Goddess Hi'iaka Rainbow Gold Ilveraeth

Somber waves of brilliantly colored oil-spills wash over the pale hide of this regal little golden-champagne dragon. Exuberant brass filigree splays back over her cranium. The decadent designs surround her head knobs in a delicious presentation of craftsmanship. Her muzzle is the palest part of her body. It seems to have been bleached from lazy days under the blazing sun, which she has yet to see. As your gaze descends, the coloration becomes darker. It begins to resemble a tropical sandy beach, shimmering, inviting and warm, the illusion making it almost too tempting for anyone to go up and caress her golden hide. Both her hindlegs and forelegs are quite muscular, revealing how powerful such a young dragon can be at birth, each rippling over a blonde hide with marks of a darker straw tint. Each large, sharp talon is touched with the brilliance of fire opal. As the light hits each claw at different angles, a rainbow of colors shine through the pearly crescent moons… Colors such as amber, sapphire, jade, peach, rose, and even a bit of tangerine. With wingspars extended, the wealth of bullion displayed is blinding. Very subtle swells of stormy blue highlight the sails of each wing, hinting a warning of some great storm. To complete her outstanding features, the tip of her tail boasts a deep tanned hue.

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Hawaiian Goddess Hi'iaka - http://alohaweb.com/Pele/synpopsis.html

Name Goddess Hi'iaka Rainbow Gold Ilveraeth
Dam Gold Embreth
Sire Bronze Varbaeth
Created by
Impressee Rayne
April 16, 2002
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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