The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Gusith

Dark, deep bronzes pool along the hide of this dragon, an empowering presence simply by his color alone. Darker, off-greens line his muscles, appearing like worn metal that has been left out for ages while dull and old copper tones grace his talons and the tip of his muzzle. A large brute in appearance along with his deep bronze colors, going together perfectly and twining to appear as a threatening figure that has seen many battles. He even appears to have a scar that starts from one eye ridge and ends at the corner of her mouth on the right side of his face, as if from a fight of a thug-war. It is a faded gold, suggesting that it is not a fresh wound, nor even a real wound but a play of color. But, light does shine through the night. Flickers light gold specks dance down his hide freely, gathering where they see fit, though hardly gracing his head and headknobs while it gathers much more frequently at the tips of his forked tail. It is almost as if the gold specks were being sucked down to the tip of his tail, or even exploding outwards from the tip. The gold flecks become paler on the sails of his wings, which are an opaque bronze, almost see-through. These wings are larger than normal, on his body, while he himself is larger than normal, as are his wings. The joints are also thicker than normal, appearing as if he can down the mightiest foes with just a flick of his wing. Not only do his wings have large joints, but the rest of his limbs are large too almost like a body-builder. Muscles are large makeup of what makes this bronzes larger size, making awkward movements for the dragon, despite his age.

Egg Name and Description

The Hideaway Building Egg
Creaky boards seem to lay out along the medium sized egg, forming the structure of what appears to be a building, around the egg and forming the basic plan of the building. Each odd formation seems to bulge out from the egg, making it an odd formation that appears more life-like to the touch. A window peeks through, darkened with an appearance that no one resides in this building. To the right of this window and down a floor, another window appears and it seems there is a person in the darkness of the building of the egg.

Impression Message

The sound of irritable scratching fills your ears, ringing above all else. Hisses of annoyance, blending in with the scratching, crackling loudly. Suddenly, your vision goes black. All goes quiet, silence fills your head to where not even thoughts can penetrate. Slowly, the crashing of water fills your head, soothing and meaning to comfort. A feeling of possession, a need to protect, while the need to guard is still there. And finally, the need to take action, to fulfill desires, to lead. Then, a voice, a deep baritone to match your own voice, but altered enough to be an entirely different being, speaks. « F'ian.. » A pause, the rushing of water growing louder. « We have much to do, you and I.. Much to do. So many things that need plotting.. But first, » a gentle growl, perhaps pushing into your own stomach, « we must feast for ourselves.. See what exactly we are dealing with. » And then, your vision returns.


Your Gusith will never truly be a "good" person. He'll do good things, yes, but he'll never truly be the hero, the knight in shining armor, or anything of that sorts. Starting off, Gusith will be a clumsy fool. So much that he /hates/ making the tiniest of mistakes. Should he trip and fall, stumble due to his large size, he will snort and brush it off. His promises aren't ones to be looked over, he'll go through with what he says. He'll soon be plotting to take down anyone who makes him look the fool, or, even you for that matter. Gusith strives around perfection, each plot must be done perfectly. He does try, but, his foul temper does tend to get the best of him more often. « What?! You ruined my meal! It was perfect! I'm going to rip you one Lhayerath! » Though, he's not entirely sure what he means most of the time, F'ian, you will be the only one who can soothe him. But, fear not: when he grows older, the trivial things will not spark his harsh temper as often as it would while he was younger.

There is a rather dark nature to Gusith. Rather than speaking how he will take down someone that has wronged him or you, he will paint vivid pictures in your mind. Down to every last detail, like that single drop of blood someone may miss when looking at it quickly. Luckily for you, he has a brain rather than just brawn. Which means, he'll think of the best for the his gang, you and him. But, even if he doesn't do what's right all the time. Just know it was right for you and him. « What do you /mean/ I shouldn't have shoved Idesaeslitendeth? Well, she was in the way. Even if she is a /girl/. »

Girls.. yuck! At a young age, Gusith will find almost every green or gold disgusting. While he may not voice this to them, he'll offer nothing more than a few polite words of greeting. Though, aside to you, his comments will be different. « Really, she's gross. Why would I want to be around her? Ugh. F'ian, can we leave now? Please? » He'll even go as far as begging to get away - until he's older at least. Once he reaches that age, he'll be a natural ladies' man, maybe even having quite a few fawn over him. « You see Bennueth looking this way? Yeah, you do. She's hot. When she gets proddy Just, wow… » He'll be quick to saunter and drop a few sweet words her way. Even with the ladies, he'll have a plan of action, he'll never go in without one.. Well, unless there's another man stepping into his turf.

His relationship with other guys can be a 50-50 deal. He may like them at one point, hate them at another. Those he does deem close will be kept in on his secrets, so long as they don't snitch. If they do, it's another story - likely full of insults that have no true meaning behind them. While he may make plans to stash things, he never knows exactly what he'll take, so if he sees something that he likes and doesn't want anyone to find, you bet it will go in his hiding spot.

