Before you stands a magnificient creature, its hide shimmering with the light like a piece of a jade statue come to life. She looks at you with her multi-faceted eyes, and croons softly for attention. A mischievious look adorns this green's face, you notice her powerful hind legs as she appears tall compared to most greens, she wears her turns well, looking like she is still an adolescent and has the energy and playful nature of her youth. Her hide is smooth and there is traces of black throughout, giving it a marble-look.%RAround the stunning greens neck is a set of fine made leather straps, thick and durable, used to mount on the neck ridges. It fits perfectly to the shape of this greens body, tho the green has never really liked the feel of the straps on her.

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Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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