The Sleeping Mountain Brown Golth

This brown dragon seems almost hewn straight from one of Pern's oldest rock formations. His features look as though they were once sharp and clean but have been eroded over time. His hide also carries a weathered look, appearing cracked and blistered, though a run of the hand over it reveals it to be simply coloring. The hide itself is as smooth as any other dragon hide. Most of the dragon is a very earthen grayish brown, his claws and feet bordering on black. The top of him however is slathered in a more golden brown, the color of freshly baked bread, which fades into a bluish tint on his head and neck ridges. This brown's eyeridges are pointed slightly inwards, giving his eyes an angry look to them. His snout blunt and boxy, with a fierce-looking jaw that inaudibly snarls to anyone who views it head on. His wings have a tattered and cracked appearance to them, resonant from the way the coloring on his body has visually textured them. He has a rather broad build and seems to move slowly and patiently.

Impression Message

The boy in front of you was a fool. He came to close to the hatchling and now crimson splatters by your feet. The boy howls and cries and you move in, wrestling the brown hatchling off of the bloodstained candidate. The hatchling struggles and claws. Your cheek explodes with warmth but you do not flinch. Suddenly, there is a moment of serenity. The hatchling and you stare at each other, motionlessly before your vision fades. A voice, gravely claustrophic speaks calmly in your mind. "You." the voice states and the silence between you speaks volumes. "I am Golth." No more needed to be said, for in those moments you understood each other.


If Cassara were represented by fire, Golth would be represented by the earth. Patient and grounded, but powerful and decisive when the moment calls. Golth is at one point Cassara's counterbalance while at the same time being in sync with her. Like his rider, Golth is competitive, but instead of acting rashly, he calculates. Like his rider, Golth holds grudges, but instead of lashing out immediately, Golth holds on to them until the time is right. Both want to want to excel but approach it in different ways. Cassara gives her dragon passion while Golth gives his rider patience.

Alone Together

Golth and Cassara speak few words between each other, but what they say and what they sense from each other is enough. They are far from independent though, their presence bringing deep comfort to each other.. Words are exchanged most when something is wrong. Golth has talked Cassara down from many brash, thoughtless action. There is almost always a better time to repay a grudge. All grudges must be repaid, but not necessarily now.

Unstoppable Force

When Golth acts, he acts decisively and powerfully. During the heat of the moment, when everything is finally going down, he can be as brash and forceful as his rider. But the plan gives him strength. The work done before hand gives him the power to give it his all in the now. Raw force is great, but well timed force is better. Golth aims to have both whenever possible.


Craggy and gravely, Golth's mindvoice speaks of the moving earth. Sediment settles and metal ore bend and whine. It a low, deep voice, speaking calmy in a cave collapse, reverberating through your mind..

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