Jewel of the Desert Green Hazeth

Whether bathed in the warmth of the sun or basking under the light of the moon, this green shimmers from every angle. Her slim frame is accented by curved hips which add a natural, seductive sway to her every move. Large almond shaped eyes make her seem innocuous, though she may be anything but. Her gaze is accented by eye ridges darkening to near black, mimicking the application of kohl favored by many women. Forest green surrounds a sharp jawline and pointed head-knobs are awash in a near-translucent jade, which quickly deepens to a beautiful ombre as it courses down her hide. finally, it ends in swirls of dark malachite that envelop a long slender tail. Perhaps from afar her coloring may seem simple, but as one steps closer it is clear that she is anything but. Half a dozen lines of topaz twine together in an intricate formation, encircling her head to create an adornment fit for royalty. Matching talons, each pointed and deadly, contrast sharply with two thin bands of gold that wrap around each ankle. Her visage is completed by wings that are perhaps slightly too large for her body, but majestic nonetheless. Gleaming hues of aqua, emerald, lavender, and obsidian mix and mingle to create an ever-shifting iridescence on the landscape of her wingsails. The sight is nothing if not mesmerizing and she certainly knows it.

Egg Name and Description

Illuminated Dreams Egg
While diminutive in size, this egg sure makes up for what it lacks in stature with pure pizzazz. A blossom of burnished gold comprises the base, subtle shading giving the false impression of dings and dents in the pristine surface. Over the broad belly, fanciful whorls of smokey silver embrace the shell, and within those swirling clouds, flecks of sandy gold glitter like small jewels - winking in and out of existence - as one tries to focus on them. And yet, amongst the metallic hues there is a splash of bright, as erupting out of the smoke, shades of azure and turquoise cling to the apex of the egg, drawing the eye up, up, up into a world of brilliant possibility.

Hatching Message

Illuminated Dreams Egg shudders slightly, as if waking from a deep slumber.

Illuminated Dreams Egg shakes again and two small pieces fall out from one face, leaving holes that seem almost like….eyes. Is something gazing out from inside?

Illuminated Dreams Egg suddenly disintegrates before the crowd’s eyes. Where once there was an egg there is now a dragonet resting neatly on the sands. It’s curled in a little ball and for a moment it seems as if it may still be asleep….but then an eye opens and there’s a bugle of greeting. Free at last!

Impression Message

Jewel of the Desert Green Hatchling struggles for a moment but soon enough all of her body parts are free from one another and she is back on her feet. Her chin raises high and she steps forward again, clearly intent on pretending this never happened. She finally makes it to the line of candidates and she takes her sweet time examining each and every one. Too short….not enough /umph/…passable…too uptight. But then…then she sees /her/. Forepaws reach up to rest on the shoulders of a young candidate and as eyes meet the green presses her forehead against that of a girl with brilliantly red hair.

The heat clawing at your skin suddenly intensifies to something almost unbearable, but then, all at once, it disappears. You realize that instead of suffering on the sands you are now hip-deep in pleasantly chill waters. « Petra. » Your gaze locks with large eyes that swirl with a brilliant blue and the aroma of cinnamon fills the air. « Finally, /finally/ I’m free and now I’ve found you! » Excitement and affection flood your mind as pure joy emanates from this young dragonet. « Petra and…Hazeth, there’s a nice ring to our names, isn’t there? » But it seems that conversation will have to wait because the small green gently headbutts your chest, « The first thing I want to do is see how food /actually/ tastes! » And all at once you’re on the sands again, standing before a crowd with your new life mate by your side.


Petra: the girl who left the hold partly so that people could stop nagging her about her life plan. Her desire to break away from the chains, to live her life without constantly trying to meet someone else’s expectations - /this/ is what led Hazeth to her. There is so much more out there Petra- infinite possibilities that you and Hazeth have all the time in the world to explore - so hopefully you’re not TOO upset that you’re going to be shoveling poop for a while longer.

“I’m sorry, Rajah, but I can’t stay here and have my life lived for me.” - Jasmine

There /is/ one thing your Hazeth will push you to do, and that is - explore! Explore Pern, pursue every little idea that pops into Petra’s head. Follow every impulse and see where it leads! She spent far too long in that Egg and now there is an /entire/ planet full of things to do and places to see. Together you will experience every little wonder this world has to offer and with each experience you share your bond will grow stronger.

"[Scheherazade] possessed courage, wit, and penetration. She had read much, and had so admirable a memory, that she never forgot anything she had read. She had successfully applied herself to philosophy, medicine, history, and the liberal arts; and her poetry excelled the compositions of the best writers of her time. Besides this, she was a perfect beauty, and all her accomplishments were crowned by solid virtue." - The Frame Story

Your Hazeth’s very essence is a mix of love, curiosity, and wonder. She is not what some more pretentious weyrfolk and riders would call a “silly green”. From the moment she hatches Hazeth is eager to catch up on the world’s knowledge. There is SO much to learn, and so much that has been lost to history and she wants to /everything/. She won’t limit herself to what she is /supposed/ to learn. No, you’ll find her spending her free time watching various craftsman practice. How does the glass blowing forge work? Is that how you set a bone properly? What techniques go into forging a sword? But she is no mere fly on the wall. She has ideas, suggestions, aspirations and she isn’t afraid to make them known. She has a deep appreciation for both the past and the present so when she isn’t (politely) invading the work areas of others, you may find yourself dragged to the library so she can pour over the Weyr’s records and take in the history of Pern.

