Thief In The Woods Green Idesaeslitendeth

Thief In The Woods Green Idesaeslitendeth
Deep shades of myrtle dapple the hide of this husky green, mottling her hide like the underside of a vast canopy. Rising up along her ribcage are wisps of brown, spreading like small twigs to support the framework of her leafy hide. She is built strong, muscles well defined atop her thick body. Stocky and short of body, she has a compact look about her. Her powerful legs are streaked with the sooty afterimages of bark, each paw tipped in a cruel black talon. Her whip-like tail is somewhat lighter, trails of coppery gold splashing at the base and across her hindquarters as if the sun were just being glimpsed through the sheltering branches of her body. Her wings join her body at powerful shoulders, the bones slightly bigger than usual. Her wingsails are likewise dappled with splashes of amber sunlight, each membrane it's own shade of deep emerald, hunter, or occasionally navy. She looks like the deepest part of an ancient forest. Stalwart, intimidating, completely mysterious.

At birth, your Idesaelitendeth(Ides-AE-li-ten-DETH), will seem unusually aware of her surroundings. You may be amazed at how much she perceives and observes, making quiet comments to you on the behavior and habits of her fellow clutchmates during your time spent within the weyrling compound. She will leave no stone unturned, and while she won't be the kind of dragon to constantly ask you why, she will always be inquisitive. She just likes to find her own answers to the questions she possesses. At first, these questions will be relatively simple. « What is water, and why is it wet? What sound will Lhayerath make if I step on her tail and dig by claws in? »

Idesaelitendeth will not always be the sweetest green. In fact, she'll show direct hate and contempt for the vast majority of her clutchsiblings. Especially for Baliceauth, Lhayerath, and Mevalonath. Not because their personalities clash so much, but because she sees them as competition. The only female she won't mess with is Bennueth, and you can be assured that this is only because the gold vastly out-sizes her.

From an early age, she will be acutely aware of Gusith and Kurouth. She will pursue them doggedly, to the point of stalking them. Not that anyone but you will realize that she is obsessed. She will be careful to always have a reason to be where they are, or going that way. Unfortunately, she may expect you to follow, thus forcing you to spend extra time in the company of F'ian and Xe'res. Should you find this distasteful and tell her so, she will completely ignore your complaints, telling you that she is the most important thing, and what she wants, she will get. You see, Idesaelitendeth is frustratingly spoiled, overwhelmingly bratty, and stubbornly independent.

She will consider you her lackey, prodding you into outrageous stunts and goading you into indulging her whims. Should you refuse her, she will find subtle ways of punishing you.

Idesaelitendeth has a Robin Hood complex. She will often take things from the other dragons(claiming herself as the less fortunate one who deserves them) anything she can get away with, their pillows, their couch, the kill they just made in the feeding grounds and if she's mad at you, woe, because anything nobody saw her take, she will immediately blame on you.

She'll find other ways to get back at you for refusing her requests, as well. You may find that the whole Weyr is suddenly under the impression that you are suffering from a terrible rash in places no person besides you should know about.

Eventually her ire with you must fade, and then she will welcome you lovingly back, but she will require much patience. Even for her faults, you will find you love her deeply, because nobody will ever understand you the way that she does. Her way of watching people doesn't only extend to other dragons. She will make it her habit to know you completely and at all times. She will know what is in your heart and make these things happen for you. Because in the end, your happiness is her happiness. If she is sometimes cruel, she finds ways to make it up to you because her pride won't allow her to apologize. In time, her pride may wane a little, but she will always be greedy and self-entitled. If anyone can tame her, even just a little, it is you, Ixie.

The only place where you may find you completely hold sway is during mating flights. For all of her boy crazy tendencies, Idesaelitendeth trusts you completely, and will always listen to your judgment. You may even find that if you prefer a certain rider over the others who have come to chase, she will let that dragon's rider win. You should cherish these concessions, because they will be few and far between in the rest of your life together.

Egg: Awash In Green Egg
Upon first glance, there is nothing to this egg except smooth, unbroken green sea glass. Even the shape of the egg is unremarkable, unmarred by dimple, bump, or irregularity. Upon further inspection, the unbroken green shell is revealed to be awash in mottled shades of emerald and dark jade, picked through with twigs of brown and the occasional dappling of sunlight. It is as if someone took a sponge and dipped it in paint and dabbed the entire surface of the egg until they were satisfied that it was wholey covered, and left it no more finished than that.

Mind: Bravado and Booze
Idesaelitendeth's mind is much like her life, shades of black and white with few patches of gray in the middle. The feel or sound of it is perhaps more like the sigh of leaves in the wind or the sound of a horn heard at a distance, clear and soft. She speaks rapidly, and rarely gives others a chance to speak. She simply pulls what they are trying to convey from their mind to save herself the time. For you, who knows her best, her voice will be less soft, less supple, less innocent. Why hide her true nature from you? She is loud, she is brash and overly assertive. She will feel like a weighty presence, a heavy hand on your shoulder and a voice beside your ear.

Impression Message: Where once the world was vivid color, suddenly it is leeched away to become only monochrome. Limned in gray for a moment, and then the world fades out and a gentle wind blows through your mind, carrying a voice that is a roar in your mind, an arrow that pins you down and holds you. « Ah, Ixieae, I have sought you, but you are here now, and I am here now, and we shall never seek each other ever again. I am Idesaelitendeth, and with me, we will be greater than all of the rest! » A wholeness comes over you, a puzzle piece falls into place and the picture is complete. Color slowly returns to the world, but there is always that black and white presence interwoven with your own mind.

Credits: Welcome to Western, Ixie! Our egg theme this cycle was Good Guys/Bad Guys and your hatchling theme was Robin Hood. Idesaelitendeth comes from the Old English Ides for Lady and aelitende' for Lawbreaker. And your dragon is indeed a Lady Lawbreaker. Her description(and her egg) are based on the Greater Oak of Sherwood Forest, the legendary home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Her egg and dragon description and RP tips were done by Xelleen, and her name was suggested by T'eo. I hope you enjoy her!

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