Life in Text Brown Gabraeroth

A gangly, russet brown he seems just a little bit out of proportion with himself, one part too large, another offset or just too small. The large head maintains the brown shading, the color consistent save for his near-black maw. Large, whirling eyes set a bit farther apart than normal, the ridges rather dark. His lean headknobs tilt back at a sharper angle than most, covered in that bright burnished tint. Light chocolate shades continue down his long, slender neck, conflicting with the darker hues of the same to cascade down from his neckridges. That pattern ceases where his neck widens and meets with his broad chest, the muscles beneath the hennaed russet hide rippling with his movements. His color remains consistent along the barrel of his body and along his slender wings, with only a pale filigree of lighter hues tracing their way around the wing spars. His legs seem almost too long, even awkward, for his body, with the brown shades again turning dark as they reach his long, black talons. His tail too, is rather lengthy, balancing against the lanky length of his legs with the chocolate coloring of his haunches changing to the slight red of chestnut along its length.

Egg Name and Description

Ashes of Life Egg
A simple, plain egg, nothing about it seems remarkable. Near the top, small, grey clouds seem to linger, adding a bit of melancholy to the scene. Through the light fog a small building takes shape. A simple little house, whitewashed with small windows, sits on a dainty little yard. A small sidewalk leads to a tiny little street, having barely enough room for a single vehicle to pass. The scene is still as though life gave up stirring long ago.

Hatching Message

The Ashes of Life Egg rocks and spins, rolling down a small dune of sand. Come to a stop, it vibrates hard until, bit by bit, small pieces of shell begin to fall away. Breaking through, the creature inside will be contained no more.

Impression Message

Chaos of the sands abounds, but slowly dark wisps of blue creep around your mind, starting with a tingling sensation that tiptoes its way up your neck. All other sound fades as a curtain of velveteen azure drifts through your thoughts. «There you are. The one who showed me hope. Argawne, it /is/ you! And I am Gabraeroth and I've found you. I found the one!» Blue wisps pick up speed, tainted with faint shades of red. «I had hoped so much to find you here. We will be together forever, Argawne. May we start with dinner?»

Mind Description

Soft Winds of Velveteen Nights
The personality of the creature inside this egg is one full of melancholy, one seemingly to always long for better time long past. Detached from life, it simply seems to watch things go by, untouched, as though a solemn observer of the world's events. Inspiration seems to have left it long ago.


When Gabraeroth's mind touches yours, his thoughts will whirl in dominant shades of dark blue, a light, midnight shimmers of stars shimmering with each mental whisper. His mind will feel warm, like an Arabian night, the winds of his touch carrying the loyalty and utterly pure love he has for you. Curiosity will carry hints of lighter greens, dancing among the darker shades. His bits of sullenness, which will be unavoidable, will fade the deep blues to near black and lighten only with your presence.

Falling Ashes of Life Gone By sift through the mental winds of your mind, wafting down gently like snowflakes all around. A lingering melancholy taints all a subtle grey, but like snow at night, there's still a hidden glisten. Not hesitant, really, the mind within the egg seems almost lazy in reaching out, apathetic in its pursuit. Seeming to stretch like a waking feline, its mind wisps across yours, just a glancing pass. About to retreat back to its solitude, it turns back, this time enwrapping itself around your curiousity. Now shades of grey turn slighly blue as it encounters this thought and pulls it towards itself. Now it must go ponder, but this time it retreats with a quiet burst of sparkle and cool wisps of a fall breeze.


From birth to adulthood, Gabraeroth will encounter many new interests, though some will last only a sevenday and others a lifetime. With each new interest, he will beg you to join in his delight at gaining new knowlegdge. Often, he will count on you to help him remember these fanciful things, a habit that could possibly force you to broaden your own horizons in the knowledge of things.

As a young dragon, from birth and through weyrlinghood, Gabraeroth will be ever attentive, listening to both your thoughts and the world around him. As he gets older, his thoughts will not invade yours nearly as much but at the end of the day he will greet you like an excited child, home from school and ready to share the wonders of the world. His thoughts will often skip from one subject to another rather abruptly, often making real study difficult when he is awake. His hyperactive nature will not be applied solely to education, but also spill over into physical activity. He will always be ready for a game of tag, or tug of war, or any game that takes shape in his maturing mind.

In encouraging you to embrace the same openness about learning, he will often beg you and beg you to spend marks on books. Strangely enough, they will become a comfort to him, asking for your translation of written word. Reading to him from a text, any text, will be what soothes his temper and mends a broken ego. And, much like a teddy bear, there will always be books near the places he sleeps.

Once of age, his thoughts will flow more fluidly, like a fine novel. He will challenge your thoughts, your dedications, daring you to try new things almost to the point of demanding. Often, he will be subltle in attempting to bring you into his mental interests, but if he believes you're becoming too one-sided, he will all but force you to realize this and won't be satisfied until you've gone off and learned something new. Dedication to a craft is possible will bonded to this one, but will sometimes be difficult. Many times you will find yourself explaining why you must dedicate time to one thing, but, in the end, he will know when to concede.

As an adult, he will maintain his playful ways. Games will always be a delight to him, just as you reading to him will bring about a calmness to his mind. He will activing engage both you and other dragons in games and intellectual conversations alike.

Finally, during flights, his true spirit will show through. He will apply logic and strategy to the ancient mating ritual, making calculated moves through the air. He will be slightly aggressive, possibly even challenging other chasers while in the air. Tight control will be a must.

OOC: This is how I see Gabraeroth in my mind. I wanted him to challenge your character beyond her runners, while being able to enjoy her knowledge of them as well. I do hope you like him. His name, Gabraeroth, is both a combination of your desired names and something from my own experience. Gaebriella the first (and only) horse my family ever owned. She was a bay Tennesee Walker with a playful but gentle spirit. I wanted to capture a bit of that in Gabraeroth as well. Your presense at Western has added much to its unique experience and I consider us lucky to have such a fine player. Thank you for that.

Why Argawne? As stated in the inspiration, the Gabraeroth, from sentience to hatching, was searching for something to soothe its feelings of hopelessness. When you touched his shell, he felt a brief spark, as though there were indeed something out there to look forward to. Once hatched, he remembered that feeling, how it made him feel, and sought it out once again. Only that feeling could make him complete and thus he found you. « You give me life, Argawne. Show me the world, and together we'll share everything.»


Gabraeroth was based on one of the many lives of Edna St. Vincent Millay. A playwright, novelist, and poetess, she was a woman that had as many 'hats' as she had lovers. During one of her brighter periods, she was a strong advocate of women's education. She embraced knowledge as she did love and was one of the truly brilliant people of her time. She was a complex woman, as most are, at times bright and loving, at other times sullen, always in search of hope. She is the mind of the creature within in the egg.

Life in Text BrowN Gabraeroth
Dam Gold Zephyruth
Sire Brown Ceannath
Created by Rayne
Impressee Argawne
September 12, 2003
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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