Lively Beauty Green Helheakth

Well muscled is this Green, but not overly so. A deep forest green, she has slashes of jade which highlight a strong jaw and long, graceful muzzle. Mint accents those muscles, making them appear finely crafted and well built, even from the moment she cracked her shell. Her wings begin with that same deep shade at the front, evolving into an equally dark emerald, with minute traces of jade upon them both. Her neck is unmarred by any other colors, creating a striking contrast to her tail and legs. Golden, bronzed and copper streaks move down her tail, turning lazily from right to left, while her legs are covered with large patches of navy blue which touch her chest and belly along with the underside of her wingsails. The image created is that she jumped into a large puddle of dark blue ink, which bleeds from those patches toward the ground. Taken as a whole, she looks like a very masculine Green indeed.

Egg Name and Description

Blizzard in the Valley Egg

Hatching Message

Impression Message

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Lively Beauty Green Helheakth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Larzith
Created By
Impresseee K'as(Kaos)
July 15th, 2004
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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