Forever Dreaming Bronze Halinith


A refined shade of antique bronze graces this dragon. His head and neck offer a brighter burnished polish that fades into the richer copper browns over his wings and chest and finally terminates in the matte dusty tarnish of weathered metal that cover the latter half of his tail and his feet and legs. At the very tips of his wings and tail is a slate gray sheen that could be mistaken for shadow, rather than color. His lines are supple and rounded. His head is lacking some of the sharper angles of his kin, but it doesn't look awkward, instead it only lends itself to a seamless transition into the rest of his body. He looks as if his flying might be more a matter of slipping effortlessly into the dominant currents, rather than cutting through in opposition to them. The entire effect combines to give him a handsome softness and solid bearing that finds no need to boast. His undeniable elegance is not a veneer that he puts on to impress. It is a simple fact of his meticulous geometry.


First and foremost, he's your dragon. If you find any elements of his personality or description to be objectionable, feel free to change them. That said, there are a number of personality traits and physical characteristics you might chose to portray:

First, his intellect - he's a smart dragon within the limited boundaries of the present. If he's asked to provide insight into the future or past, it's likely he'll say simply that he doesn't know.

Second, his creativity - When he steps out of his analytical mindset, he can be playful, mischievous, imaginative, and creative - very creative. Think John Lennon or Leonardo Di Vinci.

Third, his paranoia and fear - He has a tendency to over-analyze the what ifs of a situation, trying to be scientific about it, and he makes up fears and threats where none exist. This can make him skittish to try new things, even if he knows with his powers of present-moment analysis that it's going to be all right in the end.

Physical aspects: Yes, he's very good looking, but think Robert Redford, not Brad Pitt. It's understated, it's just part-of-his-nature and simplistic rather than showy. When flying however, he's got a fine combination of awareness (thanks to his analysis of the present moment), creativity (thanks to his imagination) and what a female dragon might call down-home-good-looks. He's going to be hard to beat! His flying though should be classic simple and elegant, like his appearance. No loopy loops or fancy dives - Mastery is born in the simple and precise execution of extraordinary complexity.

Mind Name and Description

Quiet Minstrel of Influence
This mind is forever voyaging in its own imagination to places it will sometimes share and sometimes not. Its effortless creativity is always bound by an analytical understanding of the world and the present situation as it really is. That said, as with most dragons, those analytical capabilities do not extend to the past, or the future, but are almost ruthlessly applied to the here and now. The combination of a deep creative well from which to draw and an almost scientific understanding of the present situation combine into a tremendous 'intellect' as far as dragons go. However, you may find that sometimes over-analysis leads to the creation of fears and paranoias that aren't part of the present reality. In times of stress, this mind needs to be directed to let go of its analytical side and free up the creative to solve problems and remember the joyous adventure of life, one step at a time. Otherwise, it may get locked into a cycle of what-if fear that will hinder growth. His mental touches are tinged with the illuminating warmth of a sunbeam and the realizations and comfort that it brings.

Egg Name and Description

Glimpse of Peace Egg
The shell of this egg is somewhat unique amongst its peers in that it does not carry any markings that can be described in simple terms. Words like, 'lined' or 'swirled' or 'mottled' don't seem to apply. The only pattern visible on this egg seems to be a lack of one. There are markings, yes, but each glance reveals something different, rather like a portrait reveals different meanings to each person who looks at it. If one was forced to put the appearance of this egg into words it could be said it's as though the outlines of many different human faces are etched upon this shell, in all their uniqueness and detail, and each viewing reveals a different part of the collective whole. Each 'face' has its own expression and emotion, frozen in time, and yet they all coexist simply together. Every so often, the mind of the viewer might be able to glimpse this perfectly ordered harmony of the whole pattern on this egg, but the accomplishment is a brief one — an ideal glimpsed only now and then, like some far away wish.

Egg Touches

Quiet Minstrel of Influence introduces you gently to the deepest well of creative energy you might imagine. You are permitted to dip your toe into the vast untapped landscape of its pure thought. It ripples with the forgotten syncopations hidden deep in every human soul. Yet, it is not an invasion to your senses, it is but an invitation. The wash of feeling is a happy one, for the most part, tinged with darkness only in the way that every life must be — a necessary element in the larger optimistic song of creation. Bathed in the sweet possibilities you may find your mind wandering into the deep colors and melodies of your own imagination. The mind you touch now seems to be encouraging that, trying to draw out the best of what is untapped and sleeping in you — encouraging it to burst forth and water the soil of a thirsty world.

Quiet Minstrel of Influence gains confidence, finding you a willing canvas. You are permitted to step from the dawn of possibility into the full light of creation. This is where the threads of idea are woven into the tapestry. A deep sense of peace arrives, a surety of will, a sense of identity and individual purpose. The vast creative well of this mind, of which you are now drinking deeply, does not hide its gifts from the world. They are freely and generously given. What have you to give in return? What do you possess that might possibly compare to this gift? But the mind that fills your senses now demands nothing in return — except that you believe in yourself. First believe, then trust then imagine and then begin! Paint your canvas well, that you might touch but one other soul and change it forever.

Quiet Minstrel of Influence reveals its innermost thoughts to you now, like a proud architect showing off his blueprints. For a brief instant, you see the possibilities of how the world can live as one. It seems so simple, so elegant. Suddenly, like a bright light being stuffed out, the vision goes dark before the entire plan can be revealed. You come slowly to your senses. You almost had it! The answer! What a staggering loss. But the gift has been given, and it can never be taken away. Believe… trust… imagine… and begin!

Hatching and Impression Messages

Hatching Message: Here is its chance! The remainder of the shell that used to surround The Glimpse of Peace egg falls away as its occupant makes an unsteady entrance into the world.

Impression Message: There is a bright flash in your mind that momentarily distracts you from the action on the sands. The objects within your vision, the other candidates, the eggs nearby, the swirling mass of confusion that is a hatching suddenly becomes clearer. An analytical awareness expands your ability to take it all in. Caught in the effortless moment-to-moment flow of events at least mentally, you almost miss a softly resonate voice. « Aengus. » It begins and then repeats with more confidence « Aengus? ». The moment-to-moment awareness intensifies, and you are held together in a timeless instant, locked in a communion as though the very dust in the air hangs suspended between heartbeats. « Yes. This is the natural way of things. We are together now, always. I am Halinith and we will meet our fate, together, you and I » With that simple statement a wave of hunger overtakes you as you are reminded just how together you are. « Yes. Can we find something to eat? » The request carries such force that his hunger is your own.


This egg and dragon were crafted by A'ven. The egg description is inspired by John Lennon's legendary song _Imagine_. The mind touches were inspired by the legend himself, John Lennon, arguably the most creative, complex, and enigmatic artist of his generation, or perhaps, any generation. The dragon was inspired by the rider's preferences, comments about contact with the egg, and a dash of A'ven's own magic.

Forever Dreaming Bronze Halinith
Dam Painted Frontier Justice Gold Bennueth
Sire Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Nasrinth
Created by A'ven
Impressee Ae'gus (Aengus)
Feb. 13th, 2009
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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