Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Irkevalath

This blue is laid out like an ocean before. A deep dark blue is washed over the great majority of his hide. There is a certain sheen to his hide, and it seems to glisten in spots in the light. This blue is smooth and sleek, without any rough edges or corners. The sort of smooth that makes one eager to run their hands over, like well polished stone. Wings tuck neatly at his back, like a gentle rolling wave and expand into cerulean cliffs against his navy black. Strong and stocky as opposed to long and limber, the blue sails are robust enough to take a strong gust even as a tiny weyrling. Large ridges ripple up and down his back, leading down to an unusually tall and flat tail. Dark blue ridges sit heavily over the eye of a fierce face. Two baby blue splotches fan out from the narrowed eyes, making this blue look all the more intense. A powerful jaw sits below the shadowed snout in this same light blue. The lighter color drips down the underside of his neck and washes over his entire stomach and underside. Thick strong limbs of average length extend from his torso, ending in onyx talons that shimmer blue when light hits them just right.

Egg Name and Description

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg
The top of this egg is a gentle white. It is a smooth rolling hill covered in a fresh powdery snow, ripe for footprint making. This soft crest seems to glow with blues and yellows depending on the angle from which it is viewed at, adding a diamond finish to the sparkling white. There is an abrupt transition to the bottom half of this egg though, like someone has sliced two eggs apart and stuck the top of one egg with the bottom of another. If the top of this egg is snow, the bottom is dirt streaked with mud from the melting snow above. A murky brown color, the bottom looks to be wrapped in a thick stringy fur or possibly even tree bark. The strings of fur seem to be mostly heading from top to bottom, but there are plenty that jut to the side or wander off from their original path, creating the sort of fur you might find on a crawlie instead of a canine. Beneath the intricate veins of brown straw, in the tiny crevices between, a skin of a darker brown is hidden away like the last line of defense for the creature contained within.

Hatching Message

Yes, there is a nose picker amongst the candidates. There's always one. The sands are dry and hot, and it makes one's nose itch furiously. This one though isn't one of the smaller boys, less preoccupied with personal hygiene. No. This time it is an older female candidate. Extremely pretty, with big blue eyes and long golden hair that falls in big curls about her shoulders, she's the one that all the bronzer wannabes were hitting on whenever they could get the chance. And now here she is, up to her elbows digging for nose-gold. For shame.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg flops over onto its side rather dramatically. Whatever is going on around it is just too much. Eggs, dragons, people. Forget it! But such a dramatic display has caused a large crack around the egg's middle and spidery cracks around its sides.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg finally gives up on being intact. Bits of its side crumble away and other bits are pushed and shoved to the sand below. A large section lifts off the top of the egg, like it's about to be pushed aside, but is pulled back down by sticky egg goop. It's pushed up again… then snaps back into place a second time. The egg is still a moment while its occupant seems to take a rest. Then the egg rolls a bit in the sand, and the large section is kicked aside in triumph! And out emerges the victor.

Impression Message

Like the first few notes played in a music hall, the crowd around you seems to hush and fade into nothing. But you are not left alone. No there is no sense of emptiness around you as the crowd fades. Instead there is a feeling of calm, and you can feel the sun on your face and the waves lapping around your legs. Your mind is flooded with a cool blue color, and then and excited tenor enters it. «Sundari! Sundari! I have arrived. Yes, yes. You are astonished, and we are amazing! Did you see that thing on my head earlier? It was all… stuck on there!» There's a pause, and blues shift into greens. «Oh, right! My name is Irkevalath. You didn't know that already? Come, let us get snacks!»


Irkevalath is something of a trickster. While seeming to follow the crowd, he will make sudden hard left turns to sabotage one of his fellow dragons for "fun". He will use his unique colorization to hide in dark corners and scare the dickens out of passersby (which will be easier as a weyrling), or will tip-toe out of the water at the lagoon to shake the water off his hide next to a sleeping beach bum. Irkevalath certainly won't discourage Sundari's prankster side!

"Be alert GIR. On this planet, we are surrounded by danger and MADNESS!" -Zim

Despite his playful demeanor, Irkevalath will remain solidly focused on any goals Sundari might set for the two of them. It may take him a few tries to get that landing perfect, but he is committed to the cause! His scheming nature though will bleed over into his serious side from time to time, as he concocts ridiculously complicated plans to solve a problem, losing track of the goal by the end.

One of Irkevalath's best qualities will be his resilience in the face of defeat. While other riders may have to convince their dragons to press on and try again, it will be more likely that Irkevalath will be convincing Sundari to press on. This will be especially apparent during weyrlinghood, where even if Irkevalath is the last to master something he will still preen like he was the first. The downside of the resilience will mean a bit of an ego that Sundari has to reign in from time to time.

