Seeker of Justice Bronze Jraireth

Sharply pointed, his angular muzzle far too closely resembles that of a wherry's beak rather than that of a proper dragon — although this particular trait seems to do little as an outright handicap for this orange-bronze dragon. His hide holds the gleaming shine of a new cast bronze vase; that perfect blend of coppery shimmer that glints brightly, edges defined startlingly well. His eyes are set deep into a well formed head, perched atop a long sinuous neck dusted with the rust-red hues of antique bronze. Rather than broad and stout, his chest is slender — a trend that continues through the rest of his frame, for instead of being bulky, his build is streamlined and well suited to the currents of the skies above. It is a curious blend of antiquity that lies like a pall over his sleek hide — edging limned in that darker bronze to give a faint hint of feathery trace across shoulder and hip before flowing down the lengthy of his long tail to the very tips. Upon wide wing sails toned in antique hue, light bronze highlights streak across the tops and leading edges, broken by a splash of weathered bronze that finally deepens into shadows of darker bronze.

A Man's Man Egg

Colors dance across the surface of this oviod, pale blue dominating the top of the egg while a dusty reddish brown lays claim to the bottom. Swirled in between and all over are reds, darker blues, white, a slash of black here and there, in a cacophony of rainbow streaks and splashes. Lost in the outlandish display, is the solitary shadowy shape of a man, captured action, contained for the moment.

Seeker of Justice Bronze Hatchling

His muzzle is sharply pointed, and very angular for a dragon, with his head the orange bronze of a new cast bronze vase. Eyes are set deep into a head that is perched atop a long neck, dusted with antique bronze. His chest is slender and long with the orange bronze coloring continuing along his body. Antique bronze mottling etches feather-like designs on his hide. Orange bronze dances with weathered bronze mottling continue on the hips, flowing along the tail to the spade. Wings open revealing antique bronze sails, light bronze at the top of the wings and a darker bronze on the bottom with a line of weathered bronze dividing them.

Impression Message

The bronze hatchling stops before you and looks up at you. His head is tipped to one side and his eyes seem to pierce straight through to your soul as he gazes at you. Suddenly a warmth floods through you as a voice echoes through your head « T'vas, I am Jraireth. Together we shall fly the skies defending those that need it and delivering justice as is needed. » he looks about and sniffs deeply. « Food. Please. I require sustinence. »


Jraireth is a bronze with a mission, though only you two will ever know what that mission is. He has a strong sense of justice and a powerful fighting spirit to go along with it. He is intelligent and thoughtful, though he can be perceived as naive at times. This is because he is always and ever a dragon and his ways are not the ways of humans. His world is much of black and white, with little grey or compromise in it and that often puts him at odds with the human world. But he is good and kind. He loves powerfully and holds a loyalty to friends and love ones that is beyond question. When combined all these traits create an all-consuming sort of life mate who is both the greatest challenge and the greatest stimulate your life will ever know. Only he makes you complete and no other will ever quite be as necessary to you. From shell break your fellow is both bright and curious. He is highly attentive to lessons and will frequently set you to reading or explaining things above and beyond your regular weyrling lessons. You might sometimes begin to suspect he understands better then you. It is this founding period that develops his basic concepts of duty, honor, justice and moral right. But they are concepts shaded by his age and his species and will always show a rift between what is and what he believes. In his youth he is very conscious of doing things properly so as to make you proud or at least not reflect badly on you. He is never unthinkingly obedient but at least in the beginning he responds instinctively to authority. This will change with age as that which is and that which he perceives digress. And while he will never directly disobey a gold, no other, not even you hold the power to force obedience and even the queens might get a grumble or two. The bronze's nature combines with the unique fighting spirit of Jraireth to create a powerhouse in the war against thread. He excels at his job and is always eager to rise to meet it, sometimes to the point of impatience at preparations beforehand. He is a crack shot and great for the moral of those around him, making him a surety for wing second some day. In mating flights he feels the urges all males do, yet by his very nature is particular. So while he might give chase at any time, he saves his greatest efforts for those whom he deems worthy. They are chosen not by color or status but some internal qualities only he understands and could equally be gold or green. Though he takes your feelings into consideration, it is his own decision in the end and both of you must live with it.


His is a mind of oriental flavoring — sonorous words laced with the taste of foreign spice and the scent of sandalwood — unknowing and different.


As per your request your dragon is mostly based on Temeraire. The theme for the eggs was popular songs and that of the hatchlings was birds. The bird he is based on is the Eastern Imperial Eagle, some of which live in China. I tried to give him the feel of Temeraire in the impression message and I hope that I succeeded as I have also read those books. Enjoy him T'vas as I have enjoyed working him up for you. But as always he is yours to make of what you will. Egg and hatchling were designed by Zillah with minor tweaking by Scrabble and Trouble.

Additional tweaks made by T'vas


Date Chased Other Chasers On/Off Camera Winner Clutch
July 24, 2010 Celimoth (Kadesh) Faraeth (M'nol)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Ittiseith (S'gam)
Otieneth (Mar'ko)
Raonardoth (O'zi)
Zaqalekhth M'gaal)
Off Zaqalekhth NPC
July 28, 2010 Seryth (Thea) Unknown Off Jraireth NPC
July 31, 2010 Xvetaoth (Xylaihl) Avideth (B'ky)
Faraeth (M'nol)
Furuihaneth (Meo)
Zaruath (F'yr)
Azaeth (K'ael)
Isterreth (G'ene)
Otieneth (Mar'ko)
Sothoth (Y'gash)
Off Jraireth N/A
August 12, 2010 Kilaueth (Niva) Isterreth (G'ene)
Taozyuth (N'shen)
On Isterreth PC
August 22, 2011 Fauikith (Phylicia) Mith (E'dril - NPC) On Jraireth N/A


Clutching Date Hatching Date Clutch Dam Hatchlings Status
August 14, 2010 September 4, 2010 Seryth Bronze Zamith - T'rent
Brown Pazith - R'lyn
Blue Berienth - B'gran
Blue Yerioth - Liera
Green Disath - Eirana
Green Khereth - J'my
Green Riyeth - Trela


Name Seeker of Justice Bronze Jraireth
Dam Gold Chienvith
Sire Brown Ceannath
Created By Zillah, Scrabble and Trouble
Impressee T'vas (Taeluvas)
Hatched November 7, 2009
High Reaches Weyr
Seven Spindles MUX
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