Walking the Walk of Shame Green Ghaith

One would be hard pressed to come up with a pretty adjective to describe this angular, dingy green hatchling. Stains of puce dapple her neck, shoulders, legs and tail, and her ungainly wings are entirely that awful yellow-green shade, broken up only by spots of darker, blackish green. When she moves, her limbs are in constant disagreement, flailing her this way and that, her spindly wings making little attempt to balance her out. She has a look of illness about her, her attitude droopy, weary, as if breaking from the shell took every bit of strength she had, and her life hereafter will be one of sloth.

Egg Name and Description

The Party Is Over Egg
Oblong, perhaps a little extra tall, this egg is wrapped in shades of amethyst, gold, and green muted over a base color of dull brown. Ribbons of color swirl in crazed, never straight lines from the relatively light apex down to the rather dark bottom. Amethyst stands out against the brown up at the top, glaringly bright in comparison to the rest of the colors. The color fade from amethyst briefly into the brown before muted gold becomes clear, and towards the center of the egg, gold ribbons mix with green ribbons, and as the colors wrap around the bottom of the egg, the green becomes brighter and more vivid, before once again fading away into dingy brown.



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Western Weyr
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