Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Espeth

A swarthy hue of sea green washes over the length of this petite dragon in large, rolling waves. It almost appears to be shifting with each tiny movement she makes, rippling in teal as if a stone has been skipped across the surface. Sea foam froths about her toes, churning that darker color into something soft and bubbly which quickly gets reclaimed by the fray going on at each one of her elbows. Her wings, which look especially large and unwieldy, compliment her hide when folded neatly at her sides, a few shades lighter color than the one that holds the majority, a sharp hunter green. Yet when her wings are spread and she's soaring through the air they appear nearly paper-thin. One could see the glitter of stars through them in the night, their color only muting their surroundings and not completely masking them. Gamboge sticks out in stark contrast to the rest of her, but it's only visible when she's flying seeing as how the awkward color lines only the underside of each wing. The orange hue slips across the bones of each wing before diving down the middle, splitting the sails into two distinct quadrants before a dark green splinters them further like a stained glass window. As if that wasn't strange enough, a smearing of white blots out some of the natural transparency on the top corner of each wing. Her tail on the other hand can be described as nothing else but stocky, no lithe length for her, instead it appears as if her waspish body stole most of the length that her tail perhaps could have gotten and it just never quite had the chance to fully bloom. It's about a fourth smaller than those of her kin in similar size but make no mistake, she still always holds her tail up like a proper lady.

Egg Name and Description

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg
Raspberry wraps its warmth in thick flowery pedals of color around this particular egg. A bit too bright perhaps for Western's sands as it nearly pulses with the magenta hue that seems more likely to be found in a pie or some girly alcoholic drink. Let's not forget the splashes of green that reach up like leaf-like blades of lime at the apex of each 'pedal'. They appear to grow out of the fleshy body, reaching towards the crown of this egg, slipping and sliding but not still unable to steal the show from the glaring primary color of pink. It most definitely appears as if this egg has some sort of vegetative growth but looks can always be deceiving.

Hatching Message

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg quivers, the green shoots seem to rustle as if a large gust of air has blown by. Yet there is no wind on the sands and one would think the movement perhaps is part of one's imagination if it didn't go and do it again. Oh dear, there it is again! But as quick as it happened the egg is still now as if nothing ever happened.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg gives a violent wobble, as if the inhabitant has slammed itself into the side and a large fissure slowly creeps up from the bottom of this egg to splinter out across the middle.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg makes a pop noise as a circular epicenter of cracks forms on a bit away from the previous fissure. There's a moment of silence before the loud noise explodes again and bits of shell go flying (some even making it to the stands!) before a stubby green tail flops out of the newly formed hole. Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Hatchling backs her way out of her shell and whirls around, blinking away the egg goo clinging to her eyes. Ug. /Ew/.

Impression Message

Eye melting pink rips through your cornea like a hot poker and the urge to scream wells up in your throat and threatens to explode. Dear god! The pain! But then the color dials back and the pink dances around in elaborate swirls with dabs of orange and lazy yellows and it feels much less painful but nonetheless completely and utterly alien. « R'bel.» Cotton candy tickles at your mind and you suddenly feel like sneezing. She giggles, filling your mind with joy and happiness as the smell of freshly baked bubblies assaults your senses. « Oh goodness me, what /are/ you wearing? You look like a sack of tubers and that simply will not do at all. Perhaps something green, to match your eyes, would have been a much better choice. » The sound of a clucking tongue rings through your mind as she seems to be taking your appearance in, but it's more than that as she probes deeper and then the colors of her mind ripple, shifting to become the color of rose as embarrassment seems to take over. « Dearie, how could you not know your own dragon's name? I'm Espeth, R'bel. Don't question it. And stop staring at me with your mouth hanging open, do you want to catch a vtol? » A moment or two passes and when you don't jump into action like a proper weyrling does there's a soft sigh and the warmth of a mother's caress, « There's no reason to fear little bitty me. Ladies don't /eat/ people. But, um, if you could be a sugerplum and find me some food? If my stomach growls in front of all of these people I really will just die.»


Weyrlinghood: Espeth is first and foremost a lady, but one can't really expect her to be perfect from the moment she escapes that ever maddening shell she was captured in. Don't get me wrong, she will try her hardest to be the perfect little woman as much as she can, but she's still a /child/ during weyrlinghood and there will be times that her refined nature just can't win out against things such as.. potty humor. She will sit there in your mind laughing her tail off if someone makes a reference to some disgusting necessity. It will only be for you to hear because she would /never/ allow others to see such an unrefined side of her, but it will be there and it will remind you that she's far from perfect and she's still a 'baby' who needs to grow up. When she gets older this aspect of her personality is something she will probably grow out of (but that's entirely up to you).

Adulthood: Have I mentioned that the most important thing in Espeth's life (aside from YOU of course!) is friends? She is the weyr's social butterfly. If she can talk to it, she'll try to do so. « Did you see mister rock today, R'bel? He looks awful lonely, we should go say hi! Maybe dust him off a little while we're there. No one likes to be dirty! » Oh yes, even the rocks aren't safe from her. Thankfully she mostly sticks to those of her own kind, her fellow wingmates or clutchmates, but if they aren't around and a human is all that happens to be there, don't be surprised if she decides to start up a conversation with them. You will always be her first choice in wanting to share news with, good or bad, you are her ear that sadly is not able to shut her out, and she will happily and obliviously take advantage of this fact until you perhaps want to murder her, or shove her in a giant dragon-sized closet and wash your hands of her.

