Blooming in Springtime Green Gaeath

This buoyant and energetic green dragon is cloaked in shades ranging from a bright, natural leafy green near her head knobs to splotches of deeper moss green that follow haphazardly down her back and around her sides like strokes from an eccentric artist. A striking shade of jungle green wraps tightly around her belly and also graces the base of her wings, while the green of her tail and talons is so deep as to be almost brown making her appear very solid and dependable indeed. But it's not just her coloring that catches the attention. The slight tilts of her head, the careful way she surveys her surroundings give the impression that she knows far more than she would every say.

Egg Name and Description

Color of Life Egg
If it's not easy being green, then it's extremely hard for this very green egg. Smooth and shining, it's shell has been divided into a multitude of bright facets and each one of them is a different shade of emerald. It's as though life itself has fractured upon the surface and scattered into every possible hue nature could provide - the dark agate of soft moss, the sun-kissed green of leaves in the morning, the pale blue-green of algae, the smooth verdance of a meadow, the lush tones of foliage and more variations that can't even be properly described. It's a breathtaking collage of colors that is entirely hard to process all at once, as each section needs to be viewed on its own - together it flows into a roiling sea of shining emerald tones. If plant life itself could be cut, polished and displayed it would certainly look like this egg.

Nature's Rhythms softly caress your mind, churning into life on the tail end of a warm spring breeze. A rolling beat starts to thrum underneath your fingertips, the tempo primal and oddly familiar. Whoosh. Swish. Phantom winds swish in time with the rhythm, the breezes bringing crisp fresh scents of greenery and florals that tease your senses. The sound of running water flows in the distance, the bubbling and chattering adding a new layer of natural music to the steady thrumming that vibrates through the very fiber of your being. A soft rustling of leaves. The creak of a branch. Everything comes together into a natural melody that ebbs and flows around the beat. A presence seems to dwell within these idyllic surroundings, wrapped warm and comfortable amongst the soothing sounds that rush between your ears. It sends out a caress - an almost nurturing and comforting touch of wind that brings forth memories - warm, happy and secure. Memories that make you feel comforted and protected amidst the rhythms of nature. Leaves swirl in what could almost be considered a laugh - mischievous, maybe, though it disappears too quickly to tell for sure. The beat soon slows and then fades with a lingering sigh of wind, leaving only a hint at what might still be left to blossom from this fertile mind.

Nature's Rhythms fills your mind with a rush of wind, the strong breeze twirling through your mind with excitement and energy. Bits of leaves, grass and flower petals are stirred up in a great rushing chatter, the noise cascading in a mockery of a laugh - obviously the presence is happy to see you again. A veritable waterfall of scents flows with it - fresh cut grass, leaves in autumn, spring water, flowers and every other smell you happen to associate with greenery. Ba dum. Ba dum. Hidden beneath the rush of nature sounds thrums the beat, its primal noise deep enough to vibrate through your fingertips. ba dum ba dum. It's quicker now and more lively, as though life is starting to course through it as the presence within wakens more. It's a soothing background to the steady swish, creak and flow of leaves, foliage and fresh water that make up the chorus of nature's melody. Everything around you is more lively and bouncy - the water burbles and rushes over rocks and stones, the leaves brush together in huge gusts of wind. A cyclone of leaves surrounds you in reckless abandon as the presence draws forth more memories - memories of fun, happiness and good times. Parties, adventures and laughter. You can feel the energy in the beat now - rapid and full of the love of life and the need for exploration and adventure. There's a final fluttering of leaves that brushes over your mind with a gentle softness before everything goes silent and still. You're only left with a lingering floral scent and a slightly elevated heartbeat that's still straining to stay in time with the hidden rhythm.

Nature's Rhythms flows into your mind with a languid motion akin to wind blowing through drooping branches, the movement subtle and relaxing. Ba dum dum. Rumbling and deep, the rhythm starts to pulse through your fingers in a lazy kind of way - soft and insistent, steady as a beating drum. It seems like the presence within has settled into a contented lull - perhaps tired after the energetic excitement from before. Wind blows through your mind like a sigh, bringing with it soothing scents of lavender and jasmine along with a hint of fresh pine. There's the sound of water rolling lazily over stones, bubbling and slow and full of a soft rushing - nature's melody. All the while the beat goes on - ba dum, ba dum. All the sounds of nature come together to form a simple lullaby. Phantom winds brush at leaves, bringing forth a crescendo of sound that tickles at your consciousness. The presence, as sleepy and relaxed as you suddenly are, draws forth a few more memories in a steady trickle - lazy days of happiness, carefree moments in nature and soothing melodies from your past. It almost seems to sigh in contentment at each new image, the wind swirling and blowing through your mind with its pleasure at these new things. Ba dum … dum. The beats begin to slow, the vibrations coursing through your fingertips. An echo of wind suddenly breezes through you, the noise almost like that of a yawn. Life has so many facets - security, energy and just enjoying the moment. But life for this presence is still blossoming - who knows how it will end up. A final whisper of leaves and water and everything falls still once more, leaving you with a final note of soothing peace and tranquility with a hidden reserve of life's energy.

Hatching Message

The Color of Life Egg chooses this moment to wobble, quite naturally, in response to some inner rhythm or urging.

The perfectly unbroken form of the Color of Life Egg is suddenly marred by a deep crack. There's no reason to panic, everything changes form, eventually. It is time.

The shell of the Color of Life Egg separates neatly, leaving only a few scattered pieces. The hatchling stands among them!

Impression Message

From where the Blooming in Springtime Green Hatchling stands, in the shards of her own shell, she takes only a moment to look over at a knot of candidates, lifting her head with matronly understanding. One of them needs her solid guidance, and she them, just as certainly as a mother needs a child. Protective and cautious, she steps around her nearby clutchmates until she reaches a clear space, and then, with a renewal of buoyant energy she bounds forward a bit haphazardly until she is standing right in front of a fragile little brown-haired lad from the Weaver Hall, who is looking the other way. Responding to the frantic pointing of the others nearby, and a frantic hiss of his name, "Stienes, look!" the boy turns to see what all the fuss is about. Their eyes meet. Dragon and boy become dragon and rider, just like that. They walk off together as the others part to give them room. "I know you're hungry, Gaeath.", the new rider says, trying the name for the first time. "We'll get you something to eat right away!" One of the boy's former companions nods knowingly. They expected this outcome and smile for him, with some lingering regret, while he's not looking.


With a clutch theme of "Months of the Year" and eggs based off birthstones, this very very green egg belongs to the merry month of May, and the birthstone in question is an emerald. The hatchling is based off springtime and May flowers and her name comes from Gaea, which is Mother Earth.


Name Blooming in Springtime Green Gaeath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Ae'gus (egg) A'ven & Enka (Hatchling)
Impressee St'nes (Stienes)
Hatched July 31, 20011
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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