The Essence of Cold Blue Geimhreath

Winter has touched the hide of this mid-sized dragon, leaving its mark in frigid shades of blue across his flesh. Every inch of this dragon is so chill of aspect that he seems about to transition from living being to frozen statue, made more poignant when he stands still. It starts with his angular head, the narrow, sharp muzzle so pale as to be almost white with only the faintest tinge of blue discernable. Sweeping back across the wider planes of his cranium and down the graceful arch of his sinuous neck his hide gradually darkens, hints of a chill and empty sky at mid-day emerging from beneath the frost. Down into his shoulders spreads this eye-smarting brightness, where again it transitions to a richer hue, descending from midday toward dusk. As the advancing twilight shades fall across his torso, coating his wings, chest and back, the winter sky meets a winter sea. Rising up from his strong limbs and coating his belly, crashing against the coming night, is a swirling mix of watery blues that froth against the sky tones, dark and forbidding.

Egg Name and Description

Blue Paint and Plaid Egg
Everything about this egg seems out of place, from its oddly angular shape to the tracks of color across the shell. The top if the egg is painted in vibrant blue patterns, streaking the surface in aggressive yet artful lines. Long swaths are patterned in shades of brown and gray, neatly laid out into a plaid pattern. The remaining portions of the shell is soft tans and beiges, the only normal shading present across its surface, yet even this seems odd when surrounded by tartan and woad.

Hatching Message

Blue Paint and Plaid Egg pulses in time to a private song, throbbing repeatedly before falling still once more.

Blue Paint and Plaid Egg takes on a faster beat as its occupant strikes the shell in rapid succession.

Blue Paint and Plaid Egg continues to pulse, thrumming now, and finally breaks open. The shell splits neatly along the vertical axis, each side falling cleanly away to expose the glistening form of The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling.

Impression Message

As vibrant eyes meet yours warmth eases into your mind, carrying with it the scent of jasmine and myrrh and blocking everything else from your perceptions. For a moment there is no sound, just the feeling of gentle heat and a growing sense of /presence/, of something approaching. Then, surrounded by the crackle of flames, a gruff voice presses upon your thoughts. « So, you are the one who I have been waiting for. Searching for. » Those eyes whirl faster, matching the red and orange flames dancing in your head. « Our time has come, Keely, and we have much to do. » Myrrh is replaced with amber and the crackle shifts to a dull roar. « But before we get started, it would be best if I - ah, we - eat. Lead on. »


All Laid Back and Stuff… Or Not
Geimhreath's personality is a unique dichotomy of rigidity and rebellion. At first blush he might seem like the perfect soldier: painfully aware of the rank of his fellows, always perfectly respectful, giving everything 110 of his effort and scrupulous in adhering to every rule. And yet, he is not so ready to accept a subservient role. Incredibly clever is Geimhreath, making use of this sly intelligence to identify ways to challenge authority without being identified as the cause. A word here, and idea there, and he sows the seeds of change all about him. Not harmful change, at least not as he perceives it: he strives for growth and improvement, the necessary evolution of ideas that is integral to the function of the Weyr, all stealthily managed from the sidelines. Once the stage is set, then he will make his move, raising you and him both into prominence - whatever that role may be.

Growing Pains
"If at first you don't succeed…"

« No. Failure is /not/ an option. We will do this right the first time or we will do it not at all. »

Ah, the joys of weyrlinghood and a growing dragon. Your Geimhreath will be a constant challenge, at least for the first few months, or even years, of your life together, always seeking to push the both of you to become the best of the best of the best (sir!) as you grow together. In things small (such as having a perfectly tidy self and cot) to things big (following every rule and instruction and never making a mistake if he can avoid it) and everything in between, Geimhreath sees opportunities to test your resolve and determine a course toward a prominent future - though what form that future will take is something he will leave to you to determine. You will not be able to remain an impassive observer while he strives toward greatness, for he will be counting on you to help him reach his goals. Whether you agree or redirect him to other pursuits will be up to you - and while the latter will take much work to convince him, once his mind is changed he will again devote his full energies to the goal. Eventually you will find a way to balance this perfectionism and decide upon a mutually agreeable series of goals; working together, anything is possible.

