Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Indianath

No mere monochromatic hue is this fellow, to say that he is just merely brown would give truth to a lie. From the tip of a tanned-brown muzzle, dappled speckles of umber brown scatter across the rugged planes of his cheekbones, an illusion of a five-o-clock shadow that curves upwards towards his headknobs. Encircled by a band of coffee-brown, his prominent sable-hued headknobs arch upwards slightly, dimpled a little in the middle with rounded sable shadows arching slightly over the curve of his brow and neck like a jaunty hat set at a rakish angle. Down the length of his somewhat short neck, the tanned brown that first appeared on his muzzle can be seen, but it's soon overtaken by leather-brown tones, the color flowing down over muscular shoulders and a broad chest before yielding at last to a paler khaki tone, faint darker splotches seen here and there as if rips and tears could be seen in his very hide along haunch and leg. At last, the color deepens again, along the very long and very lean length of his bull whip tail, the curious interplay of russet and earthen hues along the stout base where his tail and body meet before it ends in a long lash of saddlebrown.

Egg Name and Description

Intrepid Explorer Egg
Dusty khaki and brown the color of wherhide leather are the primary hues of this large egg, the mainly umber tones leaving little to the imagination that much bright or flamboyant color can be viewed here. That there are other colors, true, but overly bright or cheerful they are not. Spidery strands of cobweb grey are predominate along the upper curve of the shell, while a sheen of antique, unpolished gold entwined with coiled loops and strands of reptile green and brown. Tipped somewhat at a rakish tilt, the egg seems to radiate a sense of adventure and of unfounded treasures that might lie within for those brave enough to seek.

Hatching Message

Intrepid Explorer Egg jerks and twitches, stirred into motion by scrabbling from within, beneath the shell an explorer lies trapped and needs to free itself. There's a shudder, the egg quivering for a moment longer before it goes still, the dragon within pausing for breath.

Intrepid Explorer Egg rolls sideways, tipping off it's axis as once more the hatchling within begins to wiggle and squirm, trying to free itself. There's a loud sharp crack, no so much a splintering one, but the kind that accompanies the snap of a whip and a jagged streak of blackness intersects along the long side of the shell.

Intrepid Explorer Egg tumbles forwards, the momentum of the egg's movement carrying it forwards like a too-large boulder bearing down towards the candidates. There's another loud crack, the shell splitting neatly and out tumbles a brown dragonet, the remains of his eggshell still propelled forwards, leaving him no choice but to lunge out of the way as he emerges into the world.

Impression Message

Well well well. Look who's come walking right up to you — of all the dragons in the world, he's got to show up at your feet. The shimmers of heat that rise from the Hatching Sands swirl around you, but make no mistake. There is a dragon in front of you. His tail lashes, like a whip crack, the long slender end wrapping possessively around your ankles, ensnaring you and claiming you. « As long as there aren't any tunnelsnakes around here, » a voice enters your thoughts, the spoken word full of meaning, « we should get something to eat. » You know his name, it need not be spoken for you know him to be Indianath. « C'mon Rousseaux, let's go. There's a world to see. And we're gonna see it together /partner/!»


Indiana Jones: "I'd like to be an archaeologist."
T.E. Lawrence: "Maybe you'll add a new page to history or discover a treasure beyond price."

Make no mistake about it, to say that Indianath seeks a life of adventure would be like saying the sky is blue or that packtails swim in the sea. There's no doubt about it that this dragon's sole purpose and being is to explore the world to the far ends of Pern and see what's out there to be found. Indianath likes adventure, he likes the promises he made while still an unhatched dragon within the shell, and it's only a matter of time before he follows through with them, always on the look out for something fantastic to find! Small steps at first; getting to the lagoon shoreline perhaps and find a rare and exotic shell perhaps, but as he grows and matures, the whole world will be open to him. Especially once the weyrlings have mastered the arts of unmanned flight, manned flight and *between*

Professor Henry Jones: I didn't know you could fly a plane.
Indiana Jones: Fly, yes. Land, no.

