A Smooth and Criminal Bronze Iidenskapurth

Egg Name and Description

Nothing But the Rain Egg
Awash in black like a moonless night, the white-blue flecks that dot the bulk of this egg provide the imperfection needed to ensure life. Their spacing uniform, and yet not. Their composition all of white blue flame, and yet not one the same shape or intensity or size. Their pattern mismatched, like an accidental spattering of paint on a wall. The dark of night softens to a glow of morning sunshine then. A circlet of yellow sits upon this egg like a marker of regal birth, then abruptly ends above in a circlet of pure crimson. There is no fade between the contract of colors, a sudden cliff rather than a smooth beach to this ring of blood upon the band of gold. Just as suddenly, this moat of lava ends in ocean. Another circle, this one smaller in diameter but thicker than the last two, blue like the center of a flame burning hot. Finally at the apex of the ovoid a full circle of pure hot white.

Hatching Message

Nothing But the Rain Egg breaks free into two clean pieces, revealing an egg-wet hatchling! Wait, where is everyone? WHY AM I WEARING A HELMET?

A Smooth and Criminal Bronze Iidenskapurth
It seems the pinnacle of draconic form has been forgotten by mother nature, herself. So forgotten in this creatures making, one would wonder if this hatchling is nothing more than a practical joke gone awry. Small and rather lanky, this dragonet appears to be undercooked: limbs are a little bit on the stringy side, muscle only making enough of an appearance to dictate how this pathetic thing moves by it's own strength, long wings poorly paired with short sails, tiny eyes and a short stubby curled tail… The only thing making up for the mockery of this poor creature is the burst of molten bronze coating it's smooth hide. Olivine fire coat the entirety of this young dragonet, setting wings to the very tips aflame, sparking the faintest flecks of gold across sails of the same olive hues. From the tip of his snout traveling between wide set eyes and head knobs, engulfing neck ridges down to the curled tip of this young hatchlings tail glows bright flares of flowing rich copper. The finishing touch on this paradox of a creature are powerful talons dipped in molten gold, as though the creature emerged from the very flames of which he was forged on his own strength.

Impression Message

« Muahahaha. Muahahaha! MUAHAHAHA! » Surprisingly enough, the sensation that encompasses you has pieces of a life you're familiar with: a boat on the ocean, a trek through the forest, a vibrant warmth that seems to dull the shock of an intrusion upon your mind. There's vibrant greens, breathtaking blues, stormy grays, and striking golds that swirl, and meld, and remind you of a time when what you were was a thief on an endless adventure; it seems to serve to tell you that what you are now… is /his/. « You! /You/ are perfect! The most perfect mini-on I could have ever created! Muaha. Muaha! MUAHAHAHA! E'ros, I will be your Iidenskapurth, and you will be my E'ros! Come now, show me how to steal this delightfully squishy foodstuff while it is alive. Go ahead and scream! Nobody can hear you! » A pause, almost as if he can feel your hesitation at accepting him, and then a harder push. « I didn't want to have to do this, but okay. Here comes… the smoulder. »


General Personality: Iidenskapurth is a thief, and very often a mastermind of trouble. Your dragon will sometimes come off to those who don't know him very well as ridiculously cocky and arrogant, and Iidenskapurth won't often prove them wrong with his obsession over riches, glory, and seeing you make it to the very tippy top of the command chain. Why does he want you here when it's probably the very last place you want to be? Because he clings to a hope that you two can run away together and buy yourselves some tiny island over which to rule. That's why. Don't worry, it may be a lofty ambition, but he will give you all the crafty tricks you need to succeed (though it might not be in your best interest to listen to him.).

« E'ros, this is bad. This is really, really bad. Your temptress was drawing pictures of me again - SHE CAN NEVER GET MY NOSE RIGHT. Fire her. I want a new one. How will the people know my face if it's always the wrong nose? »

Once people get to know your dragon and can see past all of the mischief he inspires, they will realize he's quite sensitive and of a tender nature. He is laid back, a complement to E'ros' ever quickening temper, and quite devote to those he and E'ros care for. That doesn't mean he isn't brushed up on skills to escape the powers that be, and helping you steal things (clearly things of little to no significance) right out from under people's noses is one of his favorite past times. He's agile, quick, chivalrous, and trustworthy - well, when you get to know him, anyway. There might be times when he leaves you in a tight spot, but he'll always do his best to get you out of it, and everything he takes, he will always return in the end.

What Iidenskapurth is not, is lucky. Iidenskapurth will land you in trouble with often disastrous results. He /will/ get away with it most times, but he won't necessarily be charming or very flattering in his methods. On the occasions that you do get caught - and if it's the ladies that he's trying to talk his way out of a situation with - he will attempt to be as suave as possible. With poor results. Often times, the ladies will break Iidenskapurth's smoulder, because he doesn't have a lick of it to begin with.

