Abated Vengeance Blue Galgardioth

This blue gives the impression of being young, no matter his age, due to his body's lanky and elongated frame. He has a square, short torso, though his hindlegs make up for it, even the digits on his paws seemingly longer than ordinary. The lower portion of his limbs, just past their first joint, are thickly muscled, accounting for his ability to move with alacrity. That speed adds to the impression his hide gives of a roiling storm prepared to break. Over spiny headknobs and down along his graceful neck, his hide is a glistening pale blue-grey, with touches of slate here and there that add a certain dramatic flair to his otherwise somewhat rounded features and blunt muzzle, specifically two marks under his eyes that give the impression of greater size. That pale shade deepens as it flows down his spine, exploding outwards across his back to send shards of color over his wings, disrupting the pearlescent lapis lazuli of the sails, so beautifully marbled in color if not for those jagged, stretching lines of darkness. The tips of his wingspars, his tailspade, and his right forepaw all shine with a very distinctive shade of blue-tinted steel. His left forepaw, however, shows an odd crackling pattern of scarring, dappled ultramarine and grey, and the claws on that side look to be blunted and borderline useless, suggesting he was cramped in his egg as he grew. This defect pairs with a scar that lances across his throat, a sudden puckered span of skin that looks darker than the pale blue-grey around it. Fortunately, his overlong forward digits should make up for his nearly lacking left claws.

Egg Name and Description

Dreaming Knight Egg

Hatching Message

Dreaming Knight Egg rumbles before breaking away in clean halves, revealing… an upside down hatching with it's little baby rump in the air. The dragonet shakes itself off, fluttering little wings and opening it's maw wide in a yawn.

Impression Message





Name Abated Vengeance Blue Galgardioth
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By cell-content
Impressee K'an (Keldan)
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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