Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Irilanth

Fire-agate tumbles with warm carnelian, copper drips into molten jasper as if every bright stone were melting into one across the large frame of this bronze dragon. Rivers of burning rock flow and cool across a large head, while brightened bronze sweeps back over smooth eye-ridges and pours down a thick neck in rapidly fading curls and coils. Head is raised, high and fearless, and he holds himself in a way that seems to define a hint of defiance. Well muscled chest and sides cool to the natural bronze of his belly before into the darkened copper of his limbs, leaving his charcoal claws untouched. Sparks of bright flame flare along his ridges, only to scatter over his shoulders and up to the darker bronze expanse of his wings, disappearing like cooling embers from a fire.
About Irilanth's shoulders rest well made straps. Dyed a deep brown shade, they have soft lining to keep the bronze's hide from being overly chaffed by the hours of riding. And then there are the rings that keep his rider in place.


Irilanth is quite the broad mixture of traits and quirks when it comes to definable personalities. As a young dragon, he'll be brash and rather defiant. Often close to being out of control, he'll need a strong reminder now and again to keep him from jumping into things he may not be able to handle. He's not afraid to make his thoughts known or to stand out amongst others, often wanting to raise his voice up loud to be heard and wanting to be the leader rather then the follower. As he matures, he'll calm into an infallibly courteous, though sometimes forceful, contained and self-controlled individual.

When he is young, his boldness and tendency to only listen to you half of the time may be the most trying thing with your first few weeks of getting to understand Irilanth and Irilanth to understand you in a broader perspective. He will quiet down though, although this behavior will never fully cease and he may, later in life, do it again and surprise you.

Irilanth has a strong interest and rather nurturing behavior around younger dragons and people, and even animals. No matter if they are his or just some stranger's, he'll feel a need to protect them, guard them, guide them or simply settle to just watch over them. < They are young, they need guidance. I must be gentle as well. Is this not right?» And if he can, he actually will offer some guidance, protection or simply watch over them for as long as he can. And he will definitely do the same for you, as no other love can compare to the loving bond he shares with you.

As he grows, he will become wiser, stronger and far more daring in various things. He'll always want to stand out and will urge you to do the same if you hesitate to move forwards. «Z'lren, we MUST go first. It's been demonstrated, I know and you know what must be done. Now we set the example!» He'll be a hard worker, never a slacker, and though he may long to go off in search of new sights or new challenges, duty will always come first. But he'll never want to be idle. Once lessons are over for the day, he'll want to be doing something to keep himself (and you, of course) occupied.

As he matures, his few quirks will begin to appear. He is tempted by new, strange scenes and experiences. He has a particular dislike of tunnelsnakes, regarding them as a threat to the young creatures that he cherishes. When it comes to flights, he'll be the quiet but rather charming bronze, choosing to size up his opponents for any weaknesses, but he'll pursue the gold or green with a very strong determination, almost as if he's put under an enchantment when in pursuit. Nothing will keep him from attempting to ensnare her, and should he win her favour, he'll be full of gracious descriptions of her virtues and beauty.

When it comes to choosing wing assignments, the protective aspects of a police wing would motivate him, but he will see it as his bounden duty to support you in whatever role you choose. He would be an excellent dragon for a weyrlingmaster, or for a wingleader. Should either rank come your way, he would take competent charge of those in his care.

Ringed Link to Other Worlds Egg

Jade greens meet aventurine in a twisting dance around and around each other, forming an almost solid band around what could be considered the middle of this wide egg. On one side is a mixture of browns, forest greens and yellow greens, grass greens and faded medium blues that combine to give a rather washed out splattered representation of what could be a forest and small pools of water. On the other side of the band are streaks of plaster white and duller dingy colours that are so faded and mixed, it's nothing but a streaked mess of hues. <Described by Trisana>

Fire and Hidden Secrets

Blues of all hues that are usually associated with water seem this time, to mimic slow, trickling flames of cool fire. There are also hues of turquoise and cyan although these are somewhat diluted, often present when his words are to be "whispered" or softer then his usual voice. It is followed with faint apparitions of green leaves for positive emotions and slate greys and stony rocks for anything negative. His voice is strong, powerful and bold, which is a stark comparison to the more muted colors that may or may not accompany his voice. When angered, it can sound like an earthquake has rattled your thoughts at the sheer volume and tone that he can reach. The same goes for quieter times, his voice can be quite soothing, persuasive and calming.

Impression Message

Gently, at first, does the touch reach into your mind. Like the flick of a tendril of flame, it appears, slowly and then with no hesitation does it rush in full force. «Zeph…Zephalren…Z'lren?» A voice calls, a mere whisper at first, almost groggy sounding as though it…no, HE…were waking up from a deep sleep. The last though, is spoken in a much louder, bolder tone. «Ah! Z'lren! There you are, you came and I sought you and now we are free together!» A sense of deep loving laughter seems to fill your thoughts and your mind, the heat of the sands and the sounds being replaced. «I am Irilanth, Z'lren and now that we have found each other, I ask you one small favor. Can we figure out an end to this noise inside of me?» A soft nudge or perhaps a low croon will follow from the bronze who so patiently waits for you.


The theme for this clutch was "The Chronicles of Narnia", written by C.S. Lewis. Your dragon, Irilanth, was based on the character Prince Rilian from the fourth book: "The Silver Chair". In the fourth novel, King Caspian's son, Rilian, has disappeared after searching for the serpent that killed his beloved mother. With the help of Edmund, Jill and their friend Puddleglum the Marshwiggle, they find Prince Rilian under an enchantment by an evil witch, whose plan is to take over Narnia with Rilian at her side. Irilanth's name comes from a slight manipulation of 'Rilian' and his description from the view of the 'Underworld'. I hope that you have many fun RP experiences with Irilanth and enjoy him as much as I have enjoyed creating him for you. Congratulations again! - Trisana

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