The Forgotten Sea Blue Hurrikath

Awash in prismatic purity, the coloration of this small hatchling is none other than a pristine aquamarine shade that saturates his hide from the tippy tip of his little nose to the very end of his tail fork. He's a rather plump hatchling — surprisingly so after a long time spent within the shell, rounded at all angles of his limbs and body; tubby sides belling out on either side which gives him a somewhat lopsided appearance. His wings are certainly wide, broad like a child's inflatable raft that one might use in the shallows of the Weyr lagoon on a hot summer's day. Along his hide, little ruffles of white like foamy froth can be seen — tiny wavelets dancing across the oceanic expanse of dragonhide. Everything about him speaks of lazy comfort combined with mellow peacefulness.

Egg Name and Description

Relaxing River Egg
Bordered on the rim of this rather globular looking egg by a band of marbled white and gray, the inner most section of the egg appears to be a dragon's eye view of a gently winding river from above, interspaced with patches of minty green and clumps of forested-emerald. The undulating strand of sapphire blue winds back and forth gently, shallow loops and curves that weave about the easy bend, ultimately joining upon itself again — a never-ending spiral that continuously flows. Such a gentle river would be quite relaxing, an endless ride of bliss and laziness.

Hatching Message

Relaxing River Egg gives a little quiver; eddies of sand stirred up like ripples across a pond as it shivers and wakes. And then, suddenly, the egg ceases its movement, suddenly silent — as utterly still and calm as an ocean without the wind. It is not ready yet, and shall bide its time.

Relaxing River Egg shudders alarmingly, a furious patter-patter of movement over the sand, wavelets formed by the very action of its moving. There comes a loud crack then, and a splinter of river-blue shell begins to flake away, jagged lines forming across its surface.

Relaxing River Egg is a tempest now, bestirred into a furious storm of movement that indicates the hatchling's demand to free itself. Freedom is sought, the cracks and bits of shell that fall away almost appear to have been eroded by the river itself. And then, it shatters, the shell falling into bits around the blue hatchling within.

Impression Message

The Forgotten Sea Blue Hatchling oozes free of his shell, a steady wash of egg fluids soaking the sand around him before he gives a little shake, and flutters his already-drying wings. Somewhere out there, is the person for him! He steps forwards, a smooth rolling motion like the rocking of the waves. There! He spots him. A skinny lad who looks like he was plucked right off a Seacrafter boat only a day or two ago. Rumbling determinedly, the blue marches right over to the boy, nearly plowing into a few white-clad bodies in the process like a rogue wave, but righting itself at the last moment and squeezing by. And then he plants himself down, crooning up at the boy. "Hurrikath?" , Haebor — now, H'bor — only peers at the dragon. "Oh, right, food right this way. And I promise, no swimming until an hour after we've eaten."


Name The Forgotten Sea Blue Hurrikath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Enka
Impressee H'bor (Haebor)
Hatched November 21, 2010
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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