Zealously Anodyne Blue Haezynth

Blue in uniformly soothing pastels covers every inch of this dragon, the same color that Healers have sometimes used to try to calm their patients, and there are a great many inches for it to cover. He's a bulky fellow for his color, pudgy about the belly but also broad of shoulder and long of tail. Cornflower swirls hypnotically over wings and back with powder blue,paling to the color of sunlight on ice over the crest of his neck ridges. He is a wide-faced dragon, with a stocky neck slightly too short to balance the extensive tail, full cheeks the color of afternoon sky beneath the faceted eyes. The muscles beneath the gently-hued hide are well-defined, sturdy haunches tense with pent-up energy that belies the delicate coloration.

  • Haezynth was drawn by T'eo!

Egg Name and Description

Tempest-tossed Skyscape Egg
Leaden-gray and cimmerian-darkness duel in an aggressive display of dominance across the smooth-curved shell of this large egg — certainly not the biggest of the clutch, but well sized nonetheless. The play of shadow and light across the shell lends to the semblance of gathering clouds that often boil up above the Weyr's spindled peaks; looming darkly and heavily along the skyline. Darkness duels with overcast light, dynamic and foreboding as each seeks to claim dominance over the other, the edges of each splash of color across the egg blurring lightly, melding into each other, a gaussian sweep of contrasts over the curve of the shell. But for all of it, the panoramic struggle of dark and light only creates the backdrop for the wavy bands of opalescent white that skid along the eggshell like clouds driven before the wind.

Hatching Message

One last roll as though beneath a stiff wind amid the still heat of the hatching sands, and the Tempest-tossed Skyscape Egg cracks. Not content with a crack, the occupant batters the shell from the inside, turning the crack into a small hole, into a gaping breach. The Zealously Anodyne Blue Hatchling comes through nose first, pushing the rest of the shell aside and heading off to investigate the Candidates.

Impression Message

« Hello? Hello! » The voice that suddenly interjects itself into your mind is at first nasal, shrill, grating as the buzz of a drill, but almost immediately it softens. « There you are! » The Zealously Anodyne Blue Hatchling is in front of you, looking up at you with whirling eyes. « Nothing to be afraid of, D'ana! I'm here now. My name is Haezynth. This isn't so bad, is it? » The thoughts are full of love and comfort and acceptance — and hunger, come to think of it. « Let's have a bite to eat. I smell something good coming from over there. »


"Well I know I
Swear I know your face.
I wish I knew your name,
I wish I could take you by the hand.
If I could name it, if I could just explain it,
If I could only help you, help you understand…"
Natalie Merchant, "Just Can't Last"

D'ana, to put it in terms that you may not want to share with the boys, Haezynth is your nursemaid, your hand-holder. His goal in life is to soothe your nerves and give you confidence, not just to make you happy but because he knows instinctively that all that fear and worry isn't good for you. « You'll get ulcers! » Not that he will know what ulcers *are* the first time he shows off that borrowed phrase, but it will become one you hear quite often.

For all he's so calm and gentle with you, Haezynth isn't the same with others. To others, he can be an irritant if he's not careful — a little too pushy, a little too know-it-all, and the voice he uses with others sounds like sandpaper feels. To you, after that first shock, his voice is as soft as a mother's touch, but when he speaks to other dragons, it's a high-pitched whine that caninspire headaches. He never seems to notice, though; in his own mind, he is beloved by all,charmer of greens and hero to bronzes.

As a Weyrling, this tendency to bravado will be strong, but he's all talk. He'll lecture the others on (mistaken) ideas about lessons you haven't yet arrived at, happily telling them all in all seriousness that the way you go *between* is to hold your breath until you vanish. When it comes to actually trying new things, he's as nervous as you are, but he knows how to cover it up.Though he'll make himself almost sick worrying about whether he's going to mess up his first flight at first, by the time it actually arrives he'll have talked himself up to doing it. After all, if he says he's fabulous, he'd better be fabulous.

The hardest thing for Haezynth is understanding your differences. He comforts, but at the root he doesn't really get why you're upset; he encourages without understanding why you feel shy. In the beginning, he'll have trouble just with the idea that you don't find raw meat to be the best dinner in all of Pern. « It tastes so good! Here, have some. It will make you feel better. It's making me feel better! » After awhile, he will come to terms that there are some things you just don't do, and he won't push.

Well… except if there's a green involved. Shy as you might be with girls, Haezynth is not. Once he's grown, your own misgivings about the idea will do nothing to dissuade him from chasing. That's if he bothers to ask at all — he'd rather ask forgiveness than permission, it'll seem sometimes. Not that the greens are going to want to give him the time of day to begin with, but he'll always have some trick up his sleeve. Unfortunately, trying to distract them mid-flight isn't going to work every time, but he'll be more than willing to get up the next day and try it again.



The Tempest-tossed Skyscape Egg was created by J'celin, based on the gusty autumn afternoons that the High Reaches know so well. Your Zealously Anodyne Blue Haezynth was written by Hassaleah, inspired by the dentist's visit that strikes fear into the heart of child and adult alike. That carefully calculated color of paint they always use is never as calming as it's supposed to be, but when you're that nervous, sometimes a friendly face is good to see.


Name Zealously Anodyne Blue Haezynth
Dam Gold Mhiyath
Sire Bronze Fenrith
Created By Hassaleah
Impressee D'ana (Dixanan)
Hatched November 12, 2005
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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