"Say…you're full of organs, aren't you?" -Zim

Should Sundari take up with a weyrmate, or even just a boyfriend or girlfriend, Irkevalath won't really show more than a passing interest if things are going well. Unless that person is also a greenrider, then expect him to be interested in them mostly for their dragon's company. Irkevalath is not a jealous or overprotective type, but he will be protective of his rider should she be hurt by someone. Cassanovas beware!

Irkevalath has a strange attachment to his mother. While most dragons seem to lose track of who their parents are shortly after birth (in fact there are plenty of incestuous dragon relationships), Irkevalath knows Miraneith and seems to have an emotional attachment to her. More than just the usual sort of respect a dragon has for the senior queen.

Irkevalath will seem to get along better with the ladies, be it just through personality or an affinity for protecting the fairer sex. Which means that though he may not be an overly ambitious dragon when it comes to flights, Sundari may find him chasing more often than she would like. This will be especially true for the greens in his clutch. Irkevalath is a fluid flier, something he takes from his swimming ablities. Even at the height of flight excitement while others rage in firestorms around him, he will remain cool and deliberate. Which may prove to help or hinder him during an intense chase.

"Of course! We…oh, such rain we had! Eh…it was…delicious!" -Zim

Irkevalath will be at home in the water nearly from birth. It may be Sunny's own disposition and ease around the wave that factors somewhat into his love of the waves. Either way, expect him to excel at swimming before he does at flying, using his wings in the water as big flippers when he has to.

"It's delicious! It's delicious! I AM NORMAL!!" -Zim

His love of the sea will also affect his diet. Irkevalath will always go for quality over quantity, whether it be selecting herdbeast or wherry. But he will always prefer a fishy snack when he can get one. Expect him to bother Sundari about the types of fish (not that he is likely to remember, unless they are especially delicious).


This mind is a bubbling pot of overzealous activity. It is much more habitual for this mind to concoct a gigantic complicated scheme with many intricate details than to go for the more simple, far less complex and much less likely to fail solution. Chalked full of its own hubris, it will take credit where none is due, hatch plans where none are required, and claim victory even in the face of and during defeat. A whirling mind of extreme optimism, confidence and sheer excitement, there will never be a dull moment for these thoughts and you will never heard the word 'no'.


The theme for this year's clutch at Western was fruit for the eggs and cartoon characters for the dragons. Fuzzy Wuzzy Was an Egg was made to be a split open coconut. And the cartoon character was Zim from the cartoon Invader Zim. Zim is an alien invader of Earth from the planet Irk. Zim is… well, he is a terrible invader and fails at all his attempts to destroy the Earth. Even his disguise is ridiculous. His overloads, The Almighty Tallest, enjoy making fun of him at every opportunity and laughing at how terrible he is. Much like we do to Ila'den around Western!

You had said in your questionnaire that you were interested in a dragon that had Orca characteristics, as well as Norse Mythology (specifically Loki), music and the love of the sea. It was a challenge for me to try to fold in all these ideas and still come up with a dragon that wasn't also schizophrenic! And out came Irkevalath.

Orcas are matrilineal, much like dragons are. Both have an alpha female existing at the top of the social structure with her decedents living below her in the social order. And just like in Irken society, the leader is also typically the largest dragon (on Irk, the Almighty Tallest rule the planet and also are the tallest of the Irken).

Spellvirki is Mischief and Hvala is Whale in Icelandic. So combining them in a way with a little Zim flare thrown in created Irkevalath.

"We LIKE snacks, Zim." - The Tallest "I know you do." - Zim

Irkens love snacks! Zim included. And so Irkevalath loves snacks as well. Fishy ones, since fish aren't really substantial enough to be worthwhile most of the time. Orcas also eat fish!

Irkevalath's desc was based on an Orca, of course. It was too difficult to work Zim into that, since he is tiny and green. Since Orcas are technically large dolphins (not whales, same Order different Family) I made Irke a large blue.

"Oh, I know all kinds of things about you. Pretty creepy, huh?" -Zim

All in all, keep in mind what I've written here are just suggestions! Irkevalath is your dragon, of course. And you should play him however you'd like! Him and Sunny are stuck together for life so please feel free to tweak as you see fit.

Everyone on Search Co thanks you for coming to join the MADNESS at Western, Sunny. But most of all me! The candidacy would not have been the same without you. I hope you enjoy Irkevalath as much as I did writing him! (And if you haven't seen it, check out Invader Zim. It is silly and awesome.) <3

- Zi'on


Name Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Irkevalath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Zi'on
Impressee Sundari
Hatched April 7, 2013
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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