Up, Up, and Away!
Flying is something that may pose a real challenge for Geimhreath's perfectionist tendencies, especially when he considers himself to be competing against his clutchmates. Where some will have natural grace and speed, Geimhreath will have to practice and practice in order to develop the same skill that his siblings find naturally. Here again is an opportunity to guide your lifemate, helping him learn that being the best at everything is not possible and that being less skilled does not make a person, or a dragon, less valuable than another. By the time he begins chasing in mating flights he will have reached his physical peak, but there will always be room for strategic development and cunning tricks to improve his odds. When he does win he will be smug yet polite; when he loses, it will lead to either critical self evaluation or complete ambivalence, depending on how interested he was in the chase.

Can You Hear Me Now?
Embers of Rebellion filled Geimhreath's mind touch when he was egg-bound, and this has not faded as he has grown. In truth, the pursuit of perfection that drives your dragon has brought these smoldering coals to fiery life. For the sense of smell he brings a robust collection of incense: sage for calm, jasmine for pleasure, myrrh when he is being smug, and amber when upset or angry. Rippling flames dance around his thoughts, growing from pale orange to red to blue-white with the intensity of his emotions. As for sound, Geimhreath's voice is the soft crackle of burning wood, the contained grumble of a good campfire, and the raging roar of a forest fire - all wrapped up in one neat little package.


Simmering in the mind of this energetic hatchling are the seeds of rebellion. Pushing boundaries, challenging set notions, reaching out to disrupt what is conceived to be true - that is the essence of the spirit contained herein. The status quo is not acceptable; only by striking out on its own and experiencing events first-hand can this mind be satisfied.


It was a joy to write a dragon for you, Keelyra, and I hope you find him as much of a pleasure to play as he was to create! You are of course completely welcome to adapt him as you see fit; the RP Tips are just that - tips to help you get started. Anyway, on to how I trained - er, made - your dragon!

Our theme for this clutch was Movie Scores, and the Blue Paint and Plaid egg was inspired by the film Braveheart. The touch messages are based on the following tracks from the soundtrack: the first touch is inspired by 'Gift of a Thistle' while the second and third draw from different parts of the 'End Credits' track. I've actually never seen the film, but the soundtrack is a mainstay in my household and was a delight to turn into an egg mind.

When it came to writing your dragon, I was faced with a hard decision: try to learn enough about a character and series completely unfamiliar to me that I could make your blue concept come alive, or take up the challenge of turning Jadis, one of my favorite characters in the Chronicles of Narnia, into a believable blue. If it isn't obvious yet, the latter is absolutely what I went for. I started with a relatively simple idea: A perfectionist militant blue as a twist on Jadis: rigidly aware of rank, scrupulously respectful, achievement-oriented; a personality that doesn't quite understand the concept of 'fun' and needs to be throttled back from over-achieving and wearing them both out. He's grown quite a bit from there!

Once I had a concept, I needed a suitable name. It had to be firmly masculine to suit the role, which disqualified most of the immediately obvious names - while both the Celtic and Japanese mythos have winter queens or goddesses, neither have prominent masculine figures associated with the winter season! So it came to the languages to create a name with the proper associations. Your Geimhreath is, quite literally, winter - his name comes from the Irish Gaelic word 'geimhreadh', which has that meaning. I don't have much of an ear for languages, so take this with a grain of salt (and maybe a listen of your own): I /think/ it is pronounced GEEV-ruh, which suggests GEEV-ruhth for his name, but it is a lovely fluid word and I encourage you to experiment and find what sounds right to you!

For Geimhreath's description I drew from blue things which are related to winter, primarily the sky and water (both as a liquid and as ice). I was also inspired by some pictures of Jadis' throne from the latest adaptation of the Chronicles of Narnia, which are truly lovely. Similarly, the hatchling name is a nod to Jadis' nature.

And that's Geimhreath's genesis! Again, I do hope you enjoy your Jadis blue, in whatever way you find works for playing him. :)
~Kayse (with help from Rorn on his name!)


Name The Essence of Cold Blue Geimhreath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Kayse
Impressee Keely (Keelyra)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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