Soaring in Space Blue Feith

Soaring in Space Blue Feith

Inky swirls of indigo coalesce, a deepening darkness that fractures and then fills in the complete coloring on the hide of this blue dragon. Pure blue decorates his broadened muzzle and rather blunt featured head with his wide set eyes and thick headknobs. A corona of coruscating starfire limns across wedged neckridges, following the trace from his head and on down his back to the wide sweep of his tail with its thick spade. Deepening back to indigo, his color shades across a stolid body from the short neck and down to broad shoulders. Thickset haunches support the rest of him, lost in indigo hues from the curve of his flanks down to slender columns of his legs and on down to midnight blue grasping feet and wickedly curved talons. Finally, a glittering starscape traces over the indigo blue abyss of his wings, brilliant light overlaid on darkness of his sails and providing a greater illumination along his ‘spars in a tracery design of coming galaxies.

Egg Name and Description

Aurora Borealis Egg

Flickering fey lights dance across the upper surface of this egg, a mandelbrot set of pale icy greens fading to twilight darkened scarlet ribbons against the midnight dark drape of starlit sky. Night’s shadow across the ground, reflected back into the eerie colors that slide along coniferous treetops and illuminate the uneven ground, in a brilliant rush of pale iridescence. Eventually though, the phosphorescent fire nearly burns out as it reaches the apical curve of the egg, fading into ebony and the mere illusion of hidden warmth in the surroundings of nighttime cold.

Hatching Message

Faintly the lights on the Aurora Borealis Egg seem to shift, a starting twist to the patterns of phosphorescent fire as both the green and scarlet turn and change with each movement the egg makes on the sands. Each faint wobble sends coruscating changes in the flames, a flickering dance across the shell as it heralds birth.

Rapidly widening fractures make their appearance on the Aurora Borealis Egg, illuminating the fey fire as it dances on the shell. A mutable show, beginning and ending almost before it begins as eventually all that holds the shell together is the selfsame patterns of flames.

With nary a shudder and a great deal more ripples the cracks widen on the Aurora Borealis Egg. It comes to a complete stop before the shell seems to neatly split, falling into rapidly smaller shards that surround the newborn blue hatchling with a glinting halo of pieces, fragments of his former home.

Impression Message

For several long moments, there is silence. The quietness of deep space and the complete absence of anything other than a waiting feeling that continues, long after it becomes annoying. Finally, a hint of a voice and the barest whisper in the darkness. « Alleyne? » The spell is seemingly broken after that first attempt at speech, the surrounding noise of the sands filtering through as the one in front of you then speaks in a rush. « I’m well, I’m Feith. And you’re Alleyne and I think I rather like this place. This land. What is it we’re calling it? »


Your Feith is one that is never completely going to grow up, with a thread of childlike innocence in much of what he does, and how he amuses himself. This is not to say that he never grows up, or that he can not act like an adult when needed. Simply, he chooses to reside more in a world of whimsy when at all possible.

He’ll grow in leaps and bounds as a young dragon, infinitely curious about the world around him and about you. While he won’t be the head of the weyrling class, he’s by far not the worst and is generally quietly competent in what he does. He will give sincere thanks for everything that you, including the meals that you bring. « Dinner, Alleyne? I must have done good. » That changes though, once you finally get to flight lessons because that is where he shines.

It’s generally recognized or assumed that the female of the species is always the most graceful in the air. However, in your Feith’s case it’s a fallacy easily put to rest. He was born to fly and will easily outstrip the rest of your class, completely at home with how his body works in the air, and then again when he flies with you. Once he discovers flight and the wonders it holds, well graduation will never come soon enough, with its freedoms from restrictions.

Picking out a weyr will be fun for the two of you, with perhaps differing ideas of what is acceptable, although Feith is only going to want one that allows him a good access to the skies. «Everything looks good from here. Yes, yes, this is a fertile weyr and we shall rule over all this weyr and we shall call it, our Weyr. » After which he’s appropriately apologetic to you and wonders if you liked what he picked?

For one with his sense of adventure, it’s not surprising perhaps that he’s going to push you toward the search and rescue wing, if you’ll have it. Otherwise, he’ll reluctantly admit that perhaps the transport wing might do if you’re set for that. What he’s not interested in exactly is the policing work that Western does, not that there’s anything /wrong/ with that exactly. Except well, it’d not be something he wants to be associated with. Despite this lack of appreciation for authority, he does have a bit of an inner moral code, that he follows and that he expects you’ll follow as well.

For Feith, well. Mating flights are a bit interesting because if he’s asked outright, he’ll tell you and mean it that you’re enough for him, for always. It’s just. Well, sometimes his nature just gets the better of him and he /has/ to go after that oh so tempting green when she rises.

Of course, this is all based on what I found from the movie Serenity for you – I hope I have captured the essence of Wash that you wanted, and as always my guidelines are only what I saw. Feith is your dragon to be played.


Dancing Lights
Childlike whimsy threads through the thoughts of this mind, dressed in the icy pale hues of innocence. Cautious and somewhat cold underneath, mixed with a vague selfishness and dreams of something more, something better than the right here and now. Willing to be oftimes quiet and to play up a slow mentality, a sneaky sort of cunning to be always underestimated by everyone around it.

Touch 1
brings a soft sense of wintertime peace, the sudden hint of breathtaking cold and the icy trail of wind against exposed skin. Mirrored against the cold though is a feeling of heat, of hot klah and spice to warm one and fight off the sudden slowing chill, a sudden dichotomy of the senses. Warmth of the inside to fight off the cold outside, protection in all that you do.
Touch 2
still has the sense of winter chill, of frost overlaying every thought with the sudden expanse of hidden laughter buried beneath the cold. Delighted giggles in the snowflake patterns and crystalline laughter caught up in hoarfrost as its touch continues against your senses.
Touch 3
is melting warmth, the slow drip of icicles to water and the frigid brush of that water on skin. A steadily changing move toward spring and the lightening of the darkness that winter brings. Still quite, still calm as it barely brushes against your mind, a tease of a touch before it once more darts away.
Touch 4
isn’t quite warm yet, although it is closer, a brightening feel in the air and a lessening of the sharp scent of ice and snow. A burgeoning feeling of dreams slowly changing, slowly expanding in focus for what it wants and a little bit of a hint, a draw toward you to bring you further in.
Touch 5
brings a stronger sense of spring, of relaxation and a slightly drowsy sleepy feeling of contentment. Hiding within you and feeling of protection, changing the very sense of newness to one of always been there and a reasonable feeling of love.


For this clutch, all of the eggs were based on world countries, and this aurora egg was based on Finland and the winter’s night starscape and aurora lights found there. For the rest of your dragon, I hope that you find the familiar personality that you requested of Hoban Washburne from Firefly/Serenity. Before I remembered that you had requested a name, I had done research to come up with the name Feith. It is based on the anglo representation of a mandarin chinese character with a meaning of ‘soar’ and would be pronounced faith. Which I believe would have also tied into Wash’s character traits, and the third representative that was the basis of this egg and the personality that you found in your touches: the fey, childlike whimsy of one who sees much but stays on the outskirts of life. I by no means wish to change from the name you wanted, just wished to offer perhaps a different line of thinking for something that ties together a dragon for you as well. In the end, I hope that I’ve managed a coherent vision of what you wanted in a dragon. Jolie


Name Feith
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created By Jolie
Impressee Alleyne
Hatched April 15, 2006
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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