Unruffled and Unconcerned Blue Gallinth

Dainty and more delicate than the majority of his siblings, this little blue would stand out even if he weren't so very blue. Which he is. He is so, so blue. Almost so blue that human eyes can't perceive how very blue he is. It's lucky that his topline and belly are darker and paler, respectively, or he'd be a little hard to look at. The indigo that feathers from his angular snout, down his long neck, over his wings and back and finally his whippy tail is also really blue, though. The saturation goes up, if anything, while the color deepens a few shades, accenting the dainty proportions of this dragon. His belly, neck, and under his tail are significantly paler than the rest of him, softly sky-blue and blending into the deeper shades gradually. The undersides of his nicely proportionate wings fade from indigo to the paler sky blue, but tend to be visible only in flight, as he balances relatively well without them extended. He doesn't need all that holding him back.

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