Gusith is possessive. Anything that catches his eye is his (and a lot of things catch his eye, even people)and even more so of you, F'ian. He'll not let you go for the longest time as a Weyrling, not unless he can follow. As he grows, he will slack in his hold over where you go. But, he'll always try to be close, to watch your back. « There could be someone watching. No? Yes. There can be. We can never be too sure, F'ian. I might need to teach them a lesson. You know, hurt them a little. How else would they learn? » Should you try to keep him from being near, he will become bristled and allow you to hear the scratchy voice he reserves for those who he doesn't like. « Well, fine. You didn't need me. » And, he'll go about his business. But, don't expect him not to feel betrayed. He'll be utterly crushed, for a bit.

Favorite activities? Yes, Gusith is full of them. Plotting, flying, hunting, swimming, squishing bugs. You name it. Though plotting can fall into one or many categories. Along with plotting he adores to swim. Why? Because it's like flying, only in the water. Since swimming is likely to come before flying, he shall be a water-dragon, swimming whenever he can and building those muscles of his as much as he can. When the time to fly does come, he'll be surprisingly accurate and almost frighteningly graceful. Luckily for his swimming so often, he'll be decently agile for a bronze with big bulk like his. While he may not be the fastest, he'll likely be the first to fly accurately. With flying, comes hunting, two of his favorite activities in one. « We'll fly today. And hunt! Yes.. Hunt. Taste the blood in your mouth, F'ian. Its.. wonderful. » He'll literally give you a taste of the blood, at least a mental one. Maybe give you a few splashes from the herdbeast he took down if he feels like sharing. That, or, he'll give you a scene of the bloody hunt and ripping apart of his prey. He loves to share such things with you, hoping you find the thrill of the kill along with him. There's a sliver of light within the darkness, that one good bone in his dark body. He'll do one good deed a day, maybe a week, or a month. Depending on his mood or what there is to give. Think of it as charity work. He doesn't like repeating things, if he forgets he'll likely do a round two. Most often than not, favors don't go without compensation
Gusith will not be graceful in mating flights, nope, hell moan out his love with blunt words. Hell not be the smooth-talker during the flights, rather, he'll be forgetting what exactly he was wanting to say in the first place so the first thing that pops into his mind will come out. « Ooh, look at you, Baliceauth. I want to get my tail around your's and do those naughty things we do.. Embrace you. Yes. » While, likely, he'll make a fool of himself, he'll be back to his smooth talking self once the flight is over, whether he wins or loses. He'll never let a flight get to him, never the snuggly one or the cuddly one. But, he will stick around to chat the green or gold up some. Should he have ever a clutch, he'll be that over-protective father figure that every boy fears when meeting the girl's father. All the candidates are the boys and all the eggs are his daughters. He'll keep anyone he can from touching: at least he'll try his hardest. He can be calmed by you or the clutch mother (who will win a temporary place in his heart).

Why F'ian? Well, because, he's his right hand man! His other half. Brother of his mind. He knows Gusith best, even if he never knew him before the moment of Impression. Gusith is the medium of the secret darkness that lurks in F'ian's mind.. Though, more often than not he will encourage F'ian to do that bad, more than the good.


Lurker of the Shadows
The sound of a scraggly voice, one like someone has been coughing for hours and hasn't taken a drink, is how Gusith is to those who are not his rider. Firm, scratchy, and overall discomfort to speak with. Rather than smooth, he is rough, not caring what the others think. It's like sandpaper on wood, scratching back and forth. Or the annoying sound of someone scratching but never stopping, meant to fend those he does not see fit to speak with him away. For F'ian, he speaks with smoothly behind the roar of a waterfall that cascades downwards, loudly. His voice the crash of the water colliding but it is gentle enough to where it soothes the mind. He is a deep baritone in the crash, loud enough to be heard, while gentle enough to soothe.


Welcome to Western! I'm going to start out saying how glad I am you picked my egg and that I was able to make your dragon! Our theme of the clutch was "good guys and bad guys", so, naturally, Gusith is a "bad guy". Your Gusith was based off of Al "Scarface" Capone. Thus, the scar. His name comes from Capones right hand man: Jake "Greasy Fingers" Gusik. I used the 'gusi' part of Gusith, which, actually has a nice type of ring to it. Who doesnt know Al Capone anyway? Crime man, gangster, murderer. Perfect plotter. Until he was taken down for skipping his taxes. But, dont worry. Gusith will have you to stop him from making any minor mistakes. I really enjoyed writing him and I hope that you will enjoy him just as much. You said you wanted something dark, but something a little good. Gusith isnt entirely evil, but he is a baddie. I tried to incorporate what I saw of Al Capone into Gusith without going into the major evil.


Name The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Gusith
Dam Gold Onauth
Sire Bronze Raenth
Created By
Impressee F'ian (Finian)
Hatched May 18, 2008
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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