Her sense of fashion is impeccable (or at least that's how she sees it, you and the rest of the weyr might not really agree on that fact). Sometimes she'll think today's color is lime green and you, sir, are to be clad completely in the eye stabbing color. Lucky you, right? For the most part though her obsession with dressing you will never waver and sometimes you might feel as if she's more like your mother than your dragon with how she insists you dress, groom, and generally present yourself to the weyr. Most of the time thankfully though she won't insist you wear those polkadot leathers the tanners just came out with and that she thinks you would look quite stunning in, but she does have the chance to have an off day and in that instance the whole weyr is probably happy they aren't in your shoes.

Proddiness: Proddiness is something that Espeth will absolutely /hate/. Well, not /during/ the actual proddy phase, but afterwards if she remembers what she did, she will be completely ashamed and humiliated. She is, first and foremost, a lady, and proddiness just throws that out the window. While she might hate it afterwards, during her proddiness she's having the time of her life. Her flight is the biggest race she takes part in and she is determined to win in no matter what happens. During the period that she's glowy she'll be prepping for her big race, doing lots of stretches, laps around the bowl, and did we mention the loop-to-loops? The poor males won't know what to do with her because she's just constantly be taking off into the air in practice and getting their hopes up as she prepares for her big debut. Once she's in the sky she'll shine. She won't use dirty tricks but she will play games with them, tease and thrill them as she pushes herself to the limit. She'll also taunt them mercilessly and probably name call while hints of her personality as a weyrlng slip through.

Quirks: Some of the other little random tidbits about Espeth are that she'll have this horrible problem about making up words andFaranth save younicknames for you. Some of them might not even make sense while others you'll just stare at her in wonder as how she created that monstrosity. Needless to say English is not the thing she most excels at, and she'll constantly be 'saying' things wrong that will make the bookworm in you cringe. As I mentioned already she's also rather obsessed about fashion and you shouldn't be surprised if she starts asking you to make (or somehow get your hands on) dragon sized accessories for her. I'd say she's mostly fond of scarves but she might go as far as to get you to figure out a dragon-sized head piece for her to walk around with. This will be much easier to deal with when she's a weyrling and you know, tiny (because she is a very tiny little green) but unlike other unsavory bits of her personality when she's little, this is one quirk she won't grow out of. Needless to say if you end up unable to make these monstrosities yourself, the weavers might not end up being overly fond of you (or perhaps they will be because of the amount of marks you have to spend to make these things!).

Yet another one of her quirks is also she's obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with being clean. This will be a much less annoying task when she's still very small, and while she'll never be that large of a dragon, she is still a dragon and that's a lot of hide to wash. But be warned that she'll pretty much almost expect daily baths and want to be oiled until her hide gleams with perfection. There perhaps will be days she insists on not one, but /two/ baths and if she ever gets dirty, yup, right then and there, you better keep a buff rag with you to keep her polished.


She really does sound precisely like what her inspiration is based off of, Glinda. To give you an OOC context of what she sounds like, as for the IC part her mind is full of colors. Sadly this means mostly vibrant ones such as pink *shudder* but there's lots of yellows, oranges, and florescent greens as well. When she's happy there will be a sugary smell to her, like freshly baking cherry pie while the colors are happy, bouncy, and going in typically very feminine shapes like that of a butterfly or a flower. When she's angry the colors will be so bright they will nearly 'blind' and the smell will be akin to having left that pie baking to the point of burning, a mixture of sweet and awful that makes your nose twitch. When she's sleepy her mind will feel muted, as if you've been wrapped up in cotton candy and the colors will stay more firmly entrenched in the pastel.


Egg: This egg was based off of the Dragonfruit or pitaya. I found it's very alien look interesting and flamboyant and totally couldn't pass up the chance to make an egg out of it. The flesh is white with little black seeds which is a stark contrast to its pink skin. I thought it'd make a fun egg to work with when our fruit theme popped up.

Dragon: The mind touches and general personality of the dragon originally were based off Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph because I had just seen the movie and found her utterly endearing. But then you requested Glinda the Good from the Wicked Musical so I tried to combine both into something that worked as Vanellope is sadly really not lady-like at all. I hope I ended up doing a good job!

Name: Her name is based off of Espejitos which means "little mirrors" in Spanish since she's physically based off of a Glasswinged Butterfly. I didn't particularly like the way the j looked in her name so I shortened it further. I was pronouncing it Esp-eth but feel free to say it however you'd like.

You already know everyone here at Western loves you, but I can't wait to see how you continue to play Rhab with Espeth in tow. She's going to be a handful and drive poor Rhab bonkers and I look forward to the accidental chaos she will cause. I hope you have as much fun with her as I had creating the little bit of crazy. Egg and dragon in their entirety were made by Ir'e and as always, this inspiration is just a guideline and you can play Espeth however you'd like. She is your loverly and you are ordered to have fun with her! And, welcome to Western (again)!


Name Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Espeth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Ir'e
Impressee R'bel (Rhabel)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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