« Haha! You should see your guys's faces! You look, » At which point, Iidenskapurth may slam into a wall, or fall victim to any other painful experience for the both of you, « ridiculous… »

When E'ros is upset or hurt, Iidenskapurth will come up with ridiculous plots and ploys of "Eeeval" (and yes, he will say the word wrong). From a pit of angry herdbeasts, to cute but killer kittens, Iidenskapurth will occupy you with plan after plan to make sure those that make you suffer will pay! Again, the results (if you ever follow through with any of them), will be disastrous. You also have to deal with his own version of words (Revenge is now Revahnge, for example) when he is feeling particularly evil. When you need a more subdued lifemate, Iidenskapurth's quick-wit will come to your rescue. He will always have something ridiculous or funny to say, and it will hopefully keep E'ros laughing - albeit at inappropriate times.

« What do you mean the Weyrleader and his Suldith (your dragon will call him Soul Death when he is displeased) creature are confining us to a week on latrine duty? Henchflits! Operation Zi'on's underwear: Commence! »

Did I mention that your firelizards (and possibly those of your brother) will become Iidenskapurth's henchmen? He will command them as if they are a small army of tyranny, and when they rain their fury down upon Western Weyr, no man, woman, or child will be safe.

Weyrlinghood: Iidenskapurth will struggle with Weyrlinghood. A lot. When Iidenskapurth is first learning all of the ropes, he won't be the most graceful creature, and often times his attempts to do good will backfire on him when he ends up ruining somebody else's day in the process. For what it's worth, he has the best of intentions throughout his every step, but once he learns that he's just really good at being really bad, you'll have to start keeping a much closer eye on him.

While the other dragons are learning to fly, Iidenskapurth will be more interested in learning to steal. He will practice harder than most when nobody's watching (except, of course, for you), and he will keep up with lessons despite a frequent inability to pay close attention.

« What do you mean you're going to tell on me, Tavehtiath? Oh no! I'm shaking in my custom baby runner-hide boots! »

He will come off as the 'class clown', really only allowing /you/ to see his progression as he feels that, in order to get ahead, there must be /some/ element of mystery and surprise kept from all the others.

Flights: Oh ho! Flights. Iidenskapurth will see them as the ultimate challenge, and so you will often be forced into participation. And golds? Oh, yeah. He loves chasing golds. It's like the ultimate treasure trove to him, and he gets to steal it right out from under the wings of every other male dragon that trudges along to participate. These are times when he will own up to what agility he has - though bare in mind, he is still very much a /bronze/. He will utilize tricks and his wicked sense of humor to ensare whichever woman he is chasing. And should he lose? Well, he'll probably play it off.

« Such tricks won't work on me, Temptress! »

He will, of course, enjoy golds the /most/, so I would suggest evacuating the weyr when you know one is about to go up.

Clutch Dad: Yeah, you guessed it. Iidenskapurth will be so involved with his egg-babies that Sorel will scarcely see hide-nor-hair of him. He will do his best to ensure that they are well cared for, almost to the point of being a nuisance. When the candidates come for a touching? He will probably be right beside them, poking his nose into their business as if to say YES, I DID THIS. THIS IS MINE. PRAISE ME. If he is chased away, he will never stray too far, and if he can't be close enough, well… He'll just send E'ros to do his bidding.

Weyrleadership: Iidenskapurth only wants you to be the Weyrleader (or in any form of leadership) because it means you have a bigger income. The bigger the income, the closer you are to saving up for that desolate little island, and there's the added bonus of being able to buy material for his bogus creations. We say his, but really they will just be whimsical ideas (and by whimsical, I mean terrible) that he will force E'ros to create for him. Prepare to be the owner of some pretty ridiculous things, because E'ros is going to keep you on your toes.


Iidenskapurth's mindvoice will change, and what it changes to will depend on his mood. When he is feeling more like himself, the wit and banter will come in a husky voice that's nearly addicting in tone. When he is plotting? Well… then he sounds… a bit ridiculous. He will exaggerate words, his voice will turn a bit more impudent and childish, and his wit will be delivered without suave undertones. He's equally funny in either mood, though one will give you the smell of forests, and leave a sense of adventure, while the other will smell more stale, like a metropolis, and leave you with a sense of… well… evil.


Inspiration: Song: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen.

It was actually very difficult for me to pick this song for you, mostly because I wanted a song with an undertone very specific to your dragon's personality. I wanted something that spoke to the thief in him, that really communicated his inspiration. And then? This. No, it may not be about thieving, and plotting, and being the baddest goodie there ever was, but it /is/ his personality - well, as I see it anyway. Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time; I'm having a ball. Iidenskapurth is in it for fun, and I thought this song did absolute justice to his quirky, over-achiever (in a totally underachiever way), bubbly personality. Iidenskapurth, in ALL ITS GLORY has been created by Ila'den. Rorn /might/ have contributed a teeny might. Sssshhh.

His name is Norweigan for Passionate Villain. Passionate for Flynn/Villain for Megamind.

Name A Smooth and Criminal Bronze Iidenskapurth
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Tzettenvonth
Created By Zi'on (Egg), Ila'den & S'rorn (Hatchling)
Impressee E'ros (Sorel)
Hatched February 16, 2014
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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