Shot from the Storm Bronze Jabreth

Large – that is the first word to come to mind with this dragon – as every part of his body seems to be cast in oversize proportions. His wide, flat muzzle is tinged orange-bronze, sunset colors spreading upwards, over wide-set eyes and short, stubby headknobs. More golden, dusky hues of the fading sun gather upon the wide shoulders of this bronze, slipping over the leading edges of his wings, the light fleeing before the storm that claims the rest of his body. For, it is upon his wingsails that the storm truly gathers – rusty bronze clouds upon the sails and spars, sweeping over his back, fighting for dominance with the coppery ridges that run the length of his long body. The storms, however dark, bring true brilliance to his body, however, as flashes of gold can be seen across his hide given the correct light, streaks of lightning, perhaps, that ripple with the movement of his muscled limbs and his solid chest, though even that power cannot overcome the ebony of each talon.

Egg Name and Description

Egg of Ancient Power

At first, it's hard to make out any kind of definition across the slightly mottled surface of this egg. The shell is blotched with the deep green of trees that never lose their needles in the darkest of places and black or the darkest of browns. Darkness pools along the bottom of the egg, growing and rippling to a ragged edge against a sea of greys and blues cut through with jagged columns of deepest green. Twisting and winding through and over and around all of these amorphous features is a white-grey speckled haze, obscuring something deeper within. The only hint of what might be hidden at the heart of this jungle is a single wisp of gold that winds its way through the trees until it disappears at the center of everything.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Egg of Ancient Power begins to wobble - Or.. does it? The mottled coloration makes it hard to discern whether any movement was real, or simply an illusion. But.. there, it happened again.

Crack: Thin, almost invisible cracks begin to appear upon the shell of the Egg of Ancient Power, twisting their way here and there through the haze, though soon they cover the entire egg.

Hatch: The Egg of Ancient Power seems to have run dry, for where it once stood, it is visible no longer, and instead in its place there is a large dragonet, looming amongst the disintegrated shards.

Impression Message

The distant rumble of thunder, and darkness folds around your mind - navy and maroon indistinguishable in the dim light, all tending towards ebony. And then, there is a flash of silver, stretching across your mind, the after image lingering before there is a closer rumble of thunder that resolves itself into words. « N'lan. » It says simply, as a cool dampness lingers around you, the scent of rain heavy. « N'lan, I am Jabreth.. And I am very hungry. » The latter statement is said a bit hesitantly, as if he can't believe he is admitting it. « Can we leave this inside place now? »


Oh, N’lan – Jabreth may be a dream come true, but it may take a bit of time before he becomes something other than a walking nightmare – but even nightmares can bring their own joy – or at least passion.

From the beginning, you will meet your match – Jabreth is stubborn enough to be trouble on its own, but couple this stubbornness with his oversized body, and you will often find yourself on the losing end of the battle. « N’lan, I do not WANT to go to the lake. » Jabreth may declare one day, when you and your clutchsiblings are being hurried that direction by the stressed weyrlingmaster staff – and while Fyffe may have an easier time physically moving Lalasath, you will find yourself staring at something quite similar to a brick wall. Of course, once you give up the battle, you will likely find that he has suddenly changed his mind, and that he is barreling headlong for the beach, heedless of whatever – or whoever – may be in his way. For, despite his size, Jabreth is fast – he can cover SO more more ground at one time than Oranth can – but even for others of his size, he is quick, and you will often find yourself running to catch up with him – and while your clutchmates may find themselves trying to disentangle hatching limbs from wings after one tumble or another, Jabreth will be steady on his feet from the start.

Not only is he stubborn, you have found yourself a dragon who simply hates to be confined – whether it is to the barracks in general, or posing even more of a problem, to a defined couch. Throughout weyrlinghood you will often find yourself attempting to coax him back into the barracks as Rukbat sets beyond the Weyr. « But N’lan, the stars will come out soon. How will I see them from there? Dhonzayth will see them, and we will not. » Once (or, if) you get him inside, he is just as likely to flop on the closest currently unoccupied couch as he is to settle on his own – which may lead to some interesting interactions when Leketh returns to find him there. It won’t matter much to Jebreth if the couch he has picked is too small, and his extremities are sprawled awkwardly off the edges – and once a Jebreth is at rest for the night, he will likely remain that way.

