, in a multitude of poses. Flashes of yellow light, through fire honed art bedeck this egg, customary fragility on the shell in the prismatic rainbow hues that adorn it. Each tiny image, of the fantastical and not hold their place, a small ray of amber hope against the pale opaque nothingness of the rest of the shell. Whimsical dreams and desires form its basis, a protection necessary against the humdrum of the outside world, but never strong enough to withstand it, soon to be crushed by the expectations that it showcases, never meant long for this world.

Mind name

Castles of Clouds

Despite the light, almost fluffy nature of Elinath's mind at first contact - as if clouds are floatig by you, there is a feeling of substance - of reality formed from the imagination, and hopes and dreams. Generally, when she's happy, she's relaxed, her mind is like an autumn sky - full of bright blue and large, puffy white clouds that simply seem to meander through her thoughts as if pushed along by some outside force. Yet, Elinath is not all rainbows and butterflies, and when things refuse to go her way, she will become like a petulent child. The fluffy clouds will be replaced by thunderheads of dark gray, and suddenly all substance to her thoughts is lost, as the dreams are forgotten in the wake of abandoned hopes. With it will come a roll of thunder, a crash of lightning. Yet, as she returns to cheerfulness, the autumn day will return, the elaborate castles will be reerected, and all will be as right as it was. When speaking to others, there is a certain sense of formality, careful phrasings of words, and she'll often ask your opinion, to ensure that its delivered correctly. Yet, with you, and you alone, she's as tomboyish as they come, laughing loudly, and letting her words come as freely as they are thought.

Impression Message

A stormcloud gathers on the horizon of your mind, a bolt of lightning lashing out. And then, suddenly as it appeared, the storm has left, and you are left to enjoy fluffy clouds and a general sense of peacefulness. And then, there's a brush of consciousness against yours. « May I know the name of my rescuer? » Pausing, its pushing. « Ameera? Ameera. » It considers in a light tone. « I.. I am Elinath. Please, take this favor as a sign of my appreciation. » Formalness ensues, before there's a mental rumbling, breaking her royal facade. « Are.. you going to eat that? » She inquires, even as she gives a mental push towards the waiting food.



The theme this cycle was 'Things that create rainbows' - and the Sadly Beautiful Egg was based on Lead Crystal Figurines, as they sit and cast rainbows around them. In particular, the inspiration came from Tennessee William's play, The Glass Menagerie. The egg was created by Bey.

Elinath's name comes from the Spanish name Eliana, which means 'Light'. While we originally played with various names based on bright, or gold, we felt that 'light' was appropriate that you can't have crystal rainbows without light shining through them. On that smae note, it seemed to fit as light is what transforms Princess Fiona from an ogre to a human - though it is debateable which side of her is the true beauty.

As you can guess from her name inspiration, Elinath is based on Princess Fiona, from the Shrek series. While she is a princess, and at times can be calm, collected, and proper, she has a completely different side to her where she is outgoing, tomboyish, and opinionated. Your Elinath is part of both sides of Princess Fiona, as you can't truly have one side without the other.

We hope you enjoy her, but as always, she's yours to play as you wish!

Name Transformed by Love Gold Elinath
Dam Gold Amberth
Sire Bronze Finbarith
Impressee Ameera
Created by Ari
Hatched Oct. 28th, 2008
Telgar Weyr, PernWorld MUSH

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