Knowledge is not something she will hoard for herself however. Whatever role you two may take up in society she will naturally fall into a teaching position. She’ll particularly enjoy watching the dragonets in each new clutch learn and grow. But don’t worry, Hazeth isn’t all work and no play. In fact she /loves/ those little moments where she can just goof off. She won’t mind roughhousing with the littles or wrestling with her clutchmates. But what will draw people to her (and perhaps make some harper’s jealous) is her story-telling. Your Hazeth can spin tales like no other, she will share her words, her mindscape, and beautiful imagery to entrance her audience with elaborate tales of fantasy. Her imagination knows almost no bounds, and will always leave the crowd wanting more.

“The law is wrong.” - Jasmine

Underneath all that whimsy and passion is a strong sense of justice, and Hazeth will not hesitate to use /everything/ in her arsenal to right what she sees as wrong. Sometimes, however, logic and reason can only go so far. She isn’t one to get into physical fights unless she /has/ to (no matter how sharp her claws). Instead she will make use of her wit and charm, deftly making use of diplomacy to get what she wants.

“Oh father, Rajah was just playing with him!” - Jasmine

A thirst for knowledge and a love of story-telling do not a boring dragon make…nor a dragon that exclusively plays by the rules. She enjoys bending the rules a bit and she isn’t above participating in pranks. In fact, she’ll be quite good at masterminding elaborate plans…Z’tan never REALLY wanted that weird statue in the corner of his bedroom, right? And surely Tanit won’t miss it either.

“I’m a fast learner.” - Jasmine

One thing your Hazeth is /not/ good at is self control. She doesn’t /want/ to wait that long to try out her wings. Why /can’t/ they just skip lessons? Watching the harpers is so much more fun than physical training. Especially in your early days you’ll find yourselves frequently in trouble with the weyrling staff because she just wants to do what /she/ wants to do. She will enjoys testing the boundaries and sometimes she’ll push both of you too hard. Don’t be surprised if she gets (minority) injured multiple times during weyrlinghood because she is /stubborn/ and compared to your fellow weyrlings it will take you far longer to “control” her. But with each mistake and each wound she’ll learn and correct her techniques so that she doesn’t fall behind her clutchsibs.

You are her entire world Petra, out of all those candidates on the sands she found you and no one else could ever hope to compete. If she does find love it will always come second to you, and for you she would abandon him in a heartbeat. Your Hazeth is a one-dragon kind of girl and if she /does/ find one she truly bonds with she bonds for life. She isn’t the type to flit around between various males and she isn’t afraid to make her feelings known. If she has to, she will fight for her love.

“How dare you. All of you. Standing around deciding my future. I am not a prize to be won.” - Jasmine

When it comes to flights however, Hazeth is /not/ a green that enjoys the fawning of male dragons. She doesn’t mind courting a male that /she/ prefers but she doesn’t like watching those silly male creatures competing for her. She’ll make it abundantly clear that SHE decides who wins her flights. Hazeth won’t hesitate to snap at the males vying over her, /especially/ if their fighting becomes physical. Her flights will be longer than those of most green’s because of how picky she is, and don’t be surprised if she /does/ choose who wins by ‘accidentally’ bumping into a male she prefers.

“[Jarar}, I never realized how….incredibly handsome you are….you’re tall, dark…and your beard is so … twisted.” - Jasmine

Though she may be a one-dragon kind of girl, Hazeth isn’t above using her feminine wiles. She /is/ beautiful and she knows this. Does that bronze have the juiciest herd beast? Well, if he’s susceptible to flirting….she’ll charm it out of him. She’s quite proud of her appearance and you may find yourself spending too much time in the water because she /insists/ on maintaining that shimmering hide.

When it comes to movement, your Hazeth is like a graceful dancer no matter what the surface. Just watching her move can be mesmerizing given the natural sway of her hips and lithe tail. Unfortunately, it will take her some time to figure out exactly /how/ to walk well. While she’s young, those overly large wings will constantly smack against her side and she may find herself falling more often than not. /Eventually/ though, she’ll figure out the exact angle she needs to hold them and grow into her adult form.


Seeking Endless Wonder
Amid the arid landscape of scorching desert sands is nestled a clear pool surrounded by lush greenery. The crystal clear waters chill the air around this oasis to provide shelter from the sweltering heat. When anger sets in however, this small paradise is hidden by unrelenting dust storms but when happiness breaks through the plants in her oasis overrun the barren landscape, giving it life. Her voice itself is like pure silk - cool, pleasant, and possibly irresistible. Her words themselves are also accompanied by a wide array of aromatic spices. The harsh sting of dried chillies and black pepper fill the air when she feels disdain while cardamom and saffron help convey her affection. Each mood is represented by a unique mix of smells and spices, adding a richness to everything she says.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood Petra, and congratulations! The theme of this clutch was musicals and Illuminated Dreams Egg was based off of Aladdin! Your green is actually based off of both Princess Jasmine and Scheherazade. With Petra being as vibrant and young as she is, we hoped that this combo of characters would help her experience the world without forcing her down any specific paths. Moving onto the names….you wanted a short name so we pulled some syllables from Scheherazade to create…Hazeth!

In the end Hazeth is yours and the RP tips are just that, tips! She’s yours to play how YOU want and hopefully you enjoy her! Welcome again to weyrlinghood at Half Moon, we hope you enjoy it!


Name Jewel of the Desert Green Hazeth
Dam Gold Chauth
Sire Bronze Ysgieuth
Created By Suyi
Impressee Petra
Hatched March 3, 2019
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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