Hatch All the Blue Hyperboleth

This dragon is… blue! Really blue. Almost a single shade of blue all over. It is perhaps the bluest blue that was ever hatched. It's head is blue, its body blue, wings and tail are also blue. And all are the same shade of blue, only looking darker or lighter if they are in the dark or the light. So blue, this dragons best means of camouflage would be to lie flat on an ocean or a lake and blend in with the blue water. Or to fly around in twilight, while the sky was a darker shade of blue. A lithe figure, this dragon is longer than average with a bigger wingspan, but is by no means bulky or heavy looking.

Egg Name and Description

So Bloody Wonderful Egg
Upon a pedestal of russet sits this golden cream colored jewel. The coffee colored base looks almost textured, with lines of bistre separating pebbles of lighter brown. A smooth yellow wheat color covers most of the egg, with barely a mark or a blemish to be found. Until the very top. At first glance it might look as if this egg was used as a murder weapon. The top of the egg is covered in scarlet red splotches, dark and rich to contract the cream color they sit upon.

Hatching Message

There is no movement from the So Bloody Wonderful Egg. None at all. Several might say they saw some, but really, there is none. It just seems to be sitting there in the sand. Maybe it doesn't realize that it's time to come alive? Or perhaps it is a dud after all. Even as some of the other eggs seem to move and shake about it just sits there. And then, as if out of nowhere, the egg shatters into a million pieces. Egg shards fall onto the sand and egg bits rain down on anyone close by. Even a few of the candidates end up with some egg dust in their hair. It is done! It is ALL DONE!

Impression Message

And so it was Hatch All the Blue, was ejected from his home. And he was free from captive egg and across the sand to roam. His wings were stretched, his claws gripped sand, he sniffed about the place. His legs lurch forward for a stumble or two before he finds his grace. So thus he went, this blue of blues, towards all the candidates. There he stood still as a stone across those he'd never met. There's no panic in this blue big eyes, no need to get too near. No, he'll walk the line a few paces back, he can see them all from here. Too short, too tall, or this or that, no one seems to be quite right. At this rate the feast will spoil as everyone waits all night. And Lo! Behold! What of this lad with dark hair and eyes of blue. "Oh Hyperboleth come close to me and let me look at you!" H'lf and his dragon then were led away from the sands' heat. Down to the weyrling barracks both in which to get some meat.



Name Hatch All The Blue Hyperboleth
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Zi'on
Impressee H'lf
Hatched April 1st, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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