As Jabreth ages, his stubbornness may become slightly tempered – or perhaps you will be better learned at countering it – but you will find yourself (and the weyrlingmasters will find themselves) still at odds until he had decided that you each have ‘proven’ yourself effectively enough. Maybe this is showing him something he feels is ‘special’ enough to warrant thanks – a special trick maybe – or perhaps it is you actively standing up for him against someone bigger, stronger, or more numerous – and proving that while he is yours, and you are his, it goes beyond that. Needless to say, weyrlinghood will be interesting as various aides and instructors each need to earn his allegiance independently. Until that happens, you may find yourself on the receiving end of punishment for ‘disobedience’ as they like to call it – if you are lucky, you won’t receive further punishment for further complaints from your bronze counterpart.

You will be lucky, though, in that when Jabreth choses to follow directions, he seems to have a natural talent and understanding for things – he will be one of the first from his clutch to understand the concept of flight – including landings – and most likely one of the first to be cleared for *betweening* lessons as well, provided you aren’t both stuck in some sort of purgatory for whatever he didn’t do.

As he finally reaches adulthood, you should have come to terms with each other, and the expectations that exist. However, you may still have challenges when you interact with visiting leadership, or if the leadership at Half Moon Bay were to change, as Jabreth adjusts to the new order. Thankfully, once someone has earned his trust, Jabreth is loyal to a fault – he will be the first to jump to your defense if a threat is even imagined, and with his bulk behind you, most will choose to retreat. Of course, there are those that will continue on their course regardless, but on those rare occasions, he will stick with you the entire way – and no matter what the outcome, he will be there to help pick up the pieces. « N’lan, I am still here. She did not know what she meant. »

Once he reaches maturity, Jabreth will chase – perhaps not always, but often enough as he continues to age, and forge more bonds with others. He will be more likely to pursue those golds and greens with whom he has interacted, who have earned his respect – though the presence of a male who has challenged you – or him – in the past may also be enough to goad him into the air after the female. He is as quick in the air as he was as a hatchling on the Sands, though certainly unable to keep up with the agile twists and turns favored by some of the smaller greens, he will have the stamina to last through the most grueling of flights. Should he happen to catch a gold, it will be a trying period for you both, as while he will be dutiful enough, it is unlikely he will play much of a role on the Sands themselves – Despite the size of the hatching caverns, they are still enclosed, and even as an adult, Jabreth will despise being ‘trapped’. Instead, once the eggs are on the Sands, you will likely find him outside the Caverns, looming somewhere in the open, keeping an eye on those who dare wander too close, and challenging those who he does not know.

All in all, there is a power to Jabreth in everything he does – his stubbornness, his flights, and his loyalty – He is yours to play as you will, of course, and I hope that he and N’lan can learn to work together.


Power in the Darkness
Jabreth’s voice mimics the strength and presence of his body – full of power and a sense of command. While he prefers the darker range of colors – navy and forest green, maroon and deep rust – his mind is hardly a dark place, as his emotions can be sensed, scrawled in silvers and golds upon the dark backdrop. Amusement tends to take on a rose-gold hue, curiosity more of a silver, while annoyance and anger seem to the be the brightest – fiery hues of orange in bold strokes against the darkness.

His voice itself is deep, echoing and reverberating like distant thunder, seeming to make statements ultimatums without even trying. And, as with a true thunderstorm, his mind carries with it the scent of a storm – that cool damp, that chill wind, and the sense that change is coming.


Hi N'lan! I hope you like Jabreth, but everything here is just suggestions - but I wanted to give you a little background on his inspiration.

The egg theme this cycle was life and love, and the Ancient Power Egg was created by D'nyl, based on Sherwood Forest and Herne the Hunter, the lord of the forest in Celtic mythology. The forests of Britain were seen as primordial melting pots of life from whence all things, both mortal and immortal came (except the Fae, which came from the mounds, but that's a whole different issue) and his mind touches attempted to embody that primordial, ancient life prepresented by the Celtic gods.

The dragon theme this cycle is Joy and Passion, and after contemplating a lot of different options, I settled on something that has both brought me joy lately, that brought joy (eventually) in the setting it came from, and that will become a passionate dragon - Pokemon. Or, more precisely in Jabreth's case - Pikachu (mainly as in the anime). Within the anime, receiving Pikachu brought Ash great joy, though also many problems as he was stubborn and not quite the pliable Pokemon Ash always dreamed of. Jabreth will be much the same - he has his stubborn streaks and his quirks, but in time the two of you will become a formidable team. His coloration comes from a thunderstorm gathering in the distance as the sun sets, and his name comes from "Jabre" which means All Powerful, and is derived from the Arabic name Jabar.


Name Jabreth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By L’ton
Impressee N’lan (Nolan)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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