Well Begun is Half Done Green Ingriath

Limned in yellowed lime, this green dragons hide carries a brilliant sheen across her body, from the tip of her arched headknobs on down to the flashing half moons of her curved talons. That same brilliance shows up on her wings, scattered across her almost wingsails in a reflection of glimmering bright color over the deeper evergreen of her wingspars, from barely touching just at her shoulders to nearly lightening the color as it passes on down to her fingersails. Her head is dainty, set well back on a swan like neck, while that lithe curve joins seamlessly into the rest of her darker hued body. She is slightly lanky, lean through the shoulders and barrel, thinner than the norm and leaving her forearms and haunches wiry, rather than bunched with muscle and showing off the clean and fine boning beneath. Even her tail has that same lithe and lanky build, thin and somewhat whipping before it ends in a splash of that brilliant yellowed lime at her tail finial.

Egg Name and Description

Colorful Mask of Mischief Egg
Ribbons of brilliant color swirl across the surface of this egg, blues intertwined with white in bulbous spheres that reach toward the top. Other more oval spheres which carry reddish tones are wrapped around yellows, golds and greens. All of these are layered and spiraled around each other into a candy-like twist toward the top. Tilted toward the very tip of the egg is a smaller sphere splotchy with entirely antiqued gold. It is sharply pointed at one end and deeply rounded on the other. The rounded end is is cocooned in bright red, while the rest of it is shaded by faded greys, darkening into black.

Hatching Message

Despite all the delay from before, the Colorful Mask of Mischief Egg hatches rapidly, sprinkling bits of its shell all around in a random pile as the egg simply shatters beyond redemption. Now left out to face the world is a spritely green hatchling, standing against the odds on her feet.

Impression Message

It is a feeling of rainbows, and spicy smells that overwhelm, leading into a near shocking cacophony of color and taste. A push against your mind, a struggle for entrance before there is a husky deep voice to speak. « Mynna, is that you? I have been searching for you Mynna.» That heavy scent of cinnamon and clove continues, lingering on, before she speaks again. « I am Ingriath, and I pick you.» A faint pause, a burst of feeling and impatience. «And I am starving, Mynna.»


She is quick and rather clever, your Ingriath. She'll delight in teasing and witticisms and the vagaries of speech. Still however, she'll know when to be silent and listen as well, keeping your counsel and her own on those matters deemed private. No matter what, your Ingriath can keep a secret. She's a daring lady as well, bold and sometimes foolish, needing you to pull her back into safety before she makes that leap off the cliff without the net, or sometimes just to stop one of her badgering remarks to another.

As a youngling, she is perhaps a bit more bold than you would like, questioning everything. « For how else am I to learn, Mynna? » Although perhaps she'll back down a bit, after learning that weyrlingmasters do not like endless questions, or voiced concerns about their competence. « I just wanted to know his credentials, I mean, to just accept that he should teach us? » She'll learn to control her thoughts, and her mouth better as she gets older, her tongue less sharp and her statements less criticizing although she'll still keep a reputation for pithy wisdom.

She is quick in her learning, usually catching on to concepts easily, and ruthlessly practicing when she doesn't. Woe betide you as well, if you are slow at something. She will be after you night and day until you get it perfect. She is daring, sometimes to the point of foolishness, although she has just enough caution that while the two of you may get hurt occasionally, it's not likely to be permanent or fatal. « I just wanted to see what it was like, Mynna. Besides, if we can do that maneuver, wed be shoo-ins for the search and rescue wing. Err, was that the wing you wanted? »

As the pair of you graduate, it will only firm up Ingriath's beliefs that she is destined for something great. Something wonderful that you are a part of as well. « We will do something together Mynna, you and I and shall be remembered. » Her mind will be full of plots and schemes to get the two of you into the best position in life the pair of you can manage.

While she can work as part of a team, and you two shall function there, her daring may give pause to any wingleader you ride under. And if the two of you should ever get the chance to lead, well only those that can match you in bravery need apply. « Well, we can't take them for our wing Mynna, they simply would not be daring enough to do what is needed. They'd back down. »

She is fiercely loyal, but when all is said and down, most of that is to you. She'll back a green dragon over another color, a western dragon over one from another area, her wing against another wing. And you against all others. « You are mine, and I am yours. That is the way it is, and the way it should be. »

Her flights, are a marvel of acrobatic moves in the sky, coupled with daring dives and high altitude climbs as she seeks to separate out just who is putting for the real effort and those that are just there and merely paying some sort of half hearted homage. She'll demand and expect the best from her chasers, driving herself until she is exhausted. Still, she'll also respect your input in this quarter, considering your needs and desires as well.

Her voice to you is a surprising contralto, somewhat low for such a feminine dragon and surpassingly husky when she speaks. Shell barely ever raise her voice to you, and seldom to other people or dragons, preferring the adage of "Speak softly."


Overwhelmingly bold, this mind is willing to push as hard as it can toward what it wants, what it thinks it deserves. It has a brash forwardness, and a seeming overwhelming need to have the best of everything. It paints pictures in bright colors and sharp smells, cinnamon and clove and swirls of wind that rush against those it comes in contact with. It is forever seeing itself as a hero, always leading the way even as it expects the justified rewards for its duties.


The theme for this clutch was the idea of a person that was the "Power behind the throne." For your Ingriath, this is represented by Aleksandr Danilovich Menshikov, a favorite confidante and general under Peter the Great of Russia. After Peter's death, he was instrumental in putting Catherine I on the throne, and ruled as the defacto leader of Russia for approximately two years. Menshikov was flamboyant, witty and not above using his friendship with Peter for his own ends, and several times his daring almost ended up with him losing his life. He was known to have extorted money, and to have embezzled from the treasury, however each time he was able to put these facts behind him and remain in Peter's good graces. Eventually, after Catherine I's death he was deposed, and he died in exile in Siberia, in impoverished circumstances.

Her egg description is based on St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, colored with a hint of Menshikov's personality. Her description is based on Menshikov palace in St. Petersburg, and her hatchling name from a quote by Aristotle, that emphasizes Menshikov's trait of seizing the moment. Her name is from one of Menshikov's titles: The Duke of Ingria, which is an area of land now located in Estonia.

I enjoyed greatly making this dragon for you, and I hope she is something that you'll love or like to play. However, she is your dragon, and please feel free to play her as you desire.

Jolie of Western.


Name Well Begun is Half Done Green Ingriath
Dam Gold Sevaruth
Sire Bronze Odryth
Created By Jolie
Impressee Mynna
Hatched 2 August 2009
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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