While Indianath is quite the aerial acrobat, and soon takes to the skies once allowed (indeed, he's probably going to be one of the first off the ground — ever eager to see the world) he's not always going to be a little sketchy when it comes to landing. Let's face it, you two are going to barely be walking away from a crash landing every time, but adventurer's luck always seems to manage to keep Indianath on his feet and in one piece (most of the time.) Once graduation comes and you are both elevated to the ranks of wingrider — and your time is more or less your own — the intrepid explorer that is your lifemate will see out new adventures across Pern, and don't be surprised if he drags you to the ancient plateau of Landing, just hoping to find some fabulous artifact to add to his reputation of being a treasure seeker. There's just one tiny problem. Where there's treasure … there's usually tunnelsnakes.

Indiana: Here, take this,
Indiana: Wave it at anything that slithers.
Marion: The whole place is slitherin'!

Indianath is rugged, Indianath is brave. Indianath runs away screaming like a little girl when he sees a tunnelsnake. Well, OK … maybe running and screaming is a little harsh, but make no bones about it, your big brave brown dragon is a certified ophiophobist. Which is where you come in. Hopefully you aren't that afraid of snakes like he is, but Indianath is looking for you to pat his hand (so to speak) and tell him all will be well before you torch those creepy crawly scaly critters into oblivion (only, please don't mistake Indianath's tail for a snake, crispy fried dragon doesn't smell very good).

With you at his side, Indianath can do no wrong, there is no place he can't venture and no treasure he can't find. But he can't do it alone. Sure, he might chase a few greens along the way (and maybe a gold or two, being big enough to do so) but the one woman in his life … the one constant that can never change, that's you!

Marion Ravenwood: I'm sure I wasn't the only person to go on with my life. There must have been plenty of women for you over the years.
Indiana Jones: Yeah. There were a few, but they all had the same problem.
Marion Ravenwood: Yeah? What's that?
Indiana Jones: They weren't you, honey.

You are Indianath's true love. While he might be the rather enthusiastic chaser of green and gold alike, his heart is given over to you. He's not much of a sire, should he ever catch a junior queen — in fact, he's a little slow on the uptake at realizing that he is a father. But then, that's only if he's been successful in his catch attempt, otherwise, he's more than satisfied to twine neck and tail with a willing green.

Mutt Williams: "You're… a teacher?"
Indiana Jones: "Part time."

Teaching (part-time) might be something that Indianath will come to enjoy. He seems to like bright (or not so bright) young minds to mold and shape and inspire with the teachings of life, and the past. And it pays the bills, one has to admit, allowing him time to continue to explore the very landscape of Pern and seek out all there is to find.

The adventures await. Are you ready for them? Indianath is!


Rather acerbic of wit and brevity, the tastes and scents that make up Indianath's mindvoice carry the faint tang of ancient metal — bronze, silver and gold — laced with exotic aromas of jasmine, orchid and vanilla, scents and tastes of jungle climes and tropical locales. His speaking voice is sonorous, strong and carrying — a respected air and professional tone to it of the kind that resembles a teacher giving a lecture. It's the kind of voice that commands respect, and catches one's attention, his choice of words showing humor and intelligence, along with a faintly superior air of debonair charisma and suave cockiness. In short, he's the total package of awesomeness.


Rou, let me be the first to congratulate you at your Impression, and welcome you to the ranks of weyrling (and soon to be brownrider) at Western Weyr. We are thrilled to have you. And boy, am I ever glad you picked this egg, because I've had one awesome heck of a time writing this dragon for you.

The clutch theme was Music and Movies, and like all movie goers, we like a thrilling score, and that's just what you get when you mix John Williams and Indiana Jones together. It's just so awesome! The egg, of course, is based off Indiana Jones — all four movies — while the mind touches have a few quirks and bits of Indy as well as the scenes from the movies.

In keeping with the theme, and your request for an Indy dragon … well THAT'S JUST WHAT YOU GOT! Indianath is Indy right down to his absolute total fear of snakes (just remind him to grab the "rope" and he'll be fine) Hope you enjoy him! Because he sure was fun to write.


Name Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Indianath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Enka
Impressee Rou'x (Rousseaux)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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