Back From the Dead Green Hollaicheth

This green's hide is shrouded in a dark forest green color from nose to tail. An intense bright green outlines her wings and their ridges, causing them to pop against the dark green background of her hide. The bright green continues from where her wings meet her back and travel in a large thick stripe on both sides around her legs, meeting on her chest to form an M-shape on her body. Toes and tail are tipped in this electric green and give this well-toned dragon the appearance of floating as she walks. Her head is also drowned in this dark green sea. Even her mouth is colored darker than is usual, and seems to disappear against her face while it is closed. When open her teeth seem to be longer and sharper than most. The most notable feature of this green though is the mask she wears on her face. Two bright green wing shapes spread out from her nose and flare back past her eyes. Large ridges give shadow to her eyes and seem to slant them downwards with intensity.

Egg Name and Description

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg
Exotic hues of the summer tropics thrive on this shell, bringing it's delicious touch to the clutch resting comfortably upon the sands. Brilliant veridian tones mottle across the wide and rounded bottom of the egg, nestling the jacinthe and citreous band that wraps around the center of this ovoid getaway. The finishing touches to this sweet sandy sensation is the apex; dipped incarnadine all the way to the prominent point where the party is disrupted by one tiny round spot of dark sienna.

Hatching Message

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg starts doing a little mambo of sorts. Dancing around on its mound like there's a party going on within its depths. You can almost hear the music in the air before the egg is once again still.

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg definitely has a party going on as the egg nearly bounces up and down and side to side, doing a little jig of sorts. Cracks start to form along its shell and the points of impact the little one inside is making.

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg has had enough of the noise and suddenly the shell is being ripped asunder as Back From the Dead Green Hatchling tears herself free of her enclosure. She gives a little shake which looks suspiciously like a dance move but might just be to remove a stubborn piece of shell clinging to her butt before she's trekking out across the sands in search of her one true partner.

Impression Message

The dancing is over and Back From the Dead Green Hatchling is making her way across the sands carefully with a sort of slow float-y walk. She puts her snout in the face of a younger girl, who shrieks when the green involuntarily smacks her lips. There's a grumble for the noise, and she moves on to a muscular young man. "I'm not afraid of you like she is." The young man says confidently to the green, though she does not look impressed with him either, and moves on. Then she spots Ennuin. Is he alive? Is he dead? It does not matter! He is hers! Eyes meet eyes for a long while it seems on this tall young man who seems to be asleep standing up. Eventually he speaks, though he does sound rather unimpressed that he's impressed. "Oh. I'm N'u, now, I suppose? Fine, Hollaicheth. Let's get out of the heat."



Name Back From the Dead Green Hollaicheth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By S'rorn (egg) & Zi'on (dragon)
Impressee N'u (